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  1. Br0ck

    Jetting a stock 05 Cr125r

    Just go down one size on main jet until it is crisp. If you can't figure it throw the mikuni in the bin and get a keihin airstriker.
  2. Get him a kx100, he will develop good clutch control and the 100 will have enough torque for trails.
  3. I would get the 230, the power difference isn't very noticeable between the two but the 230 has a 6 speed transmission. I would get the 230.
  4. Br0ck

    Name this gasket

    Looks like a power valve gasket to me Sent from my SM-G903W using ThumperTalk mobile app
  5. Br0ck

    Bored and tired of the XR, sell or modify?

    That sucks, there in canada I can get a 2005-2007 cr250 for $2500 which is pretty good for our monopoly money.
  6. Br0ck

    Bored and tired of the XR, sell or modify?

    Why don't you get a Honda 2 stroke? It would be really exciting coming off an xr. You could ride the cr at the track and open trails and the xr when the trails get gnarly. It will make you appreciate how smooth the xr is. Good luck, nothing more fun than a 2 stroke!BRAAAAAAAAAP
  7. Br0ck

    CR250 wont start!

    I checked it both times I had the carb off I could see through it, I just need a air screw setting, I believe I am very rich in the pilot circuit.
  8. Br0ck

    CR250 wont start!

    Hey guys, I went on vacation all summer and let my bike sit (2002 CR250). When I got back I ripped it apart and cleaned carburetor and put it back together and it started fine and ran alright, but idled really high. I adjusted the idle screw and realized it was a ridiculous amount of turns out. I can't remember exactly how many but id say 6+ turns out. My killswitch was a POS and didn't work anymore so I replaced it with an oem replacement. My last ride I crashed the bike pretty bad and I was off the bike for 2 weeks. I can't get the bike to start ever since I got installed the new killswitch. I think I wired it right I just replaced one wire at a time and it looked pretty straight forward. I verified it by testing spark while holding it in I was getting no spark but with it in running position it would spark. Anyway I am just looking for some base settings for the Mikuni TMX to get my bike running again, my carburetor has a 35 Pilot and 380 Main jet which appear to be stock. I am located in Edmonton, AB, Canada which is about 2500ft and usually ride between 10-25 celcius. Thanks for any replies.
  9. I would try to get the cr for $2700. The CR is a great bike, obviously everybody knows how good the engine is. Some people complain about the stiff frame, but I feel that is because the stock suspension is setup for hitting 80ft triples and most riders don't do that. You can't beat a 2 stroke for having the most fun, especially a red one[emoji16]. I don't know much about the kx but it should be pretty solid considering how new it is.
  10. Br0ck

    Jetting for 06 cr250 w/porting and race fuel

    Raise the needle clip one position? Should lean out the middle.
  11. Br0ck

    Should I buy an actual dirt bike?

    Ktm 150 and 200 xc(w) are awesome trail bikes, not over the top on power either.
  12. Br0ck

    Help picking a bike to learn on

    I will always recommend a Honda XR250 to anyone starting in the dirt, if you can't find one then CRF230 is the updated version (worse in my opinion). If you don't like Honda for whatever reason TTR230 is a good alternative. Any aircooled 4-stroke trail bike will be a very smooth power and almost impossible to stall. Good luck and welcome to the dirt[emoji106]
  13. Br0ck

    Bigger gas tank on cr85

    Whatever i got, usually gatorade type bottles as long as you don't leave it in the bottle too long you wont have a problem.
  14. Br0ck

    Bigger gas tank on cr85

    I know acerbis used to make number plates that acted as a secondary gas tank. I usually just pack a few bottles in my backpack and sometimes in my airbox[emoji23]. Pull out the duct tape and tape some bottles of fuel to the number plate, whatever works lol.
  15. Br0ck

    XR250 HP Potential?

    This thread is kind of premature because I probably wont start until next summer sadly. I just wanted to see what everyone thought. Working on a 1979 cr125 so that's where all the time and money will end up.