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  1. PaydayGabe

    Carb issues

    Well, , this is like kicking a dead horse. Absurd in my opinion. This carb issue is perplexing to me considering everything is assembled correctly and spotlessly clean. I know fuel quality is sceptical these days and that " could " be the problem(91oct) but considering the machine is used on a semi regular basis I find it hard to believe this FREAKIN carby is that sensitive[emoji36]. Jeez, really! Starts easily [emoji106] Idles smoothly [emoji106] then it falls completely flat on its face in mid-range even when warmed up. To say the least, I'm disgusted and tired of going back inside the thing to find nothing wrong! Toss this guy a bone please, before I do something stupid. Thanks, G.
  2. PaydayGabe

    Carb issues

    I dipped back into the carby and reset the float height. It appeared to be low. Blasted the jets and passageways again. Reassembled and set air mixture screw at 2.5 turns out. [emoji122]runs like an almost new bike[emoji106]. Thanks everyone, G. Ride safe.
  3. PaydayGabe

    Mineral oil or dot 4?

    Ok, , I've misunderstood. Sheadmaster had me confused[emoji37]. Use only manufactures recommended fluids/ type/weigh-viscosity in the requiring components! For all concerned: DOT3&4 Fluid= Hydraulic systems(brake&clutch). Motorcycle Engine Oil= Engine and trans lubricant (JASO rated for wet clutch applications) primarily 4strokes. Some manufacturers recommend ATF(auto trans fluid) in transmission/clutch applications(2stroke). Cooling System = good quality eythal/glycol mix normally 50/50 ratio for aluminum cooling systems. Good luck and YMMV [emoji41][emoji106]. G.
  4. PaydayGabe

    Mineral oil or dot 4?

    [emoji848]hmmm, , maybe I'm missing something here. From what i've tried to figure out from your posting is, , using mineral oil or DOT4 fluid messes up your clutch plates/steels? Correct[emoji106]? Please clarify, , cause you have me all messed up like your clutch. 🤦‍♂️ God help us all [emoji120]
  5. PaydayGabe

    What 4 Stroke Oil?

    +1 what Piney said, You're riding a 250? You're gonna have to wring its neck to get anything out of it. The oil will obviously break down quicker. Change it regularly ! ! And don't over spend. Rotella T4 is more than adequate and good prices at Walmart. Ride safe, G.
  6. PaydayGabe

    Mikuni Carb Rebuilt Kits

    [emoji108]Detective . Get it?[emoji6]
  7. PaydayGabe

    Mikuni Carb Rebuilt Kits

    I would research at sudco.com They know everything Mikuni. [emoji106][emoji6]
  8. PaydayGabe

    Carb issues

    I had no idea the valve had an internal screen[emoji848]. Thanks. I'll investigate further and report back with the findings. 🤞
  9. PaydayGabe

    Carb issues

    Interesting[emoji848]. You're theory is? Too restrictive? Falls apart and clogs up float valve?
  10. PaydayGabe

    Carb issues

    It is the stock petcock w/new inline[emoji106]. I'm at 2500ft altitude. Manual indicates 11/8 turns out on mix screw. I went 11/2 out. Everything inside is new besides the diaphragm/& guide. So I'm going back inside for a look? Thanks for the wisdom.
  11. PaydayGabe

    Carb issues

    Good stuff plugeye. I've had midrange feed issues since I completed my carby overhaul. Starts great, idles great, wide open is good but not great. Some knocks under load. Never fiddled with the timing what so ever. Value clearances are spot on. So, That's a lean run condition. Here's the plug.[emoji848] What should I do to remedy this issue? Thanks, G.
  12. PaydayGabe

    How to start an XR400

    Very nicely written. Unfortunately I'm just getting too old to abuse myself w/that extensive routine. I need the Magic Button[emoji6] if ya know what I mean. Oh, by the way, it's an 2002 and is for sale as we speak. I think you need a backup. Only $2500 and well sorted. PM me if you're interested. Thanks, G.
  13. PaydayGabe

    Mineral oil or dot 4?

    I was unaware there is a difference in the kit specifics. Whichever , it's time for a Rebuild. Don't half ass it. Do it right the first time and your done. Check the slave cylinder. It may need a kit also. Good luck. G.
  14. PaydayGabe

    Mineral oil or dot 4?

    ?, , How do you know its mineral oil? Now, do a complete flush and refill w/DOT4 per the indicator on the cap. Also, , find out why your loosing the fluid FIRST. Make the necessary repairs and refill. Good luck. G.