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  1. Believe in yourself and be confident
  2. Yes need to learn to be heavy on the pegs and light on the pegs at the correct times. Think as if you are riding a bicycle and you have to be light and heavy to absorb the bumps.
  3. In episode 8 of my video off-road riding techniques training series, I want to cover the fundamentals of riding into ravines. Give it a watch to see how you're doing and if you have any questions or comments, hit me up in the comments section below. I'll do my best to get back to you. Thanks for watching! Oh, almost forgot... If you'd like to be notified of when I post new training videos, be sure to tap that "Follow" button. Brian Garrahan, Garrahan Off-Road Training
  4. Hitting a debarked log at a angle is always hard. The most important thing is the tires being light when crossing the log. That being said I’ll pop a little wheelie and miss the log completely with my front tire. Using my clutch to control wheel spin and rpm. Once my front end is over I am going to Shift myweight forward and get weight off the rear end. So the tire can go over obstacles light with a little momentum or just a tiny bit of throttle if I need it. Never to much or the backend will spin out to the side.
  5. I have stated twice above the you tap the wheel on top or if off camber you miss it barely. What you are saying dosen’t make sense. How can you tap the top of a obstacle without doing a wheelie first? Also in the video I talk about using the suspension numerous times. Lastly this is a advanced maneuver so learning body position, clutch, throttle control are important. Loading the suspension gives you loft and lightens the bike when you strike a obstacle. I learned this from experience trial and error not a classroom. Thanks for engaging!!!!
  6. Got it, we will have some exciting videos coming out monthly thanks for following.
  7. Understood. same as explained it all depends on situation. Tire should barely touch or miss log. If slippery off off camber log miss it with front tire and as the rear tire strikes it try to be as light as possible on the pegs so it can roll over. You want to be off the gas or minimum throttle with controlled wheel spin.
  8. First off never hit a log at a 90 degree angle. You want to front tire to hit the top or barely miss the log. This will keep the bike level and put two tires on the ground quicker. As I said in the video have finger on the clutch this way you can control wheel spin and torque.
  9. This is episode 7 of my video off-road training series where I cover the basic techniques used to wheelie over trail obstacles such as logs. Give it a watch and hit me up in the comments section below if you have any questions. Thanks for watching. Brian Garrahan Garrahan Off-Road Training
  10. I love it, these are all great points. I’m working on a new series next week. Anything in particular you guys want to learn?
  11. Simple the pegs are the lowest part of the bike. If you control with the pegs you are controlling the bike at its lowest point of G. If you are trying to control the bike with the bars, you have to transfer all the weight that is above the pegs. So you have to shift more weight, use more strength, using more energy. Last but not least your legs are one of the biggest muscles. So using your kegs instead of arms will give you more stanima and strength.
  12. I can’t give you tips about the hair, that’s just my natural flow. Yes practice, practice, also keep the toes tight at the same time this will help you grip the bike.Standing will also gives you better balance as you can control the bike with the pegs which have a lower center of gravity. It also makes have better reaction time. You don’t see the short stop for the Giants sitting down.
  13. Figured that I'd let you know that I just posted my latest video riding tip to my blog right here on ThumperTalk. It's about stand-up cornering techniques, so give it a watch and see how you're doing. You can find by blog at: Thx for watching! Brian Garrahan
  14. Often times, stand up cornering is the best body positioning. In this training video I walk you through the correct techniques for stand up cornering and why they are important. Give it a watch and see how you're doing. Thanks for watching! Brian Garrahan Garrahan Off-Road Training
  15. Hey TT'ers... Just a heads-up that I've posted another riding tip to my blog, this time on riding rutted corners. Give it a watch and hit me up in the comment section of my blog. I'm at the track and on the trail a lot, but I'll do my best. Lastly, if you want to be notified when I post new video riding tips, be sure to tap that "follow" button. Thanks for watching! Brian Garrahan About me