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  1. Thanks CM. I don't have a lot of mechanical knowledge with these bikes. But I do have the Clymers manual. But, hopefully, its the battery.
  2. That's what I went with. Hope it works, or I wont know where to turn.
  3. No, absolutely nothing happens. Its like I am not pushing the button at all. I ordered a new lithium battery, so we shall see.
  4. Thank you for the response. If the battery was weak, would the bike at least try to turn over. It doesn't crank at all. When i push the start button, nothing happens, but all of the lights work, so I know there is juice.
  5. Help please. I have an 03 S model. It has never had any issues whatsoever. I didn't start it for about a month, due to an injury. When I tried to start it, the battery was weak from sitting. It cranked slowly, but did not start and the battery died completely. I charged the battery up fully, and now when I push the start button, it doesn't do anything. All of the lights work, the dash works, but it doesn't crank at all. It doesn't even make a click sound. I replaced the fuse, and tested the battery. I am at a loss, I have no idea what else to look at. Anyone have any suggestions?