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  1. Tony Willingham

    Out of state sales tax

    Not sure what is meant by “info” but in this case I was offered the option to remain anonymous if I wanted to forgo the two conditions listed above.
  2. Tony Willingham

    Out of state sales tax

    Over the years I have bought several used dirt bikes from dealers in various states and I have never paid sales tax on any of them. The other day I was looking at a new yz125 at a Yamaha dealer in an adjacent state. They told me they no longer do the “out of state delivery” thing because the manufacturer now reports to the home state the buyers info and the state will send a sales tax bill to the buyer. I said “then don’t send my info to the manufacturer” to which they responded “then you will not get money for winning MX races or your 30 day warranty” to which I said “so what?”. My question is this. Have any of you ever received a sales tax bill from the state for a dirt bike? I do not register dirt bikes in my state so I don’t want to hear any stories about “registration”.
  3. Tony Willingham

    Well sh## my oil bolt is siezed and rounded

    I tell you what works magically on this kind of stuff is a tiny 6” pipe wrench. Its my never-fail-me once I’ve already buggered up the bolt head. Slide a pipe over the wrench handle for extra leverage. They bite into things like nobody’s business https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005VNIGDE/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_XdvcDb04NQDTB
  4. Tony Willingham

    Sidi Knock-Offs

    Ebay “removed” the item but does not give a reason. Very cryptic message. It also makes it more difficult to interact with the item in the usual ways because... its gone. But they also refunded me That was quick
  5. Tony Willingham

    Sidi Knock-Offs

    Matter not if the seller tries to escape with our $$$. Ebay has a solution for that. Anyone that requests a refund shall receive a refund. In fact, ebay will most likely hold all the $$$ until people confirm the product was delivered by leaving a positive review.
  6. Tony Willingham

    Sidi Knock-Offs

    Got a delivery update for the boots. Two months. Just enough time for me to forget.
  7. Tony Willingham

    Sidi Knock-Offs

    I suspect its a scam that works like this. All or most of the reviews are bogus. These are fairly new accounts and there are probably many of them They flood ebay with unresistable items to get as many orders as possible hoping that a small percentage of buyers will forget to open an undeliverable dispute with ebay. I paid $18 to find out.
  8. Tony Willingham

    Sidi Knock-Offs

    Just bought me some Forma Adventures. Considering I usually ride barefoot, I have nowhere to go but up https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F312626117494
  9. Tony Willingham

    PC Cooling Fan Install

    You can get high output fans here: http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g36/c435/s1109/list/p1/Fans-12_Volt_Fans_by_CFM-200_CFM_Fans-Page1.html the trail tech fan moves 150cfm. You can get CPU fans up to 250cfm.
  10. Tony Willingham

    computer fans for rads?

    Most computer fans are around 50 cfm. However there are some that are 150cfm, which is the same as the Trail Tech fan. And then there are a few 120mm computer fans that are ~250cfm, such as these. http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g36/c435/s1109/list/p1/Fans-12_Volt_Fans_by_CFM-200_CFM_Fans-Page1.html
  11. Tony Willingham

    Added Flywheel Weight - now bike cuts out

    Last September I purchased a Steahly 928 flywheel weight for my 2014 ktm 450 xcf. I followed the installation instructions to the letter. Not long after the install I started having problems with the engine flaming out and not starting when it was warmed up. If I let it cool down, it would start fine and run fine until it got hot again. I spent months trying to find the problem and finally gave up in frustration over the winter. This summer I started searching for the problem again and discovered, via an ohm meter and a heat gun, that my pickup coil (pulse generator) would dramatically increase its resistance when it was exposed to moderate heat. I bought a new pickup coil and ran the same test on it. It showed none of the erratic behavior. When I removed the flywheel to install the new pickup coil, I discovered that the Steahly flywheel weight had been rubbing up against the pickup coil, cutting a small groove into it and no doubt heating it beyond its limits. This was causing all kinds of erratic behavior with my engine, and very difficult to trouble shoot. Ive included a picture of the old pickup coil (bottom), and the new, (top). See the groove? I cannot simply remove the weight because of the epoxy method Steahly uses on this model. Now I am looking at a new flywheel, which is expensive.
  12. Tony Willingham

    What age ?

    My boy was 4 1/2 when he got his XR50. He had already been riding a bike for about a year without training wheels. He still loves riding it today at 12 even though he has much larger bikes. It's a wheelie king. If I could do it again, I would prolly get him a little 50cc trials bike first.
  13. Tony Willingham

    How to unscubscribe from a thread

    I made the mistake of commenting on a 2T vs 4T thread, and now I get 50 emails a day from that thread. I have tried altering my notification settings but they keep coming. I've tried changing notifications to once per day, but they keep coming. How do I get out?
  14. Tony Willingham

    How do you fix a flat spot on your rims?

    Total flat spot accross the rim. It's a 2002 GasGas rookie 70 trials bike, so there are not of replacement wheels out there.
  15. Tony Willingham

    Can a 250/300 smoker hang with 450s?

    80% rider, 20% bike