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  1. Nicolarr

    Show me your...BETA !

    Calabogie weekend ride.
  2. Nicolarr

    Beta air filter choices

    so far I've only tried the twin air ones no complaints bit pricy but they last a good while. I've had problems with uni filters in the past I'm gonna stick with twin air.
  3. Just seeing if anyone has had any luck finding a replacement gas cap for they're beta. a lot of the sites don't have the dimensions of the caps there selling. any feedback would be great the.
  4. Nicolarr

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    I live in kemptville area 10 mins from limerick forest
  5. Nicolarr

    Ottawa canada

    I live in Oxford Mills just outside of Ottawa I'm 10 mind from limerick forest
  6. Nicolarr

    Beta 500 rr-s freeway?

    Ive done over 600 miles of highway driving on my 2015 480 rr This past summer
  7. Nicolarr

    Dualsporting 480rr

    How often do b u guys change engine oil and tranny oil. And what kind of oil do you use?
  8. Nicolarr

    Dualsporting 480rr

    What year of 500 are u running how many km can u get w that gearing?
  9. Nicolarr

    Dualsporting 480rr

    Im glad to see/ hear about all the 500 dualsport enthusiasts it why i created the thread i want to know what others are doing with there "gentil giants" .keep the posts coming any comments on fuel milage would be cool..
  10. Nicolarr

    Dualsporting 480rr

    Obiviously the rr's are dirtbikes made for the most extreme terrain but the fact that you can ride it anywhere including the street was the selling point for me. Bike is not meant for top speed im just stateing how fast it can go stock. I think this bike is perfect stock i have no plans on modifying anything yet. I understand that the higher speeds on the roads are a bit uncomfortable especially for older dudes that are used to riding cruisers (; have fun play hard change oil baby.
  11. Nicolarr

    Dualsporting 480rr

    I completly agree i live 10 mins from some really nice single track so i ride there before work and than ride to work. I had mine up too 155km/h w the stock gearing. The bike hauls ass.
  12. Nicolarr

    Dualsporting 480rr

    I did 385km today of dualsporting today with my 2015 480rr race edition. Single track/ double/ fire roads /gravel and tarmac. Bought the bike this summer super happy with it been a great bike so far.
  13. Where are u camping? The bronx? But seriously im sure it will be safe next to your tent worse case senerario it gets pooped on Sent from my SM-G900P using ThumperTalk mobile app
  14. Nicolarr

    Show me your...BETA !

    Sent from my SM-G900P using ThumperTalk mobile app
  15. Sent from my SM-G900P using ThumperTalk mobile app