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  1. Ermaganish

    Buying a DRZ 400sm

    The thing's a beauty, Very good condition and matter a fact; I loved it. Was abit scary tho when the front wheel rised when accelerating hard in first gear, haha soon ill probably love it
  2. Ermaganish

    Buying a DRZ 400sm

    Thanks for the tips guys , The guy actually could drive the bike to me today, so im gonna be a proud owner of a DRZ 400 sm which looked insanely mint for the year etc, with all full service history, original pipe, new chain etc etc
  3. Ermaganish

    Buying a DRZ 400sm

    Hello there, In about a week, I'm gonna buy myself a DRZ 400 SM 2005 model with about 10 000 miles (16 000 km ) on it, and i was woundering if any one could help me with pointers i could have when i check the bike, like common faults or similar stuff to look out for when test riding etc etc. It's gonna be my first bike, so all tips are appriciated!