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  1. TheVolta

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    Excited to see if the 450R FMF fits! I think the combo with the R airbox and exhaust should open it up a lot once an ECU flash or piggyback is available. Thanks again for sharing.
  2. TheVolta

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    Bump, hopefully they will post up when it comes out finally... I really want to get rid of the heavy cat.
  3. TheVolta

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    Nice find.
  4. TheVolta

    CRF450L low compression piston swap

    Probably best to just tune the bike to dull the throttle response instead of buying engine parts, and once you do that you will need to buy some sort of tuner to adjust the settings correctly considering you would be changing the CR.
  5. TheVolta

    GIVEAWAY! IMS 3 Gallon Fuel Tank for the CRF450L

    https://thumpertalk.com/reviews/vehicle/46778-honda-crf450l-2019/?do=findReview&review=21140 Here is my review link! b
  6. TheVolta

    CRF450L Build

    Here are some photos from the weekend ride, bike has been great so far and everything has been super solid.
  7. TheVolta

    CRF450L Build

    I didn't end up cutting the frame, but if I would have went with the X tail like others have. Like Rich said I unbolted the rear plate frame that bolts directly through the subframe and then put the bolts back in to hold the rear fender up once the rear plate frame was removed.
  8. TheVolta

    CRF450L Build

    I ended up just getting the cover, I think he did a custom seat for his own personal bike. The seat has gotten a lot better after a few miles in the seat to soften it up and the new cover.
  9. TheVolta

    CRF450L Build

    It is the air injection solenoid and it connects to the airbox.
  10. TheVolta

    CRF450L Build

    Some small things to add to the list. -Got my ARC levers mounted up -ARC Levers -Handguards -Cleaned up the tail -Noguchi Seat Cover -Real Tires and Rimlocks for front and rear
  11. TheVolta

    450L & 450X similarity’s

    I looked on my bike and in the parts catalog and there is no lambda sensor anywhere. Most likely a AU/EU thing like you stated.
  12. TheVolta

    450L & 450X similarity’s

    The L does not have a Lambda sensor. (At least the one in the states.)
  13. TheVolta

    CRF450L Build

    The only thing that sees 450ccs of air is the exhaust and the airbox. There is no vacuum on the tube at all while running or through the rev range, its just positive pressure. It is a top mount for the Scotts.
  14. TheVolta

    CRF450L Build

    After riding the bike for a bit more its time to start adding some small parts to make it more "mine". First thing I did was toss on a Renthal Fatbar with the BRP mount and the option to add a Scotts stabilizer in the future. I also changed the grips. Removed the rear chain guard. Then I went ahead and removed the smog related items, bike runs fine with no FI lights. Mostly removed them for ease of cleaning/maintenance and weight. I also changed out the line that goes to the carbon canister for the line from the RX (I originally bought the tank cap assembly but it didn't fit). There is two lines coming off the airbox that I also plugged up and are not pictured. I also removed the kickstand switch. The PCV line from the valve cover goes into the clear plastic box and then into the airbox. I went ahead and joined it to some extra tubing and routed it down and to the swingarm. This is on the thermostat housing. There is a brass fitting that goes into the airboot, if you want you probably could swap it out with the one from the R or RX. Line that was swapped out that routes to the carbon canister. The Honda PGM-FI tool does not work, pretty much saw that coming but I found a used one off ebay for really cheap and my friend wanted me to tune his bike. I might be able to figure out something else out but haven't had as much time due to studying for a cert for work. Hopefully an exhaust is next on the list, maybe swap or modify the airbox but I don't want to do that until I can add more fueling. Im sure this bike is running super lean from the factory to pass emissions standards. I also have some levers that I purchased but need a different brake master to fit so that's on hold for the moment.
  15. TheVolta

    CRF450L Ride/Review

    Aweee yeee. Best part is keeping all my stuff in the trunk and then washing it out. Everyone I show it to is like "whatttttt".