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  1. Thanks for replying The smoke comes out of the breather hole just to the left of the expansion chamber I zoomed not the water pump the jetting problem started when I tried adjusting the air screw and pilot screw to see if I could make it run any better it seems like it could be exhaust smoke it's not like a train blowing steam it's subtle blowing slowly and this is on idle it's doing a ticking or knocking sounds like its coming from the state cover area but there's no play at all in the flywheel
  2. So I need help my Ktm mxc 200 is ticking and I'm seeing smoke come from the hole near the centrifugal cover it may be the breather hole.. I don't know what to do I've checked the piston out for play or corrosion it's fine I checked the flywheel under the state cover for play also it's fine. I also need help jetting this bike I'm confused on the setting of the air screw and idle I run 4 oz to the gallon. The ticking has driven me to tear the bike down just to check please leave your opinion on why it would tick I stopped riding it when it started ticking and I saw the smoke in fear it would over heat. There's also been slot of spooge dripping out of my exhaust and onto my sparkplug hoping my bottom end doesn't need replacing.
  3. There's enough &%$#@!in space for atvs to ride and bikes if your hating on one or the other that is gay af and your a whiny ass bitch probably stuck up and think you own the trails tracks whatever the &%$#@! your riding on everyone got into riding for the love of riding the freedom of getting away from everything who tf are you to say I don't like him he's on a atv or there lazy shut the &%$#@! up if a biker rolls up you'll be quick to speak and be best bros but you look at a guy on a atv different that's &%$#@!in stupid an I'm a dirt biker myself don't let a dirtbike make you act like a shitty human being we are all doing what we love period
  4. I purchased a 2001 Ktm mxc 200 yesterday it's my first bike I've never rode a dirt bike before I'm 5 8 160 pounds so when I sit on it the tips of my feet touch the ground. I need all the info you can tell me about riding and everything I've only kickstarted it then I get overwhelmed instead of going into first I take it back inside I'm A.j. in Jacksonville Florida and also I'm attempting to ride just on my neighborhood street for now about two blocks long with 2 turnarounds on the ends