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  1. TeamGreenPilot

    AMRA MotoCity AMA Championship Off-Road Series Banter

    Is that the rough rider 100 ?
  2. I use the bronze for all conditions...but I’m a lover of bronze/amber lenses in all my optics for work & recreation
  3. TeamGreenPilot

    The Aztec MX track is back

    local series is back
  4. TeamGreenPilot

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    “vintage” organizations need to start focusing more on the ‘85-‘00 era I think...plentiful bikes & parts, real performance and an age demographic that is in touch with and tide tjise bike, and now have the $ to race.
  5. TeamGreenPilot

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Great looking evo bike right there
  6. TeamGreenPilot

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    Amazes me people don’t understand there's a difference between the AMA riding Organization, AMA ProRacing, MX Sports...
  7. TeamGreenPilot


    Why are you taking photos of me and posting them here. lol
  8. TeamGreenPilot

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    Its slready posted above in this thread...that was the catchers mitt
  9. TeamGreenPilot

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    I’m not sure they did, I remember a lot of carnage...but it was a long time ago...I was on 80’s then...12-13 year old class. You had to qualify for it and I did that at Las Vegas SX that year too... fun times
  10. TeamGreenPilot

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    There was a lot of good ones that year. I won my class at the AMA Amateur SX race at Oklahoma City that year This is the final at the old Colliseum
  11. TeamGreenPilot

    Auto Clutches all that much different?

    No one in the Endurocross Expert/Pro class runs an AutoClutch. I didn’t even see any in the amateur or vet classes this year, Rekluse manual clutches are all over the proclasses, and that’s what Cody & Colton run
  12. TeamGreenPilot

    how to avoid getting paralyzed lol

    He’s got the drippy eye from lookin at the porns!
  13. TeamGreenPilot

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    Everyone wants “flow” built into the tracks now...I hear it weekly from our riders and other riders at the races, how it needs to be built to “flow”... gone are the days where riders adjusted THEIR rhythm to the track and found lines and dealt with it, or innovated (McGrath) and developed new lines. Now there’s one way to do every set, overpowered 4strokes are partly to blame, but the track planners/construction is to blame for cookie cutter lanes/obstacles.
  14. TeamGreenPilot

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    In the Catchers mitt, 1996
  15. TeamGreenPilot

    how to avoid getting paralyzed lol

    Heavy hates the mobile site, he actls like he’d get the clap from using it