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  1. So, i pulled the stator cover off to repair it off my 05 s. Bike is all stock except for a slip on. It's always run like a top. Now, suddenly it won't start. Like, the stator has a whole 3 bolts holding it on, so i cant imagine I mixed something up. Without pulling the cover back off, I'm stumped.
  2. I wish that was the excuse. I pulled up, my mom was in the driveway and i started talking and got distracted. Lol
  3. Yeah, that's what I said. Lol 🤣
  4. Definitely 👍
  5. Awesome. I'll send it to fastheads as is.
  6. Cam cam journals be repaired? Or am I looking at a new head?
  7. I honestly had not expected the piston and exhaust valves to be so cared with buildup. The exhaust valves were cupped, and although they didn't seem to be leaking at all, there was evidence of deposits starting to creep down the seat. I'm sending the whole thing to fastheads to have them service it with ferrea valves and springs
  8. Pulled my head apart and the exhaust valves are pretty cupped. Could that have anything to do with the jetting issue?
  9. Just looked up the part numbers on the receipt. Kibble white valves 0296-0217 and 0216
  10. I've been soaking the head/ valves in carb cleaner to cut some of the carbon and i haven't had any leak down in 2 days, so the valve seats I assume are good. However there is a ton of build up inside on the exhaust side. Not sure why, but they are as filthy as my piston was. I'll clean those up before I try to remove them. Going to order a head gasket online tonight and then I should be ready to start assembling once it's all cleaned up
  11. Getting ready to order a shim kit and a few other things. Anyone know where I can find the correct head gasket? I'm stumped. Also, do I need a new base gasket if I didn't take out the last 2 bolts on the side holding the cylinder down?
  12. So it's likely a 462?