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  1. I have the warp9 supermoto wheels, look amazing and have had no issues! they clean up really nicely too, they're really pricey here at least in canada though
  2. timbobzimbob

    2013 ktm exc 500 fuel in oil...

    I will check the spark plug this weekend. I'll also lean out the tuner a few settings back, will post the current settings as well (recommended settings from JD for a 2013 exc 500). I'm geared pretty low at 13/48. Pretty far off the original tuner presets, I went up 2-3 numbers on every setting as per JD's recommendations. I will definitely lean it out this weekend and try it out again, should have done some more fine tuning, it's hard to tell what feels good and what feels bad though They have the oil data (Amsoil 10w50), only about 400km on this oil or 10 hours-ish.
  3. timbobzimbob

    2013 ktm exc 500 fuel in oil...

    It might be running too rich, there is black carbon all over the turn signal by the exhaust and on the license plate (figured this was normal). I did richen basically every part of the ECU tune with the JD tuner (idle, low, med, high). I don't think the fuel injector is leaking, no issues getting it started after it has sat for a while. No coolant loss either. Fuel economy isn't really the best though, have to fill up after like 10 short rides to work? The short trips are definitely not good, I just hope that's all it is and not something more serious. I only have like 8-10 hours on this oil (changed it because it smelled like fuel, had it analyzed) Thanks for helping
  4. Concerned about this... double the average max fuel amount in oil (4%). I make frequent short trips (~5 minutes) to and from work. I also have a JD tuner, richened up all the settings a decent amount using their recommended settings. Other than longer rides, anything I should be doing to fix this? Thanks
  5. timbobzimbob

    Ontario insurance hassle for EXC-F 2017

    i didnt have any issues getting my bike insured, I went through newman insurance and used Tim Cassell from Ottawa, my insurance is with Aviva and they're pretty good so far. Didn't give me any issues, I pay $180 a month (year round -_-) for my 2013 exc 500. I'm 20 tho first time rider. At Service Ontario I transferred ownership from the other guy and the lady asked "is it a street bike" to which i replied yes, and there were no issues. It took her a while and she looked a bit confused but it worked out. insurance in ontario is awful though... I also pay $240 a month for my 13 year old truck...... &%$#@!
  6. timbobzimbob

    2015 500exc re-map

    how does the jd kit compare to the vortex tuner? obviously theres a big price difference, but I'd much rather spend $300 on the JD kit than $800 on the vortex. Thanks!
  7. timbobzimbob

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    where did you get those axle sliders? looks sick!
  8. Yeah that's what I'm worried about :/ I just don't know how to tell if it is too lean. I have the euro map in, how would I tell if its running too lean, and the only way to richen it would be to put a different map in or a tuner right? Thanks Eric!
  9. Yeah I was looking at that actually, but it's for the 350 exc, I'm assuming the water pump is different for the 500? Otherwise I'd buy it right now! I can use regular prestone antifreeze concentrate from Canadian tire right?
  10. Definitely going to look into the supercooler kit from Boyesen, for some reason rockymountain atv doesn't have them for the 500 exc thanks Bryan!! Not sure what's in there right now, it's blue coolant. Should I use a product like Engine Ice (https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/918/339/Cycle-Logic-Engine-Ice ) or should I just use a 70/30 mix? (70% antifreeze 30% distilled? its okay to use the concentrated prestone stuff at canadian tire?) @Spud786 Will also get a high pressure rad cap https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/917/61141/Tusk-High-Pressure-Radiator-Cap-with-Temperature-Gauge You guys don't think it has anything to do with the bike running lean? I guess I would have to get a shop to read the ecu to check the air fuel ratio, probably the only way for me to know if its running lean because I'm still learning haha I will try all of this and report back thanks so much guys!
  11. Hey guys, so I ride my supermoto to school/work in the city. There is often traffic, and if I am sitting at an intersection or idling for more than a 3-4 minutes coolant will come out of the overflow down by the skidplate. Radiator was not overfilled, electric fan works. I recently desmogged the bike, put an fmf 4.1 pipe on it and had the euro map put in. Bike has never boiled coolant on the trails, only in traffic. What are my options to prevent this? I don't really know how to tell if the bike is running lean, but it certainly could be... bike pulls hard, idles nicely, and is a blast to ride. Should I put some engine ice in (or https://www.evanscoolant.com/vehicle-types/powersports/ )? Get a vortex tuner? Thoughts / advice would be very appreciated, thanks
  12. is anybody familiar with the signal wiring on the exc? I don't understand this at all.. everything is wired up the way it should be and the dash signal indicator only works on right signals... left signal it doesn't light up the indicator this is using the sicass racing kit with the relay and the wiring kit thing http://www.basherdesigns.com/2017/03/31/sicass-front-led-replacement-ktm-3-fiddy/
  13. Hey folks, I've been having a nightmare with the green signal indicator on the dash for my bike.. everything works great except for the dash indicator, which is required for a safety in Ontario... Does anybody know of a part number or another solution to this..? As you can see in the picture, I just need the rubber grommet + light bulb and wiring that goes with it. Somehow mine broke and it will work when outside of the little green lens on the dash, but it wont slide in and if you force it in the bulb stops working...
  14. yeah I dont think its condensation because of the smell. Its between 60-90 degrees f (20-30c) here right now in july. I can definitely smell the smoke coming out. It is super humid here though like 90% humidity every day not sure if that would contribute to white smoke on startup? thanks for the reply!
  15. valve seals with only ~20 hours on it though? why would that happen thanks for the advice, i will look into that right now!