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  1. Did a review on the flo motorsports jet fuel finished footpegs. Rode em hard for 3 months and did my best to make them fail. They're still going strong. Perfect amount of grip. Not super sharp, and far from dull. Self cleaning. Wider than stock. Replaceable towers. Lifetime warranty. Sickest styling on the planet. Made by Riders, for Riders.
  2. Freemotion

    Best looking footpegs on the market

    @Bryan Bosch Im not exactly sure. It seems to be much stronger than anodizing, but not sure. Ive seen the scheme on cars, but never a bike like that, it looks awesome.
  3. Freemotion

    Best looking footpegs on the market

    These are $135. I think, especially with flo motorsports, you get what you pay for. Pegs are your only link to the motorcycle. A peg failure could be legitimately deadly. The market would price them out if the value was out of balance with retail price. Instead they are growing rapidly. I know I feel confident knowing these guys made my pegs. They might not be of commensurate value in your eyes, but i think there's a market for premium hard parts like this. 👍🏻
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    Best looking footpegs on the market

    Oh right on man! The edges of mine have eventually worn too, but I expected them to be silver aluminum by now with what I do to them. All in all, I like them and think the traction is just perfect. What color finish you got on yours?
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    Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

    1 review

    Unparalleled Flex Control: A breakthrough innovation for the Tech 10 is the introduction of Alpinestars patented Frontal Flex Frame. Combining with the dual front and rear blade connectors, the Frontal Flex Frame gives the Tech 10 a complete and seamless flexion control system, from the foot shell all the way up to the shin plate, offering high performance double motion control, preventing over-compression and hyper-extension, featuring: Engineered frontal flexion control offered by a dual-density TPU connector system, uniting the lower buckle plate with the upper blade connector, buckle and shin protector. Engineered to 'float' freely between the lower and upper boot construction, the Frontal Flex Frame acts as a shock absorber by distributing energy across the boot frame while controlling forward and rearward flex, progressively releasing force which dampens and absorbs impact energies. Asymmetrical, dual pivot arms on boot frame. A unique feature of the Tech 10 is the ankle control system developed in the outer shell construction, allowing natural ankle movement, vertical compression control and improved impact protection. Asymmetrical medial and lateral double pivot system for improved levels of flexibility and precision for both independent and synchronized movement. The medial pivot arm's higher placement reduces material volume in the lower part of the boot, creating more space for the patented inner ankle brace system to have free movement and improve control. Reducing the volume on the inner side also reduces abrasion, where the boot is in contact with the bike and improves grip and feel. Redesigned dual-density TPU rear blade system engineered to prevent hyperextension while offering improved flex control and impact resistance. DCHP - Unique Heel Protection Innovation: Built into the Tech 10's unique and lightweight single-piece co-injected foot chassis is the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP), an innovative safety feature which includes a fully integrated collapsible heel area with expanded poly-foam to absorb high impact energies during a crash. DCHP features a directional impact protection system which significantly reduces the effect of excessive, potentially injury-causing, energy being transferred to the ankle and lower leg. DHCP has been used by Alpinestars athletes in the demanding environments of professional Supercross and Motocross. New Inner Ankle Brace: One the Tech 10's defining features is the redesigned biomechanical inner ankle brace. Patented technology which features: Lighter, anatomically redesigned medial and lateral torsion arms which are compact and offer increased range of movement and control. In conjunction with the outer boot chassis, the ankle brace gives vertical and lateral protection from ankle and leg compression and rotation and progressive damping of torsional forces during an accident, while still allowing natural freedom of movement. Double pivot system allows the Tech 10 to retain its integrity while flexing which removes the need for alternative torsion bars for varying ankle widths and crucially gives the essential progressive resistance to rotational and vertical forces which, otherwise, are so damaging to ankles, knees, upper legs and pelvis if not arrested in a controlled way. New low-profile, pull-on design for reduce material build, less weight and to facilitate easier and quicker wearing. Innovative flexion inserts work seamlessly with new Tech 10's flex support system for ultimate in performance. TPU protection and shock-absorbing padding on the heel and ankles and an ultra-thin and flexible forefoot area for increased sensitivity and control. Dual compound removable anatomic footbed includes EVA for comfort and support and aids even weight distribution. Anatomical Shin and Calf-Plates: The Tech 10 design is slimmer and more streamlined with a contoured calf protector ergonomically wrapping around the rear leg. Constructed from a dual-density compound and combined with the rear blade system, protection is enhanced with progressive dampening of excessive torsional forces. The energy dissipating shin plate features a new anatomic design for reduced surface area and weight-saving. Unique Sole Integration: Completely redesigned sole with proprietary grip sculpturing to improve foot-peg performance, grip and mud and water run-off. Exclusive dual-compound sole is seamlessly integrated to the multi-density foot base structure with built-in support. The sole offers superior durability, grip and feel while riding and improved performance on shifter. The central sole insert features micro-grip and side hooking grip design. It is easily replaceable and Alpinestars offers a full sole replacement and boot repair service. Buckle Closure System: Anatomically optimized redesigned for weight-saving and ergonomics the new triple buckle closure system features a nylon and fiberglass compound for improved durability and strength. New slim-line buckles include high-impact bridge closures which are cold forged for precision and strength. The closure system features contra-closure, doubling closure security and a quick-release / locking system with self-aligning, memory, design for easy, precise closure and improved riding performance and security. All buckles are easily replaceable. Innovative, Lightweight Upper Construction: The Tech 10 chassis combines advanced lightweight microfiber and impact and abrasion-resistant TPU shell. Foot shell features five different compounds in a single lightweight piece to offer strength while maintaining flexibility and structural integrity. Foot shell incorporates heel and toe protection that is highly resistant to abrasion and impact and adds to the boot's overall durability. Foot shell also includes integrated shank for support and structural integrity. Frontal protection features a dual closure system with an internal microfiber flap, plus hook-and-loop fasteners for a precise fit closure beneath the buckle giving greater, micro-adjustable, precision which is convenient to operate. Soft microfiber gaiter helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry. Poly-fabric lining with 3D open cell foam incorporates anti-slip suede in heel area, keeping the foot located inside the boot. The Tech 10 boot is CE certified.
  6. What's up guys.. recently review the xtreme skid for AXP and made a little vid for our YouTube. Any feedback or tips would be appreciated. The first part of the video where I'm talking before all the riding clips, I had the color setting on the camera a little off. So it's not perfect, but I caught it before recording the rest of the vid. Thoughts? Feedback? Tips for next vid? Thanks guys! https://thmp.tk/xtreme
  7. Freemotion

    Barker's Performance DRZ400 Exhaust ..Wait... Who? Whaaa?

    Looking forward to seeing what you think Erik!
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    Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

    What struck me the most after riding the Tech 10's was the increased feel on the bike. The boot's narrow inside & the resigned toe box make it a very spacious boot on the controls rocking easily on the peg. Sizing: true to size, wide feet OK Comfort(1-10): 10 Closure System: 3 contra-locking, self-aligning, cold-forged buckles Interior: Microfiber, inner booty of 3D open cell foam, anti-slip suede heel Sole: Re-designed to shed mud/water, soft-compound sole replaceable by Astars Safety: CE rated product Aesthetics: Great fit & feel, great styling Safety was clearly in mind when designing these boots. The Foot Shell features five different compounds in a single lightweight piece to offer strength while maintaining flexibility and structural integrity. This single piece serves as the boot's chassis. The toe box has been re-designed and trimmed down and the heel has been enhanced to include DCHP technology. DCHP is a innovative safety feature that uses foam to absorb high energy impacts during a crash. The boot certainly feels safe strapped up. There is an inner booty. It takes getting used to at first but I think it helps the comfort and support a ton. This booty also has torsion arms on either side that help brace and support your ankle during times of stress. Shock-absorbing padding on the heel & ankle, anatomic footbed, ultra-thin forefoot, all to increase support, comfort & feel on the bike. One of my favorite things about them is the bike feel. Three cold-forged, self-aligning buckles and a large velcro piece is what closes the boot. The two front buckles are on top of the foot high and out of the way. The 3rd and rear-facing buckle sits at the back of the boot. The buckles never seemed to be in the way or catch, snag, come open, nothing. Superb closure system that worked repeatedly. Adjusting the straps & buckles is very easy, as is replacement if you needed to. The rear of the boot and front of the tongue feature dual-density TPU 'blades' that go up and attach to the shin & calf plates. This system, Frontal Flex Frame, gives ultimate flexion while protecting from hyper-extension and over compression. This anchors the whole boot and gives you a feel to the bike unlike most other boots. The system acts as a shock absorber by distributing energy across the boot frame. The inside of the boot has been designed so that you have a lot of 'stick' to the bike. The materials used and the low profile of the abrasion pads give you a very close feel to the bike. This is my favorite thing about them. They really do make you feel connected to the bike. The sole has been completely re-designed to improve foot to peg performance, grip, boot longevity, water/mud shedding. The dual-compound sole offers options on replacing the inner part if it gets worn out. The toe is tapered and does not hang up on anything. Even with build-ups of ice, snow & mud it never had a negative impact. Walking around in the boot is comfortable. The traction on most surfaces is decent, but not excellent traction. All of the expected features from a pro-level boot are present on the Tech 10. Double & triple stitching in places, high quality leather, abrasion resistant polymers. The boot feels fitted with or without a knee brace and was not uncomfortable after 10+ hrs. The boot continued to perform at a high level in snow-packed & iced-over conditions. The only thing I could find I did not like was how waterproof the boot was. I would like to see that improved one day because water=weight. The Alpinestar Tech 10 is an elite boot from an elite company who earns their customers with the high-quality products they're known for. I give this boot 5/5 stars dues to the innovative safety and comfort and hereby declare the Alpinestar Tech 10s "ThumperTalk Tested"
  9. I'm about to drive 850 miles and was planning on putting the bike how I usually transport it around to ride. I have 4 door Chevy 1500 with standard bed length so I put it corner to corner in the bed so I can close tailgate. Front wheel is passenger side front of bed, rear tire driver side back of bed. Secured by pegs. Am I creating a wind drag coming off my roof with the bike like this? Around town it may not matter but over long trips I was wondering the effect. Thoughts anyone? Preesh
  10. Freemotion

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    Ahh that's where I got it mixed up. Thanks mate. I w ass thinking the factory made em 👍🏻
  11. Freemotion

    What’s the harm in extra oil for the clutch?

    I always thought with too much oil, once it gets hot & expands it would blow seals and gaskets and end up with oil places you don't want it. 🤷‍♂️
  12. 2 reviews

    The Shinko 216MX Fat Tyre is the new favorite tire of the off road world. The taller height makes it plush in rocks and the compound allows a deep bite everywhere else. Available in FATTY size 90/100-21 Extreme Offroad/Enduro/Desert tire "Taller-Fuller" profile navigates through rocks, trees and square edge terrain with ease Split tread pattern cleans out wheel and offers precise point and go control Proven for years in Europe's Erzburg, Romaniacs, and other extreme Enduro events. FIM Approved Perfect pairing with the Shinko 505 Cheater tire
  13. Freemotion

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    GTs current tire is not made in China. Most tires are made in Korea. The process & compound is where the difference is. Shinko rubber is scrap recycled rubber, GTs is a specific compound. Classic example of you get what you pay for.
  14. One of the GT owner's sons races Moto. Have paid retail for all his tires. Thumpertalk will be doing a review on some GTs here soon as soon as I get em on my bike. A shinko is not a GT and never will be. Anyone who says they are is uninformed to say the least. The manufacturing process is completely different. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.
  15. Freemotion

    6D ATR-2 vsKali Shiva carbon

    I did a review on the atr-2 as well. https://thmp.tk/2P28OnE Currently testing it against the new supertech m10 from alpinestars. So far, id say spend the money on 6d.
  16. Freemotion

    AXP Racing Xtrem Skid Plate

    2 reviews

    Constructed from 8mm thick HDPE Plastic High load seams reinforced by plasti-welds Stronger than molded plastic & carbon fiber Quieter than alloy as no engine noise echoed 40% lighter than aluminum Flanges extend to cover pegs, brake pedal, case, stator & linkage 3 point anchor system keeps plate firmly in place no matter the abuse No deformation or movement when making hard contact with rocks/logs Easily installed/uninstalled for maintenance & cleaning Removal not necessary for oil change Fit & Finish is excellent; bright colors and tasteful styling
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    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    This is a great idea
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    Skid plate with linkage guard??

    Emperorracing.com best alu skids you can get. I wrote up a review in the review section too. 👍🏻
  19. Freemotion

    Peick Injury

    Was that a Fly F2 Carbon w/ MIPS helmet? maybe no helmet would have made a difference but sure makes you think about it. This could be any of us. Doesnt take a pro sx race to get your number called. 'Im going to look into anything ThumperTalk can do to help. unlucky
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    Evo Industries East Suspension

    Your suspension has an impact on every single aspect of riding. I was not aware of how big of an impact it was until I got mine recently tuned. I raced stock WP suspension for an entire season. What was done: Fork Re-spring & Re-valve Shock Re-spring & Re-valve Fork & Shock Re-build (seals & oil) Jeremy Kready, owner of Evo Ind. East, is a rider himself. You can usually find Jeremy at the track with his mobile suspension rig most weekends, usually racing himself. He knows what riders want and expect. Jeremy sets the tone at the top. Top notch customer service and world class tuning. And that's just what I got. Jeremy and his guys at Evo East care about the details. You can visit their website here. What you need to know: Evo transformed my bike's handling and behavior Quick turnaround time, mine was 14 days including shipping White-glove customer service Fair, competitive pricing Data-orientated tuning Comprehensive questionnaire to understand true riding conditions and preferences The Process: The first thing Evo does is send you a box (to ship them your suspension) & a "Rider Form" for you to fill out. We all know height, weight, and riding style all have an impact on how to tune your setup. The Rider Form asks in-depth questions to understand skill level, speed you ride, how your body is positioned on the bike, preferences on suspension feel, etc. I thought it was a pretty comprehensive picture of my riding details. As much as would make a difference, at least. Since everything is customized to you and your riding style, Evo needs as much info as possible. 2. Pack up your sticks & shock and away they go! My suspension was only down for 14 days, including shipping. All jobs are usually completed in 3-5 business days. If they get your stuff on a Monday their goal is to have it in the mail by Friday. They were able to do that with mine no problem. Evo is not going to let your stuff sit on the shelves until you start asking where it is. During this time they will talk with you if anything additional is needed outside of the form, or if you have special requests, etc. 3. Get your stuff back tuned and ready to install Evo will return any unused parts (got my stock springs back) A fork sticker with your all of your settings is attached 4. They look great, but how do they ride? I was thoroughly impressed with the way my bike was handling and riding after I got it set up. For the first week I didn't move a single clicker one way or the other to get a solid feel for how different it was. After that I only went a few clicks stiffer and now its absolutely perfect. Things I noticed After Install: I knew exactly where the rear end was at/going to be The bike rear end settles and sits low and tight in corners I could hammer tall whoops and stay on my line I can cross logs better as the rear end doesn't 'buck' Front end is light and easy to compress whenever needed Pivot turns are much more controlled Slow wheelies are better due to compression right before All of the sharp, shallow jabs are now absorbed up and not noticed These improvements just made my bike predictable. With my stock suspension, if I wasn't positioned juuust ride over a log it would buck. Now I know I can accelerate through the whoops versus before I would have to back off gradually throughout them cause my line was drifting. The back end now takes notice when I press on the outer peg when entering a turn. The bike now sits low in the rear like it should through the apex of a turn. All the sharp jabs that used to throw my front end around are now soaked up keeping me on line. It's all the little things that add up to more stability and control which in turn translate to faster lap times, better technique over obstacles and overall more fun out of riding knowing you have such great control over what you're doing. One of the things I did notice was after a longer 7-9 hour rides, my neck and shoulders aren't near as sore as they were before the tune. That alone is valuable to me. I think my back, neck and shoulder muscles had to compensate for the stock suspension and that fatigued them extensively. 5. What did it Cost? My complete tune, fork rebuild and re-valve, shock rebuild and re-valve, all parts and labor is $820. The shipping will vary based on where you live, obviously. I was expecting to pay over $1000 for a good, reputable tuning job. I think there is incredible value with Evo Industries East and I am stoked to get back to racing next season with a tuned up bike. I wonder how different some of those super rocky and whooped out race courses would have been had I had Evo set me up from the beginning. I highly recommend any tuning you need, take it to Evo and give them a crack at it. 5/5 Stars from us.
  21. @Bryan Bosch maybe one to include?
  22. Freemotion

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    everything is same as stock. might be a very slight change from looking at them side by side but def not noticeable on the bike.
  23. For sure. I'm a board member of RRMMC & cohvco. Very important organizations that fight for our use. We need to get more organized. Our opposition is well funded and well organized.
  24. Freemotion

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    Here's my replacement from Flo. They look trick, sharp but not too sharp, wider than stock platform but not super wide(dont like huge platforms), tough and lightweight. Perfect for me. 👍🏼
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    Emperor Racing Pipe Guard Skid Plate

    I went looking for protection for my first new bike ever, a 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days. I knew if I was going to race hard enduro with this bike I was going to need some serious protection if I didn't want to buy a new pipe every few weeks. As soon as I saw the Emperor Racing Pipe Guard Skid Plate Pipe Guard I knew it was what I was looking for. What you Need to know: Does NOT touch the pipe anywhere Full linkage protection Entire sides protected- Cases have protective flange and pipe has full coverage Does Not pack with Mud 3/16" Aluminum makes it ultra tough Hand welded for exact fit Beautifully CNC machined to look very sharp yet still protect Snug-fit spacers makes install quick & easy 6lbs w/o slip liner, 7lbs with Microcell foam included making the fit vibration-free All impacts are absorbed and not transferred to frame Don't need to remove skid for oil change Optional Slip liner for gliding over obstacles with ease After having ridden these plates for 2 years and raced them for a complete season without any issues whatsoever, I can tell you these are tough as hell and kept me riding. This Emperor skid plate pipe guard has prevented DNFs, bent pipes, crushes cases, cracked flange, screwed-up stator. That's the stuff that i'm worried about around here. They have an awesome warranty they stand behind. I hit a rock while moving at a good clip. The plate acted as a crumple zone and together with my pipe just folded in and bent at the joint. I rode the rest of the day with my buds. I was within 2yr warranty, covered shipping back to Emperor and they had me a new Skid Plate Pipe Guard that week. I have had all sorts of damage prevented from running these pipe guards. Some of the hits that left these marks would have crushed a pipe, or worse. Emperor Racing make this and other similar type protection products for all sorts of bikes. Old and new. If you're in the market for some premium protection that looks killer, take a look at Emperor Racing. They will keep you riding and the peace of mind that comes from solo rides in rough terrain is awesome.