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  1. i checked.. the pin is there and moves.. lets see.. i installed a new decomp a year ago, because the old owner removed it and bike wont start.. lets hope the best
  2. tomorrow gonna take to shop!! hope it gets fixed so i can ride all day!!! Thanks for the reply
  3. UPDATE. one intake valve is 0.05mm under spec. should be 0.10 and is 0.05mm.. is it enough?
  4. still nothing.. the shop is full of service and wont have time to my bike.. on the end of september maybe.. thing i see now is when i crank it sometimes the starter gets "compression jammed"...
  5. I am taking it to the shop tomorrow. The guy thinks its the stator. it got rewired and its charging the battery . I think it's valves.. lets see.. I hope its not something hard and expensive, and i want to start riding some trails
  6. Hey all. I got my DRZ tope end rebuilded. -wiseco piston and rings -oem tensioner and cam chain , cam chain guides (3) -gaskets -head went to a lathe to install valve seals etc The thing now is, the bike starts when cold with the E-starter. when hot, it cranks and cranks and no fire.. If i bump start it in a downhill, it will fire. The bike runs great.. battery at 13 volt, stator charging 14.5.. im clueless and disapointed. Any clues? thank you