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  1. I guess I have a thing for black vehicles.
  2. When I first started this, I thought I needed a larger pilot jet than a 52. As I'm going through this and trying to tune it, this is what I'm finding. 100 PAJ 175 main Needle I moved to 2nd groove Peak rpm on fuel screw is at over 3 turns out and won't die with it all the way out. I still think I need a larger pilot. Is something wrong here??? It has a hanging idle like it's lean if I run it down to 2 turns out and the rpms are much much lower. I have to turn the idle way up just to keep it running But, when I ride it, it's unbelievable strong, although it's still not perfect. Am I crazy? I'm about to throw a 55 pilot in it
  3. I can't thank you enough for the recommendation. I know once she's dialed in I'm going to be ecstatic. Well...more than I already am.
  4. Side note: I actually had to park it so I can check and triple check all the bolts. I hate to admit it, it kinda scared me a bit because I wasn't expecting it.
  5. Hole......Lee......... smokes!! I've had liter bikes that didn't feel as fast. So, it's not perfect yet. Still a bit of backfire on decel which could be because my muffler is old. But OMG, those cams woke this motor up like I hadn't even kind of expected. Right now I'm sitting on a 52 pilot jet and I think I need to go back to a 50 because the instant throttle response was better The power gains through the rpm range are unbelievable. I took it around the block, did a quick rip to 100 and it was still pulling. But the real power is down low.
  6. Ok. Set my float level to 8mm. It was at 6mm Put a 50 pilot jet in it. Warmed it up to 230. Peak idle is right at 3.5 turns out. Throttle response of idle in neutral is excellent. I have pretty dense air since I'm at the beach. It seems like it's going to need a 52.
  7. Ok, I have a 100paj, but isn't there supposed to be a main air jet right next to it on the right?
  8. There is a PAJ installed I believe.
  9. At this point it's not even ridable yet. With the 48 I have to have to screw all the way out for it to run. I've been letting it idle and getting it to about 200+ degrees to get started.
  10. No, it will only idle with a 45 or a 42 with the screw all the way out.
  11. So it will only idle with the screw all the way out. The idle is turned down fairly low. It has a hard time starting. It will die as soon as I tighten the needle more than 3 turns with the 42 I didn't measure float height. I don't know what pilot air jet or emr needle. Before the cam change and head service it ran with a 52 pilot
  12. Well the 42 is still to fat and I don't have anything smaller. Guess I'm placing another order.
  13. Crap really? So I went the wrong way? I will throw a 42 in it
  14. Jets came in and she started up. Had a little mishap with an oil leak, but it's all taken care of. So far: Idles with a 45 pilot. But it won't die even if I back the air screw all the way out. Will die at about 3 screws in. Replaced with a 50. And...I ran out of fuel I think. Gonna top it off and start back on it. With the 48 the idle was all over from 1560 to 1900. No air leaks anywhere to be found.
  15. Definitely. My jets came in from jets r us yesterday, so the carb will go on and I should be firing it up tonight after work.