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  1. Satinhammer

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I'm down to ride I'm here in volusia ,drz s street dirt whatever
  2. I Check the micron sizing for the mesh ,I ran fi a few years ago and filters were a nightmare ,flow issues for months till I learned, i ended up using a gm fuel filter metaI housing can check out in the garage if I have it still 1/4 or 3/8ths I'm not sure now of the barb connection size
  3. Satinhammer

    Smoky engine after rebuild + carb leak

    I can't help with the smoke but when ever you pull the carb you should probably rejet since you have increased cc's
  4. Satinhammer

    Highway speeds

    I blast down the highway for long runs but i do oil change like once a month or so not based on mileage , my bike has about 24k miles 15 41 gearing and 17inch wheels
  5. Satinhammer

    Highway speeds

    i do alot of highway riding to get to trails or commuting, i dont have a problem your bike can handle the highway , check your oil and balance your wheels you should be just fine
  6. Satinhammer

    used motorcycle trailers in central FL?

    If you are still lookin there is a rough looking two rail that could be 3 rail on the Letgo app in orlando needs love but its 200.00
  7. Satinhammer

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Sewed some straps to a dewalt tool bag ,now i dont needa carry a back pack everywhere
  8. Satinhammer

    DRZ400S to SM wheels (brake question)

    i can speak for the warp nine wheels even though you said yours are not , the spacers are different from stock drz , and the hubs are Ktm spec, just a heads up i guess post some pics maybe some one recognizes the wheel brand
  9. Satinhammer

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    i made a new seat cover other one was beat
  10. Satinhammer

    New tires and head shake

    My bike shook bad for a long time , i could only ride with one hand on the bars ,i tried riding position gripping tank playing with air pressure back pack no back pack i tried removing front fender and side tank plastics i tried servicing the steering head bearing and nothing until i rebalance my wheels now i can hold throttle wide open down Highway no fear
  11. Satinhammer

    Dealing with/ preventing Ticks

    Thats the brand i use , the one in the the pump bottle maybe most likely my stuff is old weak ,google searching has steered me towards using a spray product with Permethrin its to to be applied to all your gear clothing etc
  12. Satinhammer

    Dealing with/ preventing Ticks

    Im located in eastern Central Florida ,it seems about every other time i go out riding i get a tick on me ive been lucky to catch them before they latch on , besides inspecting my self once im outta the woods anything else i could do to not be such a welcoming host , tips tricks please
  13. Satinhammer

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Sweet Lil Suzy glued in