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  1. This doesn't do the sound level of this thing justice
  2. Like a dummy, I did not. I just straight to, worst case scenario and started changing parts instead of seeing where I was at and fine tuning...I know, dumb. But my head decided since I fixed the air leak, it's gonna be fat. This week I'll get back to it. First thing I want to do I figure out the heating issue.
  3. I know, I'm so confused... I'm measuring the temp at the top left radiator hose. I haven't ridden the bike at all. At this point it's only at idle. It gets warm fairly quick. I put a 38 pilot in it and it seemed to all bit fix the hanging idle. Which is weird because the hanging idle is indicative of a lean condition... It still getting really hot, around 230. Probably higher if I let it keep running. My fan isn't kicking on until 220. I'm going to checky coolant when it cools down to make sure it's circulating. Also, will probably put a new thermostat and family switch in it. Could be just a combo of things.
  4. I hate when I change more than one thing at a time. Got the mrd installed Put the ncyr needle in Changed out to a 168 main. Added the tps just to plug the hole Starts up with no choke and has a hanging idle. Also ran really hot around 230. I may have had a header leak. Tightened it down some. Started it back up, acts the same on start up. I'm going to lean out the pilot jet. I think plugging the tps hole fixed the last air leak and now it's fat. Anyone concur?
  5. Oh, lol, I forgot you went the FI route. That will be my choice for the next build....possibly the other SM in the background I hope it rips when it's finished. Just a fee more details to iron out.
  6. I'm installing an o2 bung soon so I can log it. What are you using to tune the ecu? I wasn't aware there was any software to do that. I come from the car aftermarket, so I've times many a checy trick with hptuners and ls1edit. But I need to at least get it closer for a start.
  7. Installed one of my Christmas gifts to myself. I got home and my MRD pro was on the doorstep. I couldn't wait.
  8. Ok, we'll see how it goes!
  9. Time Left: 6 days and 38 minutes

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    Just repacked 3 weeks ago. A few dings which are in the pics.


  10. Pretty much been trying to not lose my house all day.
  11. Haha, any excuse to spend money on the drz.. Yeah, I'm sure I'll sell the yosh quick. I just repacked it :/
  12. I don't know why you keep making me spend money. 🤣 Mrd is ordered.
  13. Awesome. I'll give it a shot this evening. Any thoughts on the top end power? I'm thinking of dropping to a 172 main from the 175?
  14. I also have the original NCYR. Think that needle is worth a shot ? I'll order the emr needle today
  15. Same here. Maybe about 500 or so for me