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  1. LOOOL you really think that way !? : for tomac it get entire 2016 AMA supercross series to get the bike dialed-in !? and 2016 outdoor .... PLZ go and watch the 2016 result and you clearly can see that tomac struggle indoor and outdoor .
  2. motocross

    I dont think he had excess talent , he was good in both SX and MX but to be honest there was either other rider mistakes or he put them out . he is a 29 year vetran racing less experienced riders . I think his ability and talents over rated . consider ET or KR94 or ..... comparing to ET3 talent : Dose Osborn beat a top class rider in the level of RD5 RV2 KR94 or........ . I saw this season races and he wasent an extream talent which is head and neck better ..
  3. motocross

    Why people love Osborn so Much !???
  4. motocross

    LooL 4 Sure honda is still on Top of the game
  5. motocross

    It seems j mart homda is not slow [emoji48][emoji209][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji1360]
  6. motocross

  7. motocross

    yamaha I accept but Husky and KTM I doubt it Since it can be runned in the same High RPM in Race trim .
  8. motocross

    whats your reason and fact about a AMA Race ready Honda !? how you came to this conclusion !?
  9. motocross

    what dose it mean !? having a bigger bore !? and shorter strock . in terms of torque and engine characteristic !?
  10. motocross

    Brand fights , it will be interesting to know how much HP and torque each bike have in their MX-Race versions
  11. motocross

    look at the first laps where Osborne was behind AP23 ... ven he got in front of hin in hill but AP smoked him ... considering AP weight ... what he have done was phenomenon as well as this uphill jus fit yamaha better.
  12. motocross

    we are not talking about the stock bike , teams can tune the bikes and make them to their own liking .
  13. motocross

    the track was single line in the first moto . and everybike behind the yamaha will have problems in hill climbes ... no matter either it is a husky , ktm or kx . low end torque is the most positive thread of the yamaha .
  14. Good. Plz send me private message and let me know if you wanna sell it
  15. hahaha , many wish the same .... we will see