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  1. Yeah man! thanks for replying.. hotels and food etc.. was expensive, but life isnt just work..
  2. Hey all! so my DRZ now seems to be good... it had a hot start issue which blew my head and patience... but now hopefully its fixed (changed pickup coil).. So now i need to prepare it for a 3 day GPS based event.. here is a list of things i think i need to do. -longer gearing- now its 13-50 and it is too low for open dirt roads. dont know what gearing to use but thinking about 14-47 or something like that. -phone holder- will a bycicle holder work? -phone USB charger- can i use one from a car ? charger is 12V 1.0 Ampere... will the stator hold that, and a little led light to reinforce the high beam? -changing rear tire- got here a brand new knobby tire, 120-100-18.. -tuning the clutch as the lever is catching too close from the handlebar grip and cant "feather the clutch" with just 2 fingers (need to use all fingers to the clutch disengage) Finnaly, sorry for my bad english, and thank you for reading!!
  3. sorry for my bad english too.. i changed the stator pickup.. a small ""magnet" wich is connected to the stator, and is located on the flywheel.. so i took the drz home, and no issues whatsoever.. tomorrow gonna ride a little bit more to make sure it is ok to go for a 3 day ride..
  4. Ok, came back from the shop.. they replaced the pickup that is located close to the flywheel.. now it starts good.. lets see how it goes.. i will do a testdrive now
  5. i still have the ktm 450 rfs but i dont trust it for high km rides... lol also suspension too hard and motocross setup
  6. my carb is a FCR.. the bike is on shop for 2 months, and next friday i have a 3 day ride and it wont be ready.. already paid for the cruise, and the techs at the shop are lazy asses and wont put it working... god damn... now they said they gonna take head cover off to see auto decomp... if i had a friend with LTZ or DRZ i would try to swap coil and stator, but drz are rare here
  7. Ok, so i took it to a garage, they fixed the valve, and stil the same. they took out the flywheel and stator.. new stator is comming, and lets see if it will work with this flywheel (it worked with some loosen bolts on there and its a lil bit beaten)
  8. i checked.. the pin is there and moves.. lets see.. i installed a new decomp a year ago, because the old owner removed it and bike wont start.. lets hope the best
  9. tomorrow gonna take to shop!! hope it gets fixed so i can ride all day!!! Thanks for the reply
  10. UPDATE. one intake valve is 0.05mm under spec. should be 0.10 and is 0.05mm.. is it enough?
  11. still nothing.. the shop is full of service and wont have time to my bike.. on the end of september maybe.. thing i see now is when i crank it sometimes the starter gets "compression jammed"...
  12. I am taking it to the shop tomorrow. The guy thinks its the stator. it got rewired and its charging the battery . I think it's valves.. lets see.. I hope its not something hard and expensive, and i want to start riding some trails
  13. Hey all. I got my DRZ tope end rebuilded. -wiseco piston and rings -oem tensioner and cam chain , cam chain guides (3) -gaskets -head went to a lathe to install valve seals etc The thing now is, the bike starts when cold with the E-starter. when hot, it cranks and cranks and no fire.. If i bump start it in a downhill, it will fire. The bike runs great.. battery at 13 volt, stator charging 14.5.. im clueless and disapointed. Any clues? thank you