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  1. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 Honda CT70 Honing stone grit

    Yeahh I think you're i should get a manual..........................................................................................................................................................
  2. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 Honda CT70 Honing stone grit

    I dont have a manual and I dont know what kind of piston rings my CT70 has. This is the OEM part number 13010-087-023.
  3. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 Honda CT70 Honing stone grit

    wdym on the kind of rings? I'm just using OEM rings
  4. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 Honda CT70 Honing stone grit

    Like the title, what grit of stone would I need to hone the cylinder on my CT70
  5. The cylinder hone is adjustable, with 3 medium stones, the stones are 1 inch long 220 grit. I was wondering if this Brake cylinder hone will work on my 1974 Honda ct70 47mm bore. The range is on the cylinder hone is 21mm to 58mm. I just want to know if the hone could handle cylinder. The brand is "OEM TOOLS"
  6. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    2017 CRF250R Electric Start

    Is it possible to put an electric start on my 2017 crf250r, or is there any type of conversions out there? Or is it just simply impossible.
  7. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    Fuel Tank and Heat

    Phew! Thank you.
  8. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    Fuel Tank and Heat

    So we moved houses and there is no space to put my CRF250R anywhere. So we have to sadly keep it in the trailer for now. The trailer gets up to the 100 degrees and I was wondering if that is a risk for the fuel tank? Could the tank explode or expand a lot in that heat? I opened up tie vents. And it still gets hot in there.
  9. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 Honda CT70 Piston Rings

    Does anyone know what the Honda genuine part number is for the piston ring of my ct70, and what is the stock bore? I have seen many things on ebay for the piston rings, but i dont know which is right to purchase. Please Help.
  10. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 CT70 Compression

    i will join you
  11. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 CT70 Compression

    what is the PSI rating for compression, on my 1974 honda ct70?
  12. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    Engine Backfire

    I hear a popping noise from behind me like where the mufflers are.
  13. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    Engine Backfire

    I have 6.1 hours on my 2017 CRF250R and when it's warmed up. I go to ride and when I hit the rev limiter or rev it high, it backfires once or twice for my whole riding session. Should I be worried?
  14. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 Honda CT70 No Spark from spark plug

    i recently just replaced my points and condensor and ignition coil. I replaced them because i had no spark so, i asked thumpertalk earlier long time ago, and some guys said to replace the points and condensor, so i did, i went to kick it over and i am still not getting any spark! can some one please help, this situation is very frustrating to me and i have no idea what to do from here on.
  15. RedRockets_up_in_here_dude

    1974 Honda Ct70 points and condensor

    ok thank you