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  1. Lol, I had to run out and check. Yeah it's just a reflection.
  2. Finnaly got my SMPro dirt wheels set up so I can go play. Ordered a new set of rotors and a sprocket for the SM wheels, and put the old stuff on the dirt wheels. Think I'm going to hit some trails and try them out soon..
  3. Charlie and Chief
  4. Well it looks like I finally got it licked. . I replaced my battery and went for a ride today. It's still needs a slight tweaking at idle to smooth out, but off idle, accelerating, and wide open pull extremely hard. . The cams seems to have really really woken up the upper rpm range. Down low is definitely stronger, but up high it is night and day. . The mrd exhaust though I think seemed to make the biggest seat of the panta difference. It just seems solid now where it didn't feel before. It sounds smoother and "gruntier?" . Also, it looks like the only time it gets warms is at idle. The entire ride it never broke 150 degrees.
  5. Put in some work on all 3 of the Z's this weekend
  6. Brings up a good point that I have been thinking about. My standard battery is 120cca. The 4 cell mini ballistic is 135cca. Is there any really benefit of me going to the larger size? I'm still running it under my seat where it was before so I need the smaller size. Even that crappy moty 4 cell turned my bike over fine when it worked.
  7. Exactly. The point was that I discharged it beyond what was safe. For those that don't know lithium batteries, that is when they are dangerous. Due to my own fault, I forgot to remove it when I was working on my bike and luckily I only ended up having to clean up some mess. It could have been much worse. I use lithium batteries in all kinds of stuff including cars. This was just a problem that could have been avoided. A normal battery run too low ( which everyone does) isn't dangerous.
  8. Agreed. In my case it wasn't so much not understanding the chemistry as much as it was being a dumbass and forgetting about it being bad when I went back to my bike after 2 months.
  9. I still have my main fuse, it's just tucked in on the side of the rail.
  10. Best lithium ever
  11. Actually it's worked great there until well, it didn't lol. I just ordered a ballistic battery, thanks for the info. They have one that will fit right where I already have it now, and will actually fit even better. And it doesn't look like the pos moty I wasted $100 on.
  12. I've never been able to get a reply form them unfortunately. No, I used a small hand size lithium battery jumper to jump it. Straight to the starter. And yes, I'm sure that caused an issue. But I think the bigger issue was it being so far discharged with any amount of coltwge being pumped into it from the charging system. I should have pulled it out the moment I knew it was bad. Are there any good smaller size lithium batteries on the market now?
  13. This was a battery. Only about 6 months old. I had used a lithium battery Motorcycle battery charger to charge it. I there it on a balance charger a few times to check the cells. There were no shorts and I was meticulous About the wiring. The battery was completely discharged after several months of using it to start the bike but not letting it run enough to charge it. The last time I tried jumping it, it got hot and I decided I needed to replace it. I forgot and jumped it last night to tune it and only after about 5 minutes it blew up.
  14. Having a lot of experience in RC cars and planes, I assumed I would be smarter. Remember that lithium batteries are very dangerous when discharged too far. I did not do what I know I should have and failed to use a smart charger or balance charger on my battery install. Because I haven't been riding my bike since e still working out some issues, my battery was dead. I kept using a jump box to start and tune. Unfortunately I didn't think about the charging system on the bike. Well, about 5 minutes into running it, the charging system was feeding voltage to the battery. Out of nowhere, boom!! My battery exploded in a huge cloud of smoke. Enough smoke directly into the filter to stall out my bike. careful and maintain those litium batteries accordingly.