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  1. As you probably know, the phenomenon we see here is called "Galling". This normally happens when there is, too much heat, Not enough lubrication, clearances are too tight. Each one can contribute to the other where as all lead to failure. Bummer[emoji13].
  2. Yes, the exact same size I installed. My suggestion, check out a few YouTube videos. Helped me[emoji106]. I replaced everything,, rim strips, tubes, rim locks, blah blah. Also, use powder on the tubes to prevent bunch up and a water based lube on the bead area. I unfortunately didn't and had a bit of a struggle. Use proper tire spoons!.
  3. By all means yes they will work[emoji106][emoji41]. I recently installed these on a DR350SE. Less than 20miles and they feel great on road(20psi). No dirt time yet. Others have reported that lateral stability is sketchy because of the tread pattern( tendency to kick out on gravel/dirt roads)but that surely depends on your skills and the right hand. I'm a Shinko fanboy, always had good success w/their tires. YMMV[emoji108][emoji41].
  4. Yup, what XR said.[emoji106][emoji41]
  5. I'm gonna ride it a few more times for a complete evaluation, pull the plug and check it's color. And go from there. ­čĄ×, I'll advise.
  6. Hey A5one, , I kinda jumped off the cliff yesterday. Pulled the carby, went back in to check EVERYTHING. As I thought all was good. Float height is 14.6mm, mine was close to 15mm so I left it be. So, I decided to do a few mods I saw on YouTube. These are for the dr650 bushpig. See AvdventureOz for the exact details. All I did was drill the slide holes (3mm Ea); gave the needle a gentle taper (45mm down from the top)not pointy, just tapered and polished; clipped the slide spring at 100mm length; and relieved the plastic spacer on the needle just a bit so it drops further into the slide (maybe 2mm? maybe). I thought, what the hell. Either it works or it doesn't. Definitely a gamble. Gladly the bet paid off. Took the Dr. for a spin today and it idles beautifully, accelerates smoothly and pulls strong all the way to 70mph w/more available. If you asked me what exactly I found/changed, , I couldn't tell you[emoji52]. I would say, " I got lucky". Hopefully you do also. [emoji106][emoji41] G.
  7. Update #4: Took the Dr. on another quick ride thru town this evening. No oil smoking[emoji4], but I did experience the mid throttle flat spot/bog at random times during the ride. Unusual... I may have to go back into the carby again and investigate. Everything is new inside so I'm a little confused. Anyone w/a suggestion, , post it up. Thanks, G.
  8. Good copy on that Dana. Photos please[emoji6]. We likes us some photos[emoji106]. Yup!
  9. Update #3: Took the Doc on its maiden road test today. Fresh 91octain fuel w/seafoam. Idle is beauty/12-1500rpm. Midrange is a little spotty/bog.[emoji848] Full throttle pulls great thru 7k. As I was flogging the engine it acted as if it was loading up. Expelling a fair amount of blue/oil smoke. Thought I was on a 2T for a second. Anyway, motored back home and the smoking was gone. About 4.5miles. I was thinking the worst[emoji848]. But with the amazing wisdom of the TT inmates , I may have sucked some crankcase oil, causing the smoke. I was beating it pretty good. So I let it sit and cool, do a restart and not a puff. I'll do another test ride to validate my theory and will advise in another update, but welcome your thoughts[emoji848]. Ride safe everyone. PaydayGabe in Vegas. [emoji482][emoji41]
  10. Well folks, here's the final product. At least for now. Total expenses to date, $1835 minus Ins/Reg.
  11. Update #2: Completed yesterday. Installed the new/Used gauge cases and front rotor from a breaker in Georgia. Steve's Cycle Inc. Gave the items a disassembly cleaning and installed the original Speedo and freshened the bulbs. So, apparently these cases are getting as rare as chicken lips considering how much I had to pay($$$)[emoji13]. Got them mounted back on the bike and ready for riding. Tach is a little sluggish, hopefully it will loosen up w/use.
  12. Having purchased many older bikes in the past, , it can be very easy to get all googlie eyed[emoji7] in love. Go w/an open mind and be realistic. Do a simple assessment and make a "fair and reasonable offer". Anything, , be it a motorcycle or a refrigerator or whatever is only worth what someone is willing to pay for the item. It is a clean example. Good luck with your shopping. [emoji106][emoji41], G.
  13. Quick update: I elected to keep the original exhaust can as it's in VG condition and honestly not that heavy. Plus the reliability and tuning factors[emoji108]. K.I.S.S. at this point. And a correction, 4.25 gal. Acerbic tank. Ride safe. G.
  14. Also Hoony, Valve clearance is .002-.004 on the intake, .004-.008 on the exhaust. I always set them on the "loose" side. "A tappy lifter is a happy lifter". G.
  15. Brilliant, and by all means[emoji106][emoji6]. Cheap insurance brother. Set it whenever you do a valve adjustment[emoji108]. Ride safe everyone. G.