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    2009 yz250 bogging under load

    I'll definitely have to check that out. I've got a new OEM coil on the way so hopefully I can get it going before too long. Thank you for your input.
  2. Matt Pierce

    Jetting with the Zook NECJ

    Hi RockerYZWR, Would you by any chance have an extra ignition coil? If you have one I may be interested in it along with your CDI. Thanks, Matthew
  3. Matt Pierce

    2009 yz250 bogging under load

    Hey guys, I'm new here to thumper talk, but not new to dirtbikes. I recently purchased a used, 2009 yz250. The bike has been running great until the other day when it randomly started bogging under any load. I have fully cleaned the carburetor, making sure the float height was correct and freely moving. I checked the resistance on all ignition components and everything is in spec except for the coil. The service manual calls out 0.2-0.3 ohms at the connector. Mine is reading 0.4 ohms. Will this be a big enough difference to warrant a bad bog under load? It's bad enough to where that I can't even ride the bike. It revs great and idles fine while on the stand though. Any help would be appreciated guys, thank you!