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  1. For sure. I'm a board member of RRMMC & cohvco. Very important organizations that fight for our use. We need to get more organized. Our opposition is well funded and well organized.
  2. Freemotion

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    Here's my replacement from Flo. They look trick, sharp but not too sharp, wider than stock platform but not super wide(dont like huge platforms), tough and lightweight. Perfect for me. 👍🏼
  3. Freemotion

    Emperor Racing Pipe Guard Skid Plate

    I went looking for protection for my first new bike ever, a 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days. I knew if I was going to race hard enduro with this bike I was going to need some serious protection if I didn't want to buy a new pipe every few weeks. As soon as I saw the Emperor Racing Pipe Guard Skid Plate Pipe Guard I knew it was what I was looking for. What you Need to know: Does NOT touch the pipe anywhere Full linkage protection Entire sides protected- Cases have protective flange and pipe has full coverage Does Not pack with Mud 3/16" Aluminum makes it ultra tough Hand welded for exact fit Beautifully CNC machined to look very sharp yet still protect Snug-fit spacers makes install quick & easy 6lbs w/o slip liner, 7lbs with Microcell foam included making the fit vibration-free All impacts are absorbed and not transferred to frame Don't need to remove skid for oil change Optional Slip liner for gliding over obstacles with ease After having ridden these plates for 2 years and raced them for a complete season without any issues whatsoever, I can tell you these are tough as hell and kept me riding. This Emperor skid plate pipe guard has prevented DNFs, bent pipes, crushes cases, cracked flange, screwed-up stator. That's the stuff that i'm worried about around here. They have an awesome warranty they stand behind. I hit a rock while moving at a good clip. The plate acted as a crumple zone and together with my pipe just folded in and bent at the joint. I rode the rest of the day with my buds. I was within 2yr warranty, covered shipping back to Emperor and they had me a new Skid Plate Pipe Guard that week. I have had all sorts of damage prevented from running these pipe guards. Some of the hits that left these marks would have crushed a pipe, or worse. Emperor Racing make this and other similar type protection products for all sorts of bikes. Old and new. If you're in the market for some premium protection that looks killer, take a look at Emperor Racing. They will keep you riding and the peace of mind that comes from solo rides in rough terrain is awesome.
  4. Freemotion

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    I smashed mine good on a rock last week. Got some Flo pegs on the way. I'm going to review them too. 👍🏼
  5. Freemotion

    AXP Racing Xtrem Skid Plate

    Can you ride Hard & Extreme Enduro with plastic protection? If that plastic is 8mm thick HDPE plastic, then, the answer is yes. For the longest time you would see mostly aluminum skid plates on off-road bikes. AXP Racing is changing that with the Extrem Skid Plate. What you need to know: All hardware included (not much) 3 point mounting (2 on frame crossbar, 1 up by pipe flange) Very easy to install, no drilling, easy to pop on/off Extensive coverage- frame, pegs, stator, water pump, clutch cover, linkage- all have protection Lightweight, 8mm HDPE plastic reinforced in high-stress areas No boot interference Killer styling and aesthetics How is Installation? Pretty simple. First you mount the black frame hooks securely to the skid plate with the provided hardware. Removing your pipe will make it a bit easier but I mounted this one with pipe only loosened. The hooks then attache securely to the frame cross-tube and lift the 'front' of the plate up and under the pipe and secure with the 2 bolts & spacers, all included. All of the provided hardware is tapered and fit with the plate is perfect. There are no harsh edges or lines to catch. Very streamlined underside to facilitate sliding easily. These hooks are part of the design that make it so simple to install & remove the skid for maintenance or cleaning. Once mounted, snap a couple cool photos. How is Riding with Xtrem Skid? You don't even notice it's there until you need to slide over an obstacle. Then you glide over easily and you certainly notice it working. Riding around there is no increased engine noise or reverberation that way. I did not notice any loss off flex or any handling difference having the skid plate on vs off. Obstacles, how does the Xtrem do? It only took a second to get used to how slick the HDPE material is. It is a very slick material that lets you slide over some truly gnarly stuff. Some riders will really appreciate that. No more getting stuck and stalled on logs cause your plate bit into the material and wouldn't budge. Rocks: The plate slides great and offers ample protection of you lose your balance and go down. Because the rocks around here are so gnarly, its going to scratch the material. But with the plates being 8mm thick, rock scratches are not a concern for a very long time. The plate does not transfer the energy from impacts. Instead, it absorbs it. The special type of plastic used allows it to take the hard hits without deforming or failing. The coverage on the Extrem extends up to the water pump and around to the stator. Losing your balance on rocks and falling, or sliding out a corner on tough terrain is no longer as much of a concern for serious damage. Logs: Very impressed with how AXP has built these plates to handle wood obstacles. You keep all of your speed and momentum and do not grab into the log at all. Even soft and decaying logs we were able to keep sliding over in our test of the plate. The HDPE material is great for not increasing or transferring friction. Wet wood slides even easier. The material coupled with the streamlined design made it very easy and enjoyable crossing logs, stumps, wood piles etc. Sometimes, you have to contort your body in weird positions to maintain balance, especially over obstacles. Your feet are in weird positions as well. Never did my size 12 boots interfere with the skid plate, on either side, regardless of the obstacle. What is different about this plate? I think the story with this plate is coverage & material. It goes from the exhaust flange to past your linkage (made for non-linkage models, too). The entire underneath side of your bike is protected. Then, AXP has designed the sides of the plate to extend up to cover and protect some of the most critical areas like your stator and your water pump. On the inside of these wings is where the welds are reinforced. The construction of this plate if very high quality. You can easily tell AXP takes a great deal of pride in making these plates. The HDPE material is perfect for the dirtbike application. Is is unbelievably strong, absorbs impacts, and holds colors and details well to look outstanding. The first thing I notice about a product is its appearance. These plates from AXP make the entire bike pop, especially a plate with some color. The black models are very sleek and adds a lot of style and sophistication. Who is this plate ideal for? This is an ideal addition for anyone looking to add some beefy protection and are sensitive to weight. This is a serious, professional-used skid plate that takes on the hardest of terrain by Extreme riders such as Wade Young & Mario Roman. It is a good fit for those who seek high quality craftsmanship and innovative technology to solve age-old issues. AXP is making a very clear name for themselves here in the States. They have long been a popular choice for performance overseas. It is one of those rare products where you can get a performance increase without giving something up in return. 5/5 Stars from ThumperTalk staff
  6. 1 review

    Constructed from 8mm thick HDPE Plastic High load seams reinforced by plasti-welds Stronger than molded plastic & carbon fiber Quieter than alloy as no engine noise echoed 40% lighter than aluminum Flanges extend to cover pegs, brake pedal, case, stator & linkage 3 point anchor system keeps plate firmly in place no matter the abuse No deformation or movement when making hard contact with rocks/logs Easily installed/uninstalled for maintenance & cleaning Removal not necessary for oil change Fit & Finish is excellent; bright colors and tasteful styling
  7. Freemotion

    Emperor Racing Products Help Riders Stay Riding & Not Wrenching

    Yes he also has a jet boat business. I totally agree, excellent fab skills. Everything is in the details with Steve. Thanks for reading! 🤙🏼
  8. Freemotion

    Emperor Racing Products Help Riders Stay Riding & Not Wrenching

    Hey HDR, thanks for reading. I am really like the confidence having one of these on there brings. Yessir, they sure do make em for the 300rr. You can peep this product for that bike here: https://www.emperorracing.com/product/gnarly-pipe-guard-skid-plate-br-2295/
  9. I need to win. I have to win. It is an ever-present mindset in everything I do, but especially racing dirtbikes. In order to accomplish this I have to be constantly pushing, striving to get better. Spending most of my seat time on the ragged edge of control and out-of-control means I spend a decent amount of time in the dirt, and spent a whole lot more time there when I was learning to ride a 300 two-stroke this past year. My 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days was the first new vehicle I've ever had of any sort. Because this bike meant a lot to me, and I could not afford a new pipe every ride, I went looking for protection, for armor. *A Mykel Horner Photo I came across an Emperor Racing skid plate and pipe-guard combo at a distributor and new instantly it was what I needed on my bike if I was going to keep it Ready to Race. Before I could purchase it, it was purchased at retail for me for Christmas by my girlfriend. I had no idea the history and passion behind Emperor Racing until I moved to Colorado and started racing for Emperor Racing as a fully supported rider. I already knew the products were awesome and racing under Emperor I got to work with Steve and really get to know the Canadian company. At the Helm, a Mechanical Designer by trade, rider by blood; Steve Vander Helm, proud Canadian. Talk about passion for our sport. Rider through and through, and has the professional skills to conceptualize, develop, and produce some premier dirtbike protection parts. They machine very high-grade, high tolerance type pieces to not only look killer, but perform even better. Steve started doing mechanical design for the elevator industry and later for the heavy steel industry designing dump truck boxes, low bed heavy-haul trailers and precision excavator attachments. From there he designed parts for most of the elevators you see and use today. He saw the successes of his designs and the company owning patents of his design, but never saw the value returned to him as the designer. Eventually Steve concluded that he was better off solo. But what would he design? Steve was then, and is now, an avid rider. He noticed these riders all getting new bikes but could not get guarding products for them in a timely manner. From there; the idea of Scorpion Racing is born. Steve figured he spends all his time riding and racing, saw the demand for the product at his races and knew he had the skills to bring it to life. So he decided to start a company called Scorpion Racing that made premium, rock-solid dirt bike parts because he was already making custom plates for all his buds, but custom-only was not going to be profitable at scale so he started producing the first generation light skid models in 2005. Soon after that was the 1st gen rad Rad guard. 2007 Model Lightweight Guard for WR450 Fast forward to 2008, the market needs a heavy duty model. Riders have been asking and Steve had been prototyping some models and releases the Heavy Duty Skid Guard combo, under the Scorpion Racing name, that is the root of his flagship product today. *2008 HD Skid Plate for KTM & Husky In 2012, Pirelli tires forced then Scorpion Racing off their name citing they already had that brand established. They then re-branded as Emperor Racing as it became a situation where whoever had the most money to throw at lawyers was going to win that one. Steve made the smart business decision to not take on the tire giant as he was out-gunned. Ever since Steve’s inception as Scorpion Racing back in 2005 his products have always been created through extreme testing and rider input. He takes that feedback and uses that mold his next models or improvements. That’s huge. And I think lost on a lot of companies nowadays. Most other companies are so full steam ahead with their vision they might have stopped to consider the consumer’s needs. The flagship product today, the Pipe Guard Skid Plate is a beautiful piece of machining. Start to finish, end to end, you can tell it’s something made by someone with a lot of pride in what they do. Beveled edges, high-grad Alu, all metric hardware, the list goes on. The quality and craftsmanship is very obvious with handling these plates. On the bike is even better. Being all aluminum they have a UHMW plastic "Slip Liner/ Link Guard" easily bolted to the plate that does exactly what the name suggests; help you skate over obstacles easily and protect your linkage, win-win. *These products are available for most recent & current model year 250 & 300 two-strokes, and the 250, 350, 450 model four-strokes This plate is the real deal. I can now practice here in The Rockies with confidence. Bashing rocks and logs 10 miles away from the truck down some gnarly single-track can lead to some stranded-type issues if things go sideways. I think broken clutch covers, crushed stator, mechanical DNF’s, etc. are all severely reduced, if not eliminated altogether by having this grade of protection. It mounts firmly to frame with a secondary plate/bracket that stops the force of impacts from being transferred to the exhaust. Snug-fit hardware throughout makes install super easy. No holding bolts in place while trying to find them with a bolt. Oil changes can be done without removing the plate. The rad guard of today morphed from a Scorpion two-piece design to a one-piece, brace & guard that protects the radiators very well. The biggest issues with a rad guard are the limits riders want: We do not want a width increase, height increase, want to be able to mount aftermarket fans, nothing on the back, easy mounting, light. The Emperor Rad Guard does all that. I have use it and crashed with it plenty. It does its job. A product’s warranty is a great way to gauge how the company feels about their product, especially those that make wear parts. Steve offers a 1 year warranty on his products and stands by that warranty. I know, I've tested it. I had some riding buds in town soon after moving to Colorado. We went for a ride on some trails that were new to all of us- that’s always fun- new trail. We were moving through some double-track on the lookout for a trail. I was leading and came up to a Y in the road about 35-40mph. I was slightly entering the left-hand trail when noticed we needed to go right. So I pulled across the grass ‘median’ and caught a rock hiding in the grass. The plate acted as a crumple zone and transferred the impact through my pipe and bent it at the weakest point, the joint. I was able to ride the rest of the day without limitation. I had to cover shipping both ways but Steve replaced the guard at no charge and replaced a brand new guard for the cost of shipping. I am only the 2nd person that needed a plate warrantied. It was an easy process and hope to not need to warranty another. The story here is a cool one. A very smart and production-capable rider started making great products 13 years ago. His love for the sport makes him constantly striving to innovate and stay on top of what the consumer wants in premium bike protection. I think its some of the best money spent as I would surely have cracked cases, an exhaust flange, something by now learning splat and crossing techniques for racing enduro. People often see the skid plate and rule it out for weight or frame flex reasons. It weighs 7lbs and the weight is sprung. I think you have to ride at a pro or season pro level to feel stuff like that, but perhaps not. For me it’s saved my race, my day, my bike. Until I manage to stay off the ground and clear obstacles I’ll likely be riding with Emperor Protection. If you’re interested in protecting your bike and getting that peace of mind I would encourage you to look to at EmperorRacing.com. They are in full support of our sport, put their money where their mouth is, rider founded, rider ran and they make some damn good products and I am proud to ride for them. We will be doing write up and review on the skid plate and the rad guard separately. Long ago, when installing the first skid plate on my bike I decided to write up a how-to to do the install. If you need any more help you can refer to that walk-through here.
  10. Freemotion

    POD's New K8 KNee Braces

    I will be reviewing a pair of these new braces and compare the all carbon fiber braces are much different than the K4's. I purchase the K4s at retail only months ago.
  11. Will be ripping south of Colorado Springs. Should be killer. Will post up some content from the ride
  12. Freemotion


    EnduroCross round 4 is hed this weekend in Denver, Co. I will be there with some of the RokFox club spectating and participating in the events. I will be doing the Pro-Tape footrace that is between heats and will be spending time at the COHVCO booth helping spread the word about the work we do fighting for off-road use, for all.
  13. Freemotion


    Headed to EnduroCross this Saturday here in Denver, Co. I know a few people going and I will have press creds to try and get some good stuff. I am doing the Pro-Taper footrace that is help between the races. I will be representing ThumperTalk, my sponsors, RRMMC, and COHVCO.
  14. Freemotion

    Midwest Mountain Engineering Clever Levers

    The Midwest Mountain Engineering Claim: "It reduces clutch pull by 50% of the hydro unit" Does it? Yes. I went looking for ways to lighten my clutch due to the constant clutching and slipping I was doing practicing for Hard Enduro races. If you are familiar with the discipline, you know you are constantly clutching. I was noticing my left hand forefinger wearing out before I was done riding. My hands are small for a guy my height, as well. What I wanted: Nothing that added complexity (mechanism levers) True one-finger operation Shorty Lever Durable to lay-downs Race quality Great looking & anodized The MME "Clever Lever" as they have named it, does all of that. The clutch is very noticeably lighter and there's more of a tactile, responsive-type clutch feeling. I purchased the levers at retail and think there is considerable value at their price point. The lever is T6 Billet aluminum, AMA sanctioned ends, and durable coating that hasn't scratched off for me yet. The advantage is brought in be a change in leverage from the stock lever. It still keeps the same exact range of motion as the stock lever, just becomes easier. The brake is less of an angle, by 15 degrees. Installation: Here's where I think people misunderstand the lever. It needs to be adjusted and tuned to the bike's clutch after it's good and hot. Like 15-20 mins of riding, not idling where gears are static, riding. There are a few set screws to tune so the clutch is engaging and disengaging fully. The instructions that come with the lever make this very clear. Overall: Great piece of kit and huge benefit for the cost ($80) Strong and sturdy Look great and are true shorty levers Race tested, race approved Machined shape and beveled edges making the lever very comfortable to operate Great training tool for perfecting clutching techniques without over-using hand and get more out of training Made in USA 5/5 would buy again.
  15. yea definitely out now for a lot of brands. $70 for the lever is retail for anyone else who has the same question.