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  1. PaydayGabe

    The infamous Mikuni O-ring!

    Hey troops, just a little update and need some suggestions. Since completion of this project I've logged almost 140 miles on the Dr. Tires are all scrubbed in, brakes are bedded. Everything is working well except the carby[emoji45]. 70 miles yesterday throughout LV. Half freeway, half surface streets/traffic. About 106 degrees. I'm experiencing a mid- range throttle sputter while accelerating and over the wind noise I could hear detonation under load. Mainly when climbing hills. I never touched the engine timing when doing the repairs. Valve clearances are spot on. Filter is clean. And as noted in my earlier posts the carby was completely overhauled other than the float and diaphragm. New stock jets and needle etc,etc. Starts super easy. So, I'm going back in to verify float height and all related items internally. Attached is a photo of the spark plug in its current state. Definitely lean[emoji43]. Any ideas/thoughts are gladly accepted. Ride safe everyone. G.
  2. PaydayGabe

    Yamaha Ryoku

    [emoji848]hmm, interesting. I see a lot of similarities to the TW200, plus the side mounted cooling fan like the Super Tenere employs. Definitely a neat trail machine/ pack mule. But I'll bet you a dollar the U.S. market never sees it[emoji21]. Example: the much hyped yet still invisible Yamaha T7 Adv. bike.? ? G.
  3. PaydayGabe

    Stator screws

    Hey Jeff, , I gather these screws are the JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard)Phillips type that everyone buggers up. No harm no fowl. Take one down to the local Ace hardware, to the nut/bolt area and match it up with a metric, same length, diameter and pitch. Get the button head Allen type so you don't have a clearance issue. A little dab of blue locktite on each and torque GENTLY[emoji108]. Have a great weekend and ride safe. G.[emoji41][emoji106]
  4. PaydayGabe

    My first top end rebuild - need input please

    Copy that Rocky, ,[emoji106]Sydney. I'm guessing you purchased the bike there? If so, it's most likely Jetted for sea level? This would cause the mildly rich condition I'm seeing in your photos. I would suggest, A) do the top end w/ a modest break in period. leave the carby alone. Obviously it's not killing the engine. Unless you're hell bent on ultimate power tuning, leave it be. And ride safe [emoji108][emoji41][emoji106]. G.
  5. PaydayGabe

    My first top end rebuild - need input please

    Honestly Rockhead, , you're components look great[emoji106]. Maybe a little rich on the carby but, , better a little rich than too lean(burnt piston). As far as pitting,, I see nothing more than normal wear and tear. Where are you and your elevation?
  6. PaydayGabe

    '82 XR250

    Lol[emoji28], right. We get intense heat and wind(SWUSA). When all else fails, move the beast in the house. Comfy and accessible. All good.
  7. PaydayGabe

    '82 XR250

    Copy that, , just thinking it would be more fun to ride at this time than wrench. That's what the off season is for. And by all means, learning by doing is the best way in my opinion. Although expensive. Good luck with your search. G.
  8. PaydayGabe

    Well spins true but not centered

    Easy now, , don't go f#@&in up your spokes/ wheel true. Have you had any services done to the wheel assembly? ? And if so, what? And, , the wheel spacers. Are they installed in the correct position? Check again. And report back. G.
  9. PaydayGabe

    '82 XR250

    No, it's not pointless, there are some really great old bikes out there that are perfectly operational. But, in my experience most all have needed some kind of attention to be reliable. My suggestion was to get a decent machine, ride the remainder of the season and enjoy. Then do the off season maintenance/ repairs as required. Just saying[emoji848]. It's your time and $$$$, do what makes you happy. And ride safe.
  10. PaydayGabe

    '82 XR250

    There's tons of operational bikes out there. This isn't the first, won't be the last. [emoji108]
  11. PaydayGabe

    '82 XR250

    If I read your post correctly, you have NOT purchased this bike yet? If that's the case, I would look for something that actually runs/rides. Spend a little more for a working machine and enjoy before the season ends. Good luck, G.
  12. PaydayGabe

    Show off your homemade bike stands!

    I have had nothing but GREAT success with 95% of the tools I've purchased from HF. The stand is a good one and the monster wheel chock also. Good stuff[emoji106].
  13. Just my opinion, Double check the gauge for accuracy. Adding a thicker head gasket is unnecessary and will reduce your compression ratio. If this was my bike, I'd leave it alone and enjoy the ride [emoji16][emoji106]. Have a great 4th.
  14. Beyond the drama regarding tool quality,, you could do another test on a different vehicle to evaluate that gauge. But, from past experience 130psi sounds perfectly acceptable. Good luck and ride safe. G.
  15. [emoji848]really? Just buy a new pair. So much easier [emoji106]­čĄ¬.