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  1. It was like twice the price to go with OEM. Plus, I guess the previous owner had a wiseco crank in there, so it wasn’t stock (not worth rebuilding). I’ll just get the oversized piston
  2. I’m doing a complete rebuild with the wrench rabbit kit on my 2004 kx250. Of course, it comes with a standard piston. Come to find out, the previous owner had a 90-91 piston in there (68mm). The stock piston for my bike is ~66.4, so the new piston is way too small (cylinder bore is too big). I was going to have the cylinder replated anyways. My question is: can cylinder shops build up material to reduce the bore of my cylinder, or am I going to have to sleeve it (or buy a bigger piston similar to what was in there). Trying not to sleeve.
  3. Posted in classifieds (if anyone actually looks)
  4. Fatty w/ Shorty silencer - good condition. Putting my feelers out there, i know the 04 is a one-off year, so I'm posting it in here in hopes to find someone. If anyone is interested, i'll be more than happy to post some pictures.
  5. It’s the rebound adjuster. I actually put the air release caps on because I thought the stock screws were leaking but they aren’t. It’s the rebound adjuster.
  6. On my 2004 kx250 I bought used. One of the adjusters is leaking and I need to replace the O-ring on it. Is it just the cap that’s different? Or are the internals different?
  7. 2004 kx250 I bought used. See pics of forks below. They have the red PC works fork caps. One of the adjusters is leaking and I can’t find a tool to remove the cap to replace the O ring. Are they the same as stock open chamber forks? Are the internals typically different on forks with these caps? It would probably be easier just to replace the caps. Looking for some insight.
  8. jo35

    2004 KX250 swingarm options

    Rob, Did you ever try the 125 or 250f swingarm on your kx250?
  9. Any idea of which swingarms will fit my 2004 kx250? I.e. 250f, 125, etc? I can’t find any 2004 kx250 used swingarms and new they’re like 6-700 bucks!
  10. jo35

    Too much thread on spoke exposed?

    I actually looked into getting them, but for all 36, it was outrageously expensive!
  11. jo35

    Too much thread on spoke exposed?

    Because the previous owner took horrible care of the bike. Some of the spokes were seized and they were stretched so they would spin in the hub while you’re trying to tighten the nipples. I also broke one disassembling the wheel, so that’s the main reason. I wasn’t trying to cheap out, I had just always heard great things about tusk and I like their rims.
  12. jo35

    Too much thread on spoke exposed?

    I’m not sure, I’d have to check the box. Im a little worried. Do you think my wheel will explode? Haha
  13. jo35

    Too much thread on spoke exposed?

    1.5mm is only .05 inches, so I doubt that’s an issue. I guess that’s why spoke manufacturers just do them all the same length. I’ve also attached a picture of the stock spoke vs the aftermarket spoke, as well as how the wheel is laced.
  14. jo35

    Too much thread on spoke exposed?

    Yeah, I’m kind of at a loss to be honest. Not sure if you read the entire post, but it’s a tad over 1/4” into the threaded part of the nipple. I’m hoping they “stretch” a bit?
  15. So, I bought a 2004 kx250 with a black tusk rear rim and a spray painted stock front rim. I bought a front rim to match the back (black, Tusk, 21” for 2004 kx250 - works with OEM hub) and a tusk spoke kit (for a 2006 kx250). I asked Tusk (RMATV) why they didn’t have any for the 2004 and they said “it’s probably because we haven’t tested it on the 2004.” I did some research and found that bulldog, Buchanan, etc all list the 21” front wheel spokes for all KX bikes identical from ‘89-present. Therefore, I bought the 2006 kit. I compared the spokes to my stock spokes and they were about 1/8” shorter, not a huge deal because the nipples were a little taller. We laced the wheel and noticed there was still about a quarter inch of thread showing on the spoke, although the spoke was about 1/4” into the threaded part of the nipple. This concerned me, so I called Buchanan and asked them for their specs on the spokes they sell for my bike (also confirmed all spokes for KX’s are the same). They told me they were 9” long total and 8.5” long from the start of the bend, and although the stock spokes were two ever so slightly different lengths (inner and outer), their spokes were the same length. They also informed me that their spokes would work with the tusk rim. Those dimensions were identical to the Tusk spokes I received. So now I’m thinking great, I have spokes that fit my bike, confirmed the dimensions with a reputable spoke manufacturer, and I have a rim that works with the oem hub. Well, today I trued the wheel and the spokes still have threads exposed. Is this safe? I’m not sure why this is happening. Will the spokes “stretch?” Will I be able to tighten a significant amount after I ride? pic attached.