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  1. MOmilkman

    Las Vegas Format?

    Just don't go to sleep and you'll have time to see some stuff.
  2. MOmilkman

    Las Vegas Format?

    So you grew up out in the Joplin area huh? Im in Springfield about a hour away.
  3. MOmilkman

    Las Vegas Format?

    I would sure hope everything would be over by midnight Vegas time. My Directv DVR scheduler shows it runs live from 9pm to 12:30am so 3 1/2 hours. You'll be done by 10:30pm assuming the lights don't go out in Vegas again. lol BTW; If you want to see all the sights in Vegas AND go to the SX race, not only should you already be there but left 2 weeks ago.
  4. MOmilkman

    Las Vegas Format?

    Thanks exmlb. I don't know where you got that info but that's what I was looking for.
  5. MOmilkman

    Las Vegas Format?

    Wow. Hey Dan! I haven't been on here in years but I knew this might be the best place to ask considering how many members there are. I didn't expect to see anyone on here from the olden days! How are you? Our fantasy league is www.momudslingers.com Just a couple of us Missouri boys playing for bragging rights. There's a lot better chance of winning when there's only 5 or 6 playing. Of course that means the pot is much smaller too. lol
  6. MOmilkman

    Supercross Las Vegas Format?

    Does anyone know how the qualifying will go this weekend in Vegas for the 250's? Since this is the first time pts will be counted for the 250's do they run all the East coast in one heat and then the West coast in the second heat and then 20 riders from both coasts in the main? Or is there 2 seperate 250 qualifying heats? (heat 1 & 2 East , Heat 1 &2 West then seperate mains) A few freinds and myself are in a Fantasy MX league and we don't know how to pick our riders this weekend since we don't know what the format is.
  7. MOmilkman


    When Lawerence started his career I remember them saying "because of some of his antics, he will have a big target on his back". Well, now that he's in jail you might want to move that target down his back about a foot and a half.
  8. MOmilkman


    Ha ha Its pretty funny. The last time I was on TT was about 2 years ago and the same discussion was going on then. This discussion will never end. In other news: Team USA freakin RULES!!!!
  9. MOmilkman

    Has anyone heard what the situation is with Tommy Hahn?

    Thank you good man!
  10. He got injured at the end of Moto1 at Red Bud. Didn't start Moto2. Anyone know his status? Is he ok?
  11. MOmilkman

    SX at St Louis last night...*PICS*

    Thanks all! I invested in a IS 70-300 Lens. That seems to make a lot of difference in the panning technique. Of course I wouldnt know since I've never owned a non-IS lens.
  12. This was my first attempt at photography with a SLR (Canon Dig Rebel XT). Just bought it a month ago and have been cramming info ever night before the race. Had a few decent shots and a LOT of bad. But I guess thats what a dig cam is great for. Let me know what you think... Thanks! http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v133/MOmilkman/St%20Louis%20SX%202009/
  13. Shot this video in the pits last night after the race in St Louis. Couldn't be happier for this kid. Pictures will follow soon. (previously posted in the General section - realized I posted in the wrong forum) Im not sure why I cant give a direct link but if you want to see it go to: http://video.google.com/ and type in the search: Trey Canard SX Championship St Louis
  14. Shot this video in the pits last night after the race in St Louis. Couldn't be happier for this kid. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3745125659347690795&hl=en Pictures will follow soon.