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  1. Interesting. I need to see if that needle is going to work better.
  2. Ohio, what needle and clip position are you running? I thought I was running lean because of a slight part throttle miss. I was on the second clip position from the top on am ncyr needle. I moved it to the 4th and it got worse. I moved it to the 1st clip position leaning it out more and it ran better. It seems I'm running fat.
  3. Well now it seems I have a constant 1/8 throttle stumble. Probably a tad lean now with all the changes. I'll raise the needle 1 clip...
  4. Mine slips into neutral too easy... I have the opposite problem. Like, my 1-2 shift is always 1-neutral-2. Lol
  5. So are you doing the 539? I forgot, what are you running now? So when it's all done everything should be identical at this point?
  6. Hahahaha exactly!
  7. I ended up running your tune yesterday. I don't know if its a combo of calibrating my tps or your tune, but there was a noticible difference. It didnt feel like I was running lean up top anymore and actually squeaked out a few more mph top end. The part throttle was the big difference though from the mid up to about 8k. I'm going to mess with a few things this week like adding on my xoil on cap then try to hit the Dyno next week.
  8. I'm not sure yet. Probably not going to do any head work to this one right now. . So, I'm not exactly sure what the +3 is on the exhaust cam. Also, how can I time my webcams if the gear is welded? I'm putting a new cam chain in next week. . I got the dynatek figured out last night. I'm going to go for a ride after work and see how it feels with your tune in. I really think it'll help and I'll notice it. I felt like I had way too much timing up top and could use a tad more down low . I was also able to calibrate my tps which is awesome. Oemdirtbikeparts in so cal sells a Honda to Suzuki tps adapter. I wasn't sure if it was even working, but I was able to see it work in the program.
  9. I was getting ready to program it just now and realized I'm not sure how to do it. Do I just edit one of the existing curves? Honestly I haven't really been able to tell much of a difference with the +4 tune and the stock CDI, seat if the pants. But I've been screwing around so much that I guess I just lost my point t of reference. We'll hopefully see some good changes with your tune
  10. I'm making another Dyno run next week with your curve and I'm running with the air box cometely removed now. I may go up one main jet size with the new curve
  11. Ohio, here's my Dyno curve and afr from my last run. Not sure if it will help you at all. But same result with it dropping off. The only difference with mine was the air box was cut open on the entire right side also
  12. ........ 😉
  13. Not a concern for this bike.
  14. Let's do it! Lol I have no idea what the weight is. That would be awesome if you could weight it!!! I'll try to find out what the kicker weighs.