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    I like to go real damn fast
  1. kizzle426

    now thats a whip

    I just noticed something cool. If you look at Renner in some of the pics you can see that "Ren" is also written upside down on his jersey so when he's whipping it actually reads right side up. That's sweet.
  2. kizzle426

    Craaazzyy.. if ur into bikes

    That woods track looks really familiar. I've seen that in a video on here before, I believe. Looks awesome. That guy is pretty good. It'll be interesting to see how good he gets once he starts riding with other guys like him that can push him.
  3. kizzle426

    My birthday present

    Nice bike, Tex. Looks brand new. Love the Aprilia too.
  4. Wow. I'm surprised I don't see any bikes on here. I know some of you TT'ers have these bad boys. Let's see 'em.
  5. kizzle426

    my pretty one is in my garage!

    VERY good find man. . Geez and I thought my '02 426 was in good condition when I got it. Time to go and tear that bike up!!!
  6. kizzle426

    '08 X Games

    I most definitely would love to see some torrents like last years again. I'm about to start school so I won't have much time to watch them. X Games are getting more insane every year and I don't want to miss a minute!!
  7. Trophy trucks make me want to go out and blow a wad........ .............of money
  8. kizzle426

    Lets see some powerslides!

    Wow. That sucks man. Was that the one you were telling me about a while back? You had the pictures of your bloodiness on your phone right? Wicked.
  9. kizzle426

    The Bike Dale Earnhardt Would Love

    No I coudn't and you likely never will. That's more power than you will EVER need to have on a motocross track. They don't even use all the power the 450's can put down. That thing likely has 65+hp. I'd crap myself if I ever hit a power band on one. Particularly going up the face of a jump. Can you imagine that? You roll on the throttle just a little on the face of a 70foot double and BAM!! Powerband and 10mph gain. You are DEAD!!! Geez that would suck.
  10. That is a really good shot. Too bad you couldn't get a Villopoto shot to compare. He was RIPPING through that section.
  11. kizzle426

    The Bike Dale Earnhardt Would Love

    Yeah. I've ridden one of those. That's why my arms are a foot longer each and my balls are 2 pounds heavier. Lol. Just kidding. I need to go change my undies now after seeing that thing.
  12. kizzle426

    The Ultimate Motocross Video Thread

    I think that was called sarcasm. Calm down a little. Good thread. Love to see videos of the old school stuff.
  13. kizzle426

    Bill's Pipes

    Wow. Some of you people have a very hard time reading what he posted. It was warm. But the choke being on is bad and the rev limiter even at 7000 rpm is still hard on the valves. Nice sound though.
  14. kizzle426

    thumper quad, raptor 700r playin in the sand

    Living in Arkansas that surprises me. I guess the guys here in Texas don't breed up your way. Lol. Everytime I go to ANY track that allows ATV's there are guys that give me a sad face and make me mourn for their children that they will undoubtably someday have. But hey, there's guy on 2 wheels that make me feel the same way.
  15. kizzle426

    thumper quad, raptor 700r playin in the sand

    This has been the stupidest thread I've read in a long time. I actually feel like I've lost IQ points for having read it. It's not just the guy who created it either, it's all the stupid responses it got from everyone else too. Let him think his Raptor is fast. Big deal. Let him have it. It doesn't matter what is faster than what. Arguing will only fuel the fire and create cause for more ignorant posting. The guy looked like he was having fun. Leave him be.