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  1. John E Davies

    exc 450 , bigger tank

    I tried the BD side tank on my '05 EXC and tossed it in the trash after 1500 miles. The upper mount into the subframe kept working loose in spite of loctite. I lost the bolt entirely during an organized Dual Sport ride - fortunately the tank was empty at the time. Every time I went down on the left side, the tank pushed in and rubbed on the chain. After a while it was getting pretty gouged up and I began to worry about leaks. The tank feeds remarkably well considering it's low position, but the carb will go lean and the exhaust will start popping when there is still a fair amount left, unless you are going downhill. And the fuel management process with two petcocks is a serious PITA - if you forget and leave the front one on, it can gravity feed into the rear and drain onto your rear wheel and chain, making them squeeky clean and posing a serious fire risk. I lost over a gallon of main tank gas that way before I smelled it at a stop and shut off the front petcock. I almost ran out on that ride ;( The net effect is that I was always farting around with it, worrying about it, pulling it back into alignment after a left side fall, and it was finally just too much of a hassle for the benefits. I installed a big Acerbis tank and haven't looked back. http://www.spokanister.net/ktm_BD_fuel_tank.htm http://www.spokanister.net/ktm_acerbis.htm
  2. John E Davies

    adjusted clutch lever to the max

    You've still got air in the hose. Buy the Magura clutch bleeding kit, back bleed from the bottom with mineral oil, and you should be ok, unless your master cylinder has an internal leak or maybe the MC piston is sticking. The tiniest amount of air really screws up the system.
  3. John E Davies

    KTM deep water fording snorkel

    It's called duct tape. I'm not aware of anything more elegant.
  4. John E Davies

    adjusted clutch lever to the max

    No. It's time to get the air out of the hydraulic system - it's self adjusting. The knob just changes the "reach" or friction point of the lever itself. John Davies Spokane WA
  5. John E Davies

    Acerbis 6.6 G. tank on 520 exc?

    That's my bike at the top of the page. I've been riding with the "Exxon Valdez mod" for a whole season and I doubt I will ever put the small tank back on. It's gathering dust on the top shelf in my garage. Yes it is huge, but you soon get used to the size. I have never yet ridden with it fully topped off - it would be quite a handful. I usually put 4 or possibly 5 gallons in for a really long ride. With 3 gallons, the weight is carried low and forward, and the bike really excels on gravel roads. It's harder to loft the front end however. If you are into singletrack, forget this tank! If you are into exploring endless miles of dirt and gravel forest roads nowhere near a gas station, it's a great mod. If Acerbis made a 5 gallon tank that would be perfect IMHO.
  6. John E Davies

    525EXC Won't start? Help

    Was the plug wet when you removed it? If so you have flooded the engine or you "may" have an ignition problem (unlikely). If it was dry, you have a fuel delivery problem. Try airing out the cylinder with the plug removed. Drain the carb bowl to get fresh gas into it and try again. KTM recommends that you drain the bowl routinely - the volatiles in the gas evaporate and the bike will start harder if you don't. Don't touch the throttle! Are you jetted correctly? John Davies Spokane WA
  7. John E Davies

    I want more power from my ktm 450 xc

    You can install a 525 jug and piston quite easily. That plus a light flywheel should give you enough grunt. Then there are the big bore kits.... If you want lots of revs you should stick with the 450.
  8. There's nothing perplexing about it. It's the soft intakes that recess into the seats ("tulip"), not the exhausts so much. The clearances really do need to be checked - I do the intakes at 15 and the exhausts at 45 hours. Usually you will notice hard starting as they tighten. The harder you push the engine, the faster the valves will close up. Bouncing off the rev limiter will really hasten the process. One reason I really like the 525 is that you can go fast while staying at low to mid rpm levels. Not only do I not understand how anyone can go 3000 miles without an adjustment, I don't know why anyone would ignore the service requirement that long. It's abuse IMHO and I would never in a million years buy that bike.
  9. John E Davies

    bent rad

    Try a short length of 2x4 and a mallet - some gentle CAUTIOUS whacking can straighten it out pretty good. Then order a set of quality guards.
  10. John E Davies

    Diff between 05 and 06 525EXC

    They upgraded the '05 failure prone starter intermediate gear and did a few minor changes but it's pretty much the same machine. It's the '07 model that got all the 50 State emissions stuff.
  11. John E Davies

    Suspension lowering '07 450EXC?

    AT 220 pounds in riding gear you are 60 pounds heavier than KTM's target rider, and the suspension really ought to be set up for your weight. So I suggest that you learn to handle the height - it should be no problem with a 30 inch inseam - and get the suspension dialed in. Then be sure to set the rear sag correctly! And enjoy your bike.
  12. John E Davies

    EXC 525 light problems

    Your '05 didn't come with turn signals, so you must have a kit. What brand? Is it a DC conversion? Start chasing wires with a voltmeter - guessing is worthless since you can't see electrons. If you don't have a digital volt/ ohm meter (VOM), you need one, so go on down to Radio Shack and get one that has a 10 amp dc current rating, minimum. Good luck. John Davies Spokane WA
  13. John E Davies

    02 520 exc oil capacity?

    If you are riding woods and may get the bike into extreme positions, don't overfill the sump. If you ride gravel roads or street you can take the level to about 3/4 up on the sight glass (cold) without problems. That gives you a fair bit of extra oil capacity, which is sorely lacking on these bikes. John Davies Spokane WA
  14. John E Davies

    What to look for when buying a used 450EXC??

    Hopefully there will be some sort of service record. Look for frequent oil changes (15 hours) with both filters every two or three oil changes, and regular valve adjustments (15 to 30 hours). If there is no record, then plan on doing a full service right away, even before your first real ride, to make sure there are no issues waiting to catch you unaware in the back woods. Pop off the side cover and take a look at the air filter - if it's dirty, all the servicing of the bike may have been neglected. It's real important on these RFS bikes to keep the air filter clean and freshly oiled. If you ride in a lot of dust (N Africa) then 100 miles isn't too frequent to clean and re-oil. Check to make sure the lights work - the OEM bulb receptacles are garbage and prone to ground and connection problems. It's not expensive to fix - just a nuisance. John Davies Spokane WA USA
  15. John E Davies

    No Clutch Pressure???!!!

    It's not such an easy fix on a KTM because there is NO clutch cable - it's a hydraulic system.