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  1. Thank you everyone for help
  2. You talking crap you do have to use clutch when upshifting
  3. Hey guys just got my bike today starting to learn how to ride, got kx250f just wondering do i have to use clutch when downshifting, im just worried about tranny i know you do when you come to tight corner and want to slow down, but in general do i have to thx help is appreciated
  4. Hey guys im getting my kx250f in 2 weeks thats gonna be my first bike im planning to do some mx track racing but more trail riding what do i need to do to make it more trail riding friendly i know the bike has short gears and may overheat but i wont drive the sht out of it, and how do i adjust the suspension for trail riding. Im 205lb and 180cm high.
  5. Thx for help
  6. Can you recommend me what bike to get from suzuki kawasaki or yamaha just for trail riding
  7. Hey guys im planning on getting a dirt bike in few weeks, i was never on dirt bike so im a beginner im thinking of getting something Jap like suzuki, kawi,or yamaha, for some reason i fell in love with kx250f i love have it looks but im 205lbs would that bike will be good for me just for forest rides and trails i dont plan to do any racing on mx track im also thinking about 450f i think i will grow into it just will take easy on learning need your help guys thx.