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  1. I had a similar thing happen, in my case the c-clip that holds the starter clutch pack together popped off. I put a new one on, sharp edge out and all is well.
  2. A little different trail than the bike is used to.
  3. lalahg

    TTR 230 Light Bar

    Unless the stator has been rewound for it there is no chance this will work. I put on a 35 W headlight that killed the battery while riding. I switched it out for a 14 W LED and that has worked.
  4. lalahg

    Battery for 2011 TTR230

    I bought an AGM battery from battery sharks. You get better tech and don’t have to mess with acid. $22 with shipping. I ordered on a Sunday night and it was on my porch by Tuesday... 2 minutes after opening the box the bike was running. Just look for 5L-BS... https://www.batterysharks.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=5L%2DBS%5FM12%2D4%2D70%2DD&CartID=1
  5. There is not a unique part number for the crankcase of the kicker model so I would think they are the same.
  6. I just split my case and reassembled it without pulling the flywheel. That requires removing the clutch and all the gears from the right side then using a case splitter to pull the right side case off the crank and left side case as shown in the factory service manual. The flywheel is on the left side. OP needs to replace a bearing that is not covered by the crank or flywheel. There is no reason to remove it.
  7. The center piece is a three jaw puller with the jaws removed. There's a wide point where it touched the crank that rotates independent of the rod. It is just pushing against the angle iron. It worked very well.
  8. You should not require special tools. You can make a case splitter for just a few bucks and the flywheel does not need to be removed to replace that bearing.
  9. Well thanks. Usually I'm just following posts to learn about my new to me DRZ, but finally there was something I could give back on.
  10. In Michigan I like to use Avenza Maps on my Android phone. It is totally different than all the other map apps since it uses geospatial pdf's. It shows you where you are at on the pdf map. That really helps to decipher all the different road or trails and whether you are on public or private land. All of Michigan's trail maps have geospatial reference data embedded to support this. The USFS MVUM maps and the Michigan state forest road maps also support this. It takes some time learning how to work with the app, but after that is great to have.
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