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  1. jcriswell

    Chinese 450..

    That's where I got all my information from is the Asianwing website. The good thing about this bike is it's identical to the Honda 450X so all the parts are Available.
  2. jcriswell

    Chinese 450..

    Here's a picture of it
  3. jcriswell

    Chinese 450..

    Yes I have one with a few modifications it's a great bike. A carb off an 07 450X jetted properly and a lithium battery it's been very reliable
  4. jcriswell

    Yamalube any good for a SSR125?

    What does the manual call for. Mine calls for 10W-30.
  5. jcriswell

    What age did you peak?

    I am 61 still have not reached my peak
  6. I prefer quiet over loud
  7. jcriswell

    Chugging the 450X

    Looks like a fun place to ride
  8. jcriswell

    pumper carb

    I have a SSR 450 S I put a carb off CRF450X you might be able to use one off a crf250x Tbolt used one off a Yamaha.That shuld give you some idea. Hope this helps
  9. jcriswell

    Chain Lube vs Chain Wax

    I use WD-40 and a rag
  10. jcriswell

    Please help me choose my first dirt bike!

    I would go with the KLX and better suspension
  11. jcriswell

    Weld or JB Weld or?

    I would weld it I wouldn't trust JB Weld on that