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  1. So I am looking at picking up a clean, complete DR350se with a few extra parts and both dirt and street tires for $1,400 in Midwest thing is it has around 18,000mi! that seems atypical. is it reasoanable for a ‘99 or would you avoid that kind of street mileage use?i figure street is better than hard trail.
  2. My 2000 xr70 has a lose chain with adjusters all the way in. Fine, time for sprocket and chain. Is any noname eBay chain and sprocket set fine for basic kid use or is there something special I need to know? I just want something to work and not have to be messed with for a while. This is a stock no frills machine. why do gold chains cost a few bucks more? lookingat this option (sorry I'm a newbie) https://m.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-XR70R-NEW-15-36-SPROCKET-CHAIN-SET-00-03-STK-GEAR-RATIO-/161716567127?fits=Model%3AXR70R&hash=item25a70efc57%3Ag%3A~7cAAOxyHt9R4unH&_trkparms=pageci%3Ac3971e59-a7d6-11e7-865b-74dbd180c04f%7Cparentrq%3Adfc2f88f15e0a8879accc3dcffffd201%7Ciid%3A3
  3. I have both models and just wondering if xr50 and xr70 use the same size brake pads? Interchangeable? Drums looked similar. they are 2002 and 2000 respectively.
  4. Anyone have a good picture of how the clutch cable connects to the clutch arm on a front clutch mounted 110cc? I am wondering if the cable I have may be wrong (claimed it was good for 50-125cc) as I assummed it needed to be fixated to that 'flange' above the clutch arm. I am embarrassed to ask but totally lost here. So frustrated, I rebuilt the engine fine but stuck on this little problem for two days.
  5. gidaeon

    Would you replace this cylinder or reuse? (pic)

    Engines are $300 or so and a little shipping . A head can be $30 + a piston, rings for $10 is literally $40 to my door including gaskets. ... appropriate for a $150 bike I suppose. For china bikes I'm think minimal investment IMO. Thanks for advice, I will try the scotch brite pads probably and of course hosed down with breake cleaner before liberal lubing when assembling.
  6. I am rebuilding a 110cc 4 stroke. Its kids toy, nothing serious. As the dead engine had lost compression and appeared to have a toasted exhaust valve I ordered a new head, and new piston and rings already. Would you reuse this cylinder? It has tiny vertical marks but no major gouges. Since its China parts its not going to last forever... We talking a cheap project pit bike here.
  7. Also found a 2nd hole next to it (bolt in it). Is a chain roller guide of some type supposed to use both holes? Both have good threads, presently. I don't want to damage further.
  8. I'm sure there is a simple answer, I'm totally new to china pit bikes and picked this is up as a project. Is there a guide or a piece missing where the left side cover is and wearing away? I'm not sure whats supposed to be in the that threaded hole (its a 110cc engine). Also, its eating awaiting on the arm in the 2nd picture - is the solution there as simple as replacing the wornout chain guide? pics attached
  9. gidaeon

    '83 yz125 - diagnosing this rattle (video)

    Ia there a consensus on the effective of using yamabond or similar versus traditional cut gaskets for side covers and water pumps? Thanks I will examine further. I'm not sure which washer this is (the service manual I have is much less detailed than those for other cars and bikes I've worked on) minimal diagrams and pages label parts etc.,
  10. gidaeon

    '83 yz125 - diagnosing this rattle (video)

    UPDATE: cause found. It was a clutch spring that came loose and was catching on the left side cover. You can see clearly from these pics the loose spring and the wear pattern. hopefully I can easily find gaskets for the waterpump I disassembled and side cover. Now I did find one chunk of metal in the case BUT there is no sign of gear damage with anything and it cannot be from the crank, rod or piston because of the case design and the wall in between. The engine was rebuilt by another dude before me. I am confident the obviously loose clutch spring was cause of noise.
  11. Been having a blast with my '83 vintage yz125 w/ wiseco internals. Only used for trails\casual and I'm a new rider. Just started making this rattling noise in the lower end. Its loudest in neutral, mostly goes away when in 1st with clutch. Noise is proportionate to movement and speed also and is heard over exhaust easily if riding. If putting pressure on left case side it gets a little quieter. That has to mean something? I recently had replaced a 'power valve mount holder cover' that flew off but it can't be related. For these reasons I was thinking its NOT piston slap or worn wrist - its clearly the lower left side of case. Loose flywheel? I would appreciate any suggestions on likely causes! I've never rebuilt a 2t, but did my street bikes 4-stroke so I am slightly mechanical when I have directions. My next step is to drain the recently changed oil and check for any signs of metal. My 7 year old is tearing it up on his little honda and bummed I can't ride with him now haha.