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  1. XRepublic

    Xr100 with suspension and motor upgrades

    Looks great!
  2. XRepublic

    Help with top end repair!

    The head and cylinder look fine... gonna get a piston kit to swap out the rings - they look fine but I figure since I’ve gotten this far might as well freshen up the piston....
  3. XRepublic

    Help with top end repair!

    Arthur, I pulled the goalie and it turns out the spring top thing fell off the valve spring..,
  4. XRepublic

    Cleaning motor...!?

    So what’s the procedure looks like power washer is the best option?
  5. XRepublic

    Cleaning motor...!?

    Spray on, hose off? Does this really work? Never seen it in Canada...
  6. XRepublic

    Cleaning motor...!?

    Ok so you guys convinced me to pull out the motor. I did it. Now how the hell do you clean all this crud? What’s the best method? Soap and water bucket, followed by some degreaser??? Thanks!
  7. XRepublic

    Help with top end repair!

    Does anybody have a good video on top end repair they can share?
  8. XRepublic

    Help with top end repair!

    Thanks for the info! When it broke down while riding, it was a relatively internal click/crack sound and the motor died. Didn't feel like any major internal damage. I could be wrong. But, hoping its a small thing. The previous owner had taken the XR200R to a Honda dealership and they bored it out to the next size up piston and rebuilt the entire top end...from what they told me. I assume they went the next size up in piston and that I'll be able to replace the parts with readily available size parts, if needed.
  9. XRepublic

    Help with top end repair!

    Okay, thanks! I have a service manual. Looks like it could be a few different causes. And, from scanning through the service manual looks like I’ll need a few specialty tools like a valve spring compressor...
  10. XRepublic

    Help with top end repair!

    Was riding down a country road in 6th gear and my bike broke down. Looks like something happened to the top end. Lost compression. I’d like to fix this myself, open it up and take a look at the cylinder. But do I have to take the motor out to tackle this problem, or can I fix this with the engine in the bike??? 2001 XR200R
  11. XRepublic

    XR200R Engine?

    The engine doesn't look right to me...
  12. Thanks for uploading the XR200 manual!