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  1. Hammy-56

    Ktm 300.

    this thread has potential.
  2. Hammy-56

    Toby Price

    Toby must be related to Chopper...
  3. Hammy-56

    Supercross Bike Evolution

    I use to do it all the time. Back and forth between my GP bike and mx bike. My friends couldn’t understand how it didn’t &%$#@! me up. Shrug.
  4. Hammy-56

    Dakar and KTM

    18 years in a row...wtf? I own a KTM and happen to think they make a damn fine motorbike. It would be convenient for me to simply tout KTM as being the most reliable and whatnot...but theres obviously more to it than that. But... 18 years in a row. Thats silly. You'd think at least once or twice during that time a different manufacturer would have taken the top spot. What can we credit that to? First round draft pick of riders? Best budget? Best crew? All of the above?
  5. Hammy-56

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    There will be considerably more air being pulled into the throttle body...this, combined with the tuner, and removing the end-cap screens are where the gains are had most.
  6. Hammy-56

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    yes...and its not a hassle. Its the easiest part of the entire process.
  7. Hammy-56

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    Mostly the 2t. But he did ride the 250excf a few times. I was thinking about Taddy, Webb, etc.
  8. Hammy-56

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    350 exc-f \ xcf
  9. Hammy-56

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    No greater joy in racing than beating someone on a bigger bike.
  10. Hammy-56

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    if you've ever held a AMA pro license, you know what a joke they are...no secret.
  11. Hammy-56

    Best back protection...?

    I raced in south Florida for many years...now live in Co. not worried about "heat". 😉
  12. Whats the consensus on the best back protection? Currently Ive got a chest protector, and when Im racing I wear a Fox armor jacket. Ive already had a fractured vertebrae, and Id rather not do it again if I can avoid it. So Im curious if theres any one piece that might be best for protecting the spine. Thanks for the input...
  13. Hammy-56

    1990 Team Suzuki - Mullet Militia

    I want the boots from those days...not stoked on the styles of boots these days. I miss stitching. (my SG12's still have stitching, as well as my wife's Sidi's). Im old.
  14. Hammy-56


    I know, I get it. But the guy is killing me.