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  1. Detour on the way home from work
  2. Rode my bike into church the other morning. Was real misty/foggy morning and took a detour past the VFW for a pic.
  3. Wow, those are pretty inexpensive. I'll probably give them a shot.
  4. Thanks. It's been fun the short little outings I've had. I am hoping to get at the carb tomorrow. I keep saying that but kids and wife keep me busy. I almost asked about tires but have been looking around. There are some small cracks. It's probably due for some rubber
  5. Probably the ugliest bike of the thread. Maybe the smallest too. But I just got it and it's fun. In process of tearing down the carb for cleaning and converting from 6v to 12v for some LEDs. KE100 by Damage Photos, on Flickr
  6. I started to take it apart yesterday. Poked around but didn't want to get into it with the little time I had. Hoping I can today or at least before the weekend.
  7. Took it to the store yesterday, longest trip. Not far. It didn't want to run without the choke. Guess I'm gonna learn about the carb.
  8. Well ive been wanting a dual sport for a while now. Used to ride dirt bikes a lot as a kid. And then had a street bike out of high school but haven't ridden in 15 years? Been watching for something like a Yamaha 250 but wife has been balking at prices. Well she's been watching for me and found a 2000 KE100 for $750. Guy said he'd take $500. Looked at it, rode it around and said I'd take it. It's not the fastest, or the coolest or the most capable but it'll get the job done for me. And that job is to be fun.