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  1. The 1/6th turn is the same as the gap required on the RFS motors without shims (maybe others depending on the gap and the pitch of the screw) A 1/6th turn is used on the adjuster screw. Loosen the lock nut adjust the screw by just touching the rod by screwing it down then back off by 1/6th turn. There are 6 points and sides on the nut. Hold the nut and use that to so see where to stop backing off.
  2. bnr

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    To write tickets for those riding on BLM Land
  3. I just did mine and it didn't look like that. It looks to me like rust. Did you go swimming at some point?
  4. bnr

    CDSR Ride invite

    I'm would like to find out more but don't have Instagram. Is there a link to a flier or something? Thanks
  5. bnr

    HD Hard Enduro Ride Reports

    Is that the WW around the Ridge I heard about?
  6. Years ago a thread came out on the KTM Talk RFS Forum for building your own. It turned out that the chargers draw a small amount of current when nothing is plugged in and batteries were loosing charge over time if not run.. I got rid of that, then wired in a cig lighter socket and then used a male $5 12v to USB adapter. The socket is also handy for charging your battery with the male plug hooked to the charger. You can use it for anything 12v too.
  7. bnr

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    When I was in 7th grade I tried to dry mine quick with a propane touch. Didn't work out
  8. bnr

    250 xcw lowering

    If you think you want to go that way. Get the X while you can. Synergy is out of business. I will be looking for inner bushing on my 2 soon. I will probably have to get them made.
  9. bnr

    What large bob for the best clawing action bolt

    That craaah not claw
  10. bnr

    What large bob for the best clawing action bolt

    I saw my tire guy try that and the hammer came back and hit him in the head.
  11. bnr

    What large bob for the best clawing action bolt

    I showed that to a tire guy I know. He said that that is the new China copy of the M5B and mumbled something about a company called Shinko
  12. bnr

    Bleeding rear brakes.

    I'm a brake dragger. I use a bleeder banjo bolt on top of my 2 stroke's rear master. I think I get a bit of air in the caliper from overheating. After sitting I make sure it is the highest point then push the caliper in and open the bleeder then let it set for a while then do it again. It would be to close to the pipe on my RFS though and use the engine braking more on that bike.
  13. bnr

    YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    By the power lines?
  14. bnr

    YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    Malcolm? There is 2 feet of snow in Arrowhead
  15. KZ 900 a fried had one in 75 or 76. Greatest bike of the time.