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  1. Good Day All, Need to purchase a stock set of handle bars (53100-K28-305) for my daughter's 2014 CRF125F. They got bent. Any suggestions where to purchase online? Looking for a Canadian Website if possible...it's just easier on the shipping. If not anywhere you can suggest. Also a place to get a stock front plastic fender (61100-K28-910ZA) as well? Thanks in advance chargerman
  2. Good Day All, Does anyone have a method or suggest a product to touch up the surface areas on the case and frame that have been slightly rubbed off from boot wear? Thanks Chargerman
  3. Chargerman

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Praire Sunset.
  4. Chargerman

    Lowering links...not correct?

    So I put the original links back on with all the original hardware. Cleaned and greesed it all Holy C$&P...what a huge difference in the way the supension feels with just that inch difference in the length of the links. The suspension is way stiffer. For the height...it is a bit tall for me. I just just touch. Hopefully I will get used to it. Chargerman
  5. Chargerman

    Lowering links...not correct?

    That makes sense. What is the best way to get them out? I tried briefly to tap them out but with no avail. I wanted to wait till I got some suggestions Chargerman.
  6. Chargerman

    Lowering links...not correct?

    Bike had lowering links installed with purchase. Originals also included. Had a look and the install I am sure is not correct. The hole in the aftermarket lowering links are bigger than the holes in the original ones. The aftermarket ones were just slid over the bolts....”sloppy-like”. Is there supposed to be a bushing that went with the aftermarket links? Or does the bushing come out of the orginal links to place in the aftermarket ones? See photos. Thx chargerman
  7. Chargerman

    Rad Fan...can you test it?

    Good Day all, 2014 DRz400s. I have never heard or seen the Rad Fan "cut in" or "be on". I know can put power directly to it to test the fan motor etc....but is there a way to test it to see if it works as it should thermostat wise? Cheers Macdon221
  8. Chargerman

    Kenda K760 Size Match

    Thx for the info Maltor... Anyone with experience using these as a rear tire choice ? Which one would you suggest? Thx Macdon221
  9. Chargerman

    Kenda K760 Size Match

    Good Day All, Picking up a set of Kenda K760 Trackmaster II's for my 2014 DRZ400s. What size should I go with. Stock is 120/90-18 Available sizes are... 100/100-18 110/100-18 120/100-18 Will there be any issue with any of these sizes? Thanks Macdon221
  10. Chargerman

    JT Sprockets..what chain?

    So if I get the DID 520 VX2...do I need t purchase the DID ZJ rivet type connecting link or will that come in the box? Macdon221
  11. Chargerman

    JT Sprockets..what chain?

    So.... Let's say I go with the DID 520 VX2. First of all for these stock teeth sprockets I use the 112 length chain correct? Also in the manual is says that the original used is an "endless" style chain...and "do not install a master link type chain". What is the deal on this? Do I need to use the DID ZJ rivet type connecting link with the tool or will something else suffice? Will the master link included in the box work just fine? Cheers macdon221
  12. Chargerman

    JT Sprockets..what chain?

    Is the JT chain line "as well respected" as the DID?
  13. Chargerman

    JT Sprockets..what chain?

    Good Day All, Replacing the front and rear sprockets on my 2014 DRZ400S. For my use I am happy with the stock set up. Going with the the front JT 15T (520)-JTF 432.15SC, and the rear JT 44T (520)-JTR808.44. Would you go with the JT chain as well to match it all up...or another brand such at DID ? What are your thoughts? What part number chain would you go with? No hard or extreme use at all. Thanks for your help Macdon221
  14. Chargerman

    Fuel/pilot screw on CRF125

    yes. on the front of the carb...a short post that runs up and down. The screw is inside the post. You a perfect length screw driver to get in there unless the carb is removed. Also the screw is a "D" shaped head so you will need the right driver. If remove it while the carb is off you can cut a small slot in it for future use with the flathead screwdriver.
  15. Chargerman

    2014 CRF125 F

    Good Day, The battery in my daughter's 2014 CRF125F gets drained each time that she leaves the ignition key on. It has the push and hold kill button that works fine. In this bike where there is no lighted accessories...is this normal? Cheers Chargerman