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  1. Steph7

    re-jetting and airbox

    Regardless of what you do to this bike, you'll never find the same wheelie ease as you do with the FE501, it will always need a slip of the clutch, a pump on the pegs etc... It's a 250cc, you'll never get 500cc ease. When I did all the mods on my 250x, the airbox mod is what woke it up the most along with jd jetting. Jet based on JD's instructions of doing the 3 x 3 hole, worse case, you'll end up richer, then you'll know to change the main jet or open up the airbox more. Btw, why so apprehensive of doing the 3 x 3 cut? It's the best mod for this bike by far....just saying. I did all the mods with the exception of cams / bigger bore, and this one was the most noticeable.
  2. Steph7

    2018 xcw 300 headlight options

    Yes, plenty. The stock bulb is 35w, the squadron sport is only 26w. Our stator output is 100w, 70w is dedicated to the AC circuit, where our bulb pulls from. The kit also comes with a rectifier, so you don't have to worry about converting it from AC to DC, it's straight up plug and play. Also, correction on what I linked above. The squadron sport (26w) was the model I had on my old bike, this time I got the squadron pro (40w) version for more lumens since the stator on this bike can handle it, my old bike stator couldn't handle a 40w LED. The 250$ squadron sport version is plenty by the way, I just do a ton of night riding and had money to burn, so I went for more lumens wit the pro. The 26w version is plenty when coupled with a helmet light. Some would argue you don't need a helmet light, it all comes down to what you ride, but if you tackle gnarly trails, I highly recommend a helmet light to kill all the shadows.
  3. Steph7

    2018 xcw 300 headlight options

    The baja squadron sport is perfect for trail riding, baja doesn't make a mount for it for the 17+ bikes, but motominded does. https://www.motominded.com/collections/ktm-2017-19-xc-w-150-250-300/products/ktm-2017-xc-w-250-300-tpi?variant=13810820153405 I know its above your budget, but significantly cheaper the the xl version at 450$. I had the baja squadron sport on my old bike with a tusk helmet light and loved it, did plenty of gnarly technical night rides with that setup. The motominded mount looks amazing, I linked you the one I got for my 18 xc-w 300, mounts right up, plug and play.
  4. Steph7

    Prospective 250x buyer

    Echo everything Jim said. Just checked my maint. log, my trail ridden 2016 250x stock valves started to move for the first time at 202 hours. Shimmed once, got another 55 hours without movement. I sold my bike to my buddy, so we'll see how long we can keep shimming them for. I moved from the 250x to a 300 xc-w and tried a ton of bikes this season before making the change. 250x is on an old platform, no R&D in forever. The bike feels tall and top heavy, modern 4 strokes don't feel that way as much. Does it mean the 250x is bad? Far from it, I simply ride too much technical terrain and wanted more out of my bike. I personally made the jump to a 2 stroke for more power (I'm a heavy rider) and a lighter front end. The 250x is a fantastic trail bike that will give you amazing reliability.
  5. Steph7

    CRF250X LED headlight bulb

    https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1276585-05-led-headlight/?tab=comments#comment-14545357 I recently bought a new bike and I'm doing the exact same conversion on it, the baja squadron, its just that good and worth every penny.
  6. Steph7

    05 LED Headlight

    Forgot to mention, I was also worried the flickering would drive me nuts, so I bought a capacitor...decided to try the baja setup without the capacitor and never bothered to install the capacitor. The flickering is only present at idle, as soon as you give it 300-500 rpm, flickering gone, you don't see any flickering at all.
  7. Steph7

    05 LED Headlight

    We ride the same terrain. I did the baja designs conversion you are referring too on my 16 X this year and put 120 hours on it since with multiple night rides, its more then enough and provides 4-5 times the lighting from stock, yes it's that good. Its plug and play LED with an AC/DC rectifier and took 15min. to install. https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/2008-ON-AC-Honda-CRF-X-Squadron-Sport-LED-Kit.asp However, I highly recommend a helmet light for single tracks. I tried it with just the front light, it works, but not as well when you you go up and down hills or steep turns with gnarly terrain, a flood helmet light really bridges that gap and also kills all the shadows, a must in single tracks. I got the tusk one with 2 batteries, good for 8+ hours, rmatv sells them. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/839/70703/Tusk-Helmet-Light-Kit We did the same setup on my buddies 230 and he also loves it, we don't need anymore lighting then this.
  8. Steph7

    2016 Honda CRF250X stock jetting

    Couldn't of said it better myself.
  9. Steph7

    2016 Honda CRF250X stock jetting

    JD is on rocky, tokyomod kit I got from their website directly, I think crfsonly also carries it 260 hours on the bike so far and loving it - it does everything I need and then some. Tight gnarly technical stuff is what I mostly ride (70%), atv tracks (20%), fire / lumber road to chain trails (10%) The bike is a tank and a nice jack of all trades master of none trail bike Mods: JD kit, open airbox, oversized tank, fmf header, fmf pipe, skidplate, busters, rad guards, rear disc fin, removed the smog stuff, tubliss front and back, sprung for my weight Do your research, plenty of 2004 to 2017 reviews, its pretty much the same bike for 13 years What I hate about the bike: Cable clutch instead of hydraulic, been debating making the conversion Front / top heavy bike I'd love a wide ratio transmission Lastly, something I didn't really realize until I started braking stuff on the bike from dropping it on rocks was the used parts market is amazing. Since the X and the R have very similar parts from 2004 to 2016, makes for replacing broken stuff really cheap, a huge + in my book. I have a 2007 right radiator from a 250R that I got used for 20$ as an example, you can't beat that.
  10. Steph7

    2016 Honda CRF250X stock jetting

    I have a 16. Yes it runs lean stock, I dropped the JD jet kit in mine. There's a few smog removal kits out there, I personally used the Tokyomod one, very easy to install and it did the job.
  11. Steph7

    New chain and sprockets

    520x116 is what you are after. Read up on this https://fortnine.ca/en/types-of-motorcycle-chains/ for o ring vs x ring. Once you decide, give DID a try. I bought a kit from rockymountainatv.com for a DID chain with front and rear sprocket. Got 100 hours on it this season and it's definitely better then the OEM one, not stretching as fast as my OEM and it still has a ton of life left in it.
  12. Steph7

    Chain Guide Bolts Needed

    You can buy any part for your bike from any Honda OEM dealer. Check out rockymountainatv.com oem section, you can buy all the parts you need from schematics.
  13. In a 6.5 box with the tailgate closed?
  14. I want the cover to travel with me so I can cover the truck when we leave it. Anything that requires removal is extra bs I'm trying to avoid.