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  1. Newjorciks

    JT Sprockets..what chain?

    They have different products for different rivets. You can get the same DID 520 VX2 with either rivet type or clip type included. Pretty sure it's "FB" at the end of the product code for the clip type and "ZB" at the end for the rivet type. But you can get either of the additional connecting links separately as well, so even if you get the wrong one you can get the connection link after.
  2. Newjorciks

    Where to get rear/passenger foot pegs

    I am sure you can get a bunch of them off the people that just remove them for the "Weight savings" and cut off all the brackets they connect to, no use to them anyways.
  3. Newjorciks

    DRZ400SM 7-Pin Main Relay Connector

    The main question is: Do you want to keep the side stand switch? If not, then you have a VERY easy way to fix your issue. Orange and Light blue wires get connected to a turn signal relay(One that just has 2 pins) and the rest get connected like the post I linked you shows. If you want to keep the side stand switch, then it will be more complicated. Then my best advice is to just get some small female spade wire connectors: Ones like that. And connect them to the relay one by one, instead of a connector that connects them all at once.
  4. Newjorciks

    wattage being drawn on stock drz400s

    Remember that in a phone charger they can just step it down from 220/110V very close to 5V, which results in less difference between in and out.
  5. Newjorciks

    wattage being drawn on stock drz400s

    I doubt something that is going to supply 2A would use a linear regulator to do it, that is a 14W(2Ax12V - 2Ax5V) power loss going into heat. Would need a beefy enough heatsink for the regulator.
  6. Newjorciks

    wattage being drawn on stock drz400s

    Keep in mind that 2A at 5V =/= 2A at 12V. If you are pulling 2A from a USB port then that is only 0.84A at 12V.
  7. Newjorciks

    Help...brake problems

    Just yesterday I had the same problem. I would bleed it completely to the point that no bubbles at all are coming out the bleed valve, but still didn't have pressure. I have a front caliper with 4 pistons from a ZX6R. I took it off the bike, put a wood piece in place of the brake disc and while my dad was actuating the brake, I was turning the caliper all around and tapping it with a rubber mallet. After that, did a few bleeds again and some huge bubbles came out. Had good pressure after that. So probably lightly tapping the caliper, even without removing, could help dislodge some of those pesky bubbles.
  8. Thank you, I was about to post the same thing, getting really annoying already. I understand posting it in one thread, but not freaking 7 threads like he did for this video... I get it, he wants views and subs, but if someone wants to see those videos they will find it if he just makes his own thread about the bike. EDIT: Just noticed that he even spammed so hard that he posted the same video twice in the "DRZ pics, lets see your Z" thread...
  9. I would suggest putting it up on a stand(Or a box, whatever) so that the rear wheel is up. Then while on the left side of the bike try putting it in gear and letting off clutch, while also looking at the place where the clutch cable enters the engine(Left side of engine, behind starter) and see if it fully disengages when you let go the lever, if not you know it's the cable. I guess you could do it without lifting and just in neutral, but this would take out most of the variables to be more sure. Also, do the clutch adjustment, it could be that it's tightened right now to the point that it is always a little engaged?
  10. Newjorciks

    2017 sm super slow signal rate...

    You can get the LED flasher relay for as cheap as 4$ if you are willing to wait up to a month for them from china https://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Pin-LED-Flasher-Relay-12V-LED-Indicator-For-Suzuki-SV650-SV650S-SV1000-SV1000S/142680072458?hash=item213865210a:g:8YAAAOSwgv5Zeuge&vxp=mtr I have one on my bike and it works perfectly.
  11. Newjorciks

    Speedo lights up but no numbers

    Did you check both the orange and red wire for voltage(Against the black dotted wire)? The red one gives power all the time, while the orange one gives power when the key is turned, could be that the red one isn't giving it power. And what voltages are you getting there?
  12. Newjorciks

    blinker speed and brightness

    Yes, it doesn't matter what you put there, might as well put a toaster there as long as it isn't over the rated load for the flasher. These ones are supposedly 100W max and you most surely don't have 50W turn signal bulbs each, so you should be fine. Of course always nicer to have LED turn signals, way less power draw.
  13. Newjorciks

    blinker speed and brightness

    The original one are load-dependent, so they flash at different speeds depending on the load and are configured for the load that the original bulbs take. The LED flashers are load-INdependent, so no matter the load they flash at a fixed rate. You can look up how they work and all, but not really necessary.
  14. Newjorciks

    blinker speed and brightness

    You can get the LED relays cheaper, probably same one anyways, have this exact one and works like a charm. https://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Pin-Flasher-Relay-LED-Signal-Blinker-For-Suzuki-DRZ400-GSF-600-Bandit-GSXR-SV/182732743608?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649