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  1. Bike is ready! Get good at going fast!
  2. How much do they go for? Not that much info on them here in UK
  3. My 5yr old has a CRF 50 atm. Might think about one of these when he upgrades but tbh Ill prob just go a KTM 50. Let the tech advance a bit more before jumping over to battery power. Have to say the the Alta bike looks like its coming along nicely!
  4. Enjoying Colton Haaker's vlog's lately. Really nice guy and super talented on a bike!
  5. Cheers fella. Yea the dealer says he is sending me out a replacement capacitor. Hopefully that'll sort it out.
  6. Thanks man! Didn't want to go digging in there if there was no need too, but it looks like you were 100% correct. Opened up the capacitor and sure enough there was some old brown water residue in there. Capacitor also has a small dent in it. All cleaned and dry now and wrapped and greased up and so far so good. edit: 20 mins later.... Low battery is flashing up on the dash. Might it be the dent in the capacitor thats causing it?
  7. Hi guys. First time poster on here. 2 weeks ago I bought a 2016 300rr. The "Low Battery" warning icon was on the computer. So I changed the battery out for a new one (CR2032 btw) About 5 mins later the Low battery icon appeared on the dash again. I thought maybe I had a faulty battery but it has happened again with 2 more new batteries. I rang the dealer I bought it off today and he told me to check some connectors that hang under the main battery behind the left side number plate. These look fine to my untrained eye. (Ive never had a bike with electronics before. Always had Motocross bikes) Pics below... I 'm waiting on a reply from the dealer but I thought I would ask you guys also in case you might have run into the problem before and knew a fix for it? Also the dealer is over 2 hours away so would love to fix it myself without having to travel. Cheers dudes!