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  1. Sounds like political BS tiptoeing to me. I guess helmet laws are more important to them. I didn't get a cc on the email, but my isp just switched servers, it may have gotten lost. What he said has nothing to do with your trouble. He won't help and doesn't think our bikes should be titled. NOT a good position for a group that survives on memberships and donations. Or do they?????
  2. had to sell it to pay att'y fees huh?? I'll do some looking here in PA. I know the process has changed since 98, but it's still do-able AFAIK. Maybe I can track down the forms. I want to see you stick it to them --in the worst way. Have you talked to anyone from AMA? They seem to be taking a little more interest in dirt lately. nevermind that, I just emailed smaher@ama-cycle.org Sean Maher, listed on AMA's website as director of state affairs to ask their involvement. Maybe they could donate some resources/help. I would encourage anyone else to do the same. [ March 08, 2002: Message edited by: tbronco ]
  3. tbronco

    Best dirt worthy dot tires?

    if cost is important, go with the Kenda trackmaster DOT. Pretty good traction, good price, and hold up longer than any DOT that I've tried.
  4. tbronco

    JD, TAFFY. How does the FLATCR work?

    If I got you right on Q 4 you want to know if something physically closes each circuit off as another picks up. If so the answer is no.
  5. tbronco

    Stock baffle/Vortip problems

    is your bolt too long? It should be somewhere around 3/8" long. Might be bottoming out against the inner pipe??? I would think that if it were broken by backfire you would know it without a doubt.
  6. tbronco

    Stock baffle/Vortip problems

    How, in what way?
  7. tbronco

    Save $ on your fork seals..

    thanks, that's a great tip!
  8. tbronco


    Don't p. off Joe Q Public. That's the important thing to take from his message. You'll never convince a greenie that a quiet bike is O.K. -but It's easy for greenie to convince Joe Q. that obnoxiously loud bikes should be banned. My WR400 stock pipe, when uncorked, falls into that category. Even to my non-critical ears. We followed Taffy's jetting threads, and heard his descriptions of power/throttle response. What pipe did he run? How loud is that? I'm convinced there is more to be gained by sharp jetting than by loud pipes and headers on these bikes. On top of it all, what's the cost of a handful of jets compared to 1 pipe???? I get so sick of hearing that bikes are bad. Offensive machines and attitudes will only make it worse.
  9. tbronco

    Electrical Woes

    Is this a new install or did it work O.K. before?
  10. tbronco

    Rear Brake Banjo Bolt

    Check the bulb contacts. They don't like vibration and dust. It could even be that the bulb filament is broken, and makes contact with the help of the vibes at higher rpm.
  11. tbronco

    YZ400 WR Carb Problem,Too much gas.

    I hope this isn't going to be a trend. If the carb checks out, check the TPS with an ohmmeter. Make sure it's in spec. just because it's easy to do. Have you checked valve clearances lately? Have you done anything to change the ignition timing?
  12. tbronco

    Has anyone seen RONDO TABOT ?

    Anyone else think this is as annoying as spam?
  13. tbronco

    Accelerator pump problems

    Yea, at least on my '98. You've got to keep all of the pivot points of the actuator and linkage clean. The most friction builds on the shaft that holds the bellcrank and spring. It runs through the width of the carb. Carefully take it apart, clean all of the moving parts, and lubricate with a dry lube like graphite or teflon. Dry lube for gun actions is what I use, it won't gum up with dust like oil will.
  14. tbronco

    Help on gearing

    Check out this thread for a table with gearing - speed info. Table thread
  15. tbronco


    Glad to hear that. Prayers still going for you.