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  1. aminem

    Kawasaki down with mxon

    Webb, Forkner , Osborn . thats the best pick for your MXon team.
  2. aminem

    Ktm in the whoops

    In MX bikes are highly modified . They are GPs bike with lots of development which no-one can buy.
  3. aminem

    Ktm in the whoops

    Good point KTM aren't so good in US. Yamaha and kawasaki dominate 250 .... but we cant conclude that KTM is not a good bike. And its just yamaha or kawasaki which make their rider win. JS7 won on a 2010-2011 yamaha which was the first generation of their new design
  4. aminem

    Ktm in the whoops

    There are so KTM lover and bla bla that i almost forgot they dominat 250f class .
  5. aminem

    Ktm in the whoops

    You talk about their 250 or comsidering 450 as well !?
  6. WTF .... gope KTM didnt caused the Jeffery herlings injury .
  7. Was this crash caused by the bike fail !?
  8. Or maybe he win because other had some sorts of injuries .... Maybe Roczen had some sort of injury which they never speak of ...
  9. Oh damn it .... this year i haven't got more than 30 point for any of the races [emoji21][emoji21][emoji21][emoji21][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. aminem

    Kx250f Backfiring problem need help!

    Thank you . I always wondering what is the actual reason of it . Thanx for explaining it clearly .
  11. aminem

    2016 KX250f EFI maps

    Thank you. 5% leaner in low RPM or high !? Do you know where i can find the map !?
  12. am Roczen fan , but this week will be hard 4 both KR94 and ET3 .... i put CW2 as my first pick for RMfantasy ..... and i will be super glad to find wrong . Web, Musqin,Roczen,Tomac,Aeron
  13. aminem

    Kx250f Backfiring problem need help!

    i had this problem on my CRF and it was because of cooper washer before the exhaust header . start to check from there and then continue to find if there is any exhaust leak .
  14. aminem

    2016 KX250f EFI maps

    i have just bought a 2016 KX250f . and joined Green Army . First thing i want to do is Mapping the EFI coupler . I got a DBR.s7r exhaust on it and need help to mapp a coupler . i heard the best coupler mapp for KX250 is the combination between green and white coupler . dose anyone have a good mapp for 2016 KX250f . I appreciate to know where i can get KX250f EFI mapps !? i have been ridding crf250r and crf450r last year . 1. My crf450r was modes for A+ pro and didn't suit my riding ability (the bike had youshimuracam and exhaust and ported head and etc ..) 2. to get a better rider i decide to listen to other riders advice and got a 2016 CRF250R which made me disappointed also. after 2 mounts i found a good 2016 KX250f . the bike seems okej and i got a lot of extra parts with it (except Öhlins shock in the picture) . i like the bike ergo, but didnt got time to test and compare it with my CRF .. its freezing cold/icy in Sweden and i couldn't ride it more than 10minutes .
  15. aminem

    Ktm in the whoops

    what happend to Roczen !? why he suddenly slowed down !? and just managing the race !?