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  1. Danger Dave

    Future rides

    Flatbill lives matter!
  2. Danger Dave

    Future rides

    Wait, didn't Manny say the Flatbill Circus had permission and permits?
  3. Danger Dave

    Future rides

    Surfnride ruled this forum back in those halcyon days of yore. I know where I'll be September 4th at 2PM PST. Watching some true adventure, sipping on a Red Bull. Or did I get that wrong? http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2016-monster-energy-trail-missions-presented-bfgoodrich-tires-abcs-world-x-games-sunday-september-4th-2pm-pst-3pm-est-141415.html
  4. Danger Dave

    Future rides

    Wouldn't a low flying helicopter blow all those flat bill hats off?
  5. Danger Dave

    Future rides

    Make Baja Great Again!
  6. Danger Dave

    Future rides

    Now we're getting somewhere. We might get surfnride back here if this keeps up.
  7. Danger Dave

    Future rides

    This thread may actually deliver.
  8. Danger Dave

    Local ride Sunday: Thy Wastelandz

    350 homes planned for that area. Ride it while you can.
  9. Danger Dave

    TBT Racing Suspension- Travis

    I saw two threads about this guys suspension service on Proride this week, then I think the moderator got a dose of feedback from customers like this guy here, poof no more threads about what great service he provides. Peculiar.
  10. Danger Dave

    Bean Canyon

    Is it Rhino friendly?
  11. Danger Dave

    The irony

    Any port in a storm.
  12. Danger Dave

    Score Baja 500

    Good to hear Tim. If you've ever thought about doing a race package, doing it with Bajabound is the way to go. Our race with BBM was one of the best vacation/race experiences you could have. El Chopipo rocks.
  13. Danger Dave

    I can predict the responses already!

    Might be on a bike under the same awning with WH48 to finish out the year.
  14. Danger Dave

    Thank You

    I saw Tim help an old lady across the street once.
  15. Danger Dave

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    100+ miles of challenging single track? I'd need to start on Dec 4th.