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  1. Nothing????
  2. Last week we was riding and my son's 2010 kx85/100 stalled after going through a set of rolls,then wouldn't start. Things I did before testing spark (banging head) replace plug, clean carb and check reed. Still no kick, finally decided to check spark.... None!!!! Checked coil ohms- In spec. Check kill switch- good Crankshaft Sensor ohms- in spec Stator Coil ohms- NO READING 0.00 So at this point it seems this may be my problem. Just wanted to see if anyone had any input before I drop the cash on a new one. TIA
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows of any identifying marks on stock silencers... Looks like someone that had the bike before me rigged another years exhaust to fit this bike. They bolted a new hanger closer to the front of the silencer to match the mounting holes under the seat but the mid pipe screw hole and the frame hole does not line up. It seems to work well, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm working with here, just in case. Thanks
  4. This is the 100 on an 85 frame with small wheels. I am currently on the hunt for a "big wheel" kx100 He has boots. He wasn't wearing them in the pic. it was his first training lesson and I wanted him to have more feel on the clutch and brake. Those damn shoes he muddied up cost more than a decent pair of boots
  5. Now see that there is veteran advice.... luckily I've kept the horse tamed and my butt on the seat and not in the dirt.... it's just old muscles hurting... question can you put epsom salt in a jacuzzi???? LOL Thanks for the reply.. Good luck on your return to the sport. Bet you are appreciating and enjoying it much more now... Yes, lacrosse is a great sport passed on by most for the big 4 sports. It's a beautiful game when played right and have a great history behind it. We had the the Pro Lacrosse championship here last week. I'm a sports photographer and got to shoot the game and celebrate on the field with the winners after the game. Thanks for the reply!!!
  6. Dallas area...
  7. 😳😳 Guess you didn't get the hilarity and sarcasm of my post. I was well within my skill level... still hurts.... Thanks for the advice though.
  8. Finally got the KX250F I've been working on for almost 3 freaking months out to the track for a test ride. I'm a newbie, started riding a friends bike back in March about once a week. Since buying my bike I haven't ridden his at all, so no seat time since late May.... Not sure if it's all the damn Youtube videos, the stuff I read here or the fact that the bike is mine and if I fling it off the track into the lake it's my loss and don't owe any one anything.. but after test riding it and working on the idle and such I hit the track riding with determination and confidence... I'm sure at one point I cleared a triple (if you believe that I have some premium land to sell you), but I did finally detach the tires from the ground, purposlly. Anyway now that the adrenaline has worn off I feel like I have been beat with a bag of rocks......... Since I rode mid-day, I have work to do.... but all I want to do is lay down and get caught up on GOT.... Plus I have to coach lacrosse tonight.... Send Ben-Gay quick....
  9. Hey thanks for taking the time to reply. I just realized my topic header didn't have idle screw in it. I have the air/fuel screw dialed I just want to make sure it's not a false reading because my idle screw is jacked up. So I'm trying to find the starting point for the idle screw.
  10. Finally getting this 05 KX250F up and running. It's kicking over (most times) fairly quickly. However, when it gets going it's Idling at what seems to me to be high or will die out if I start adjusting the idle adjustment. I've done the recommended jetting from 40 to 42. My question is, I know where to start the air/fuel screw but when trying to find to sweet spot for idle where do you start with the idle screw and how do you work back and forth to find a nice idle? TIA
  11. Thanks.... man you should be a writer. Had more fun reading the possible solution then riding the bike. Got it started again but the pipe is getting cherry red in 30 secs. Putting the #42 back in tomorrow. The carb kit came with a #40. Bought an extended fuel screw to tune with. Hopeful this will rectify the last few problems. Thanks again!!!
  12. Hello All, another "should I" question. I am a new dirt bike rider. I started off riding my buddy's 450 4 stroke. We ride mostly tracks and non technical trails. I'm 49 so everything at this point is a "business decision"... so far no real jumping and I don't see much in the near future. I would like to, but need to get to that commitment point. even then I don't see myself clearing doubles and such. As I said I was riding a 450 but when I decided to purchase a bike I purchased a 05 250F. I've spent the last few months getting it fixed and ready to ride. Waiting on a few parts I have yet to ride it but it still seems so heavy and frankly intimidating. I'm contemplating trying to trade it for a 125 2 stroke. Here's the issue I'm 6'3, 210 (no gear) at the moment, but dropping pretty fast. Would it be wise for me to go to a 125 just because I'm a beginner or should I stick with the 250 and try to get use to it? Or maybe try to find a 250 2 stroke?? TIA
  13. Great advice about the use of throttle during start. I had no idea. Might be one of my problems.
  14. Hello, I recently got a pretty good deal on a 05 RM250, $700.00 delivered to my door. However the RM turned out to be a RMZ250, which after running the vin turned out to be a KX250f with all Suzuki plastics.. (same bike, different plastics) Upon delivery the bike wouldn't kick but the guy got it to bump start. I never got it to do either before I started working it on it. So far, the piston has been checked and was good, the cylinder honed, the intake valves replaced, new valve seats cut and new shims added. I also did a full Pro X carb kit rebuild and adjusted the float. Yesterday after getting the bike back together it started after about 10 kicks. I was on my patio and the muffler was off and it was loud, so as to not bother my neighbors I moved the bike to the other side of my yard. The bike started on the first kick but died when released the throttle. Again it started after the first kick, this time I stayed on the gas until it really got going. I let it run for about 20-30 second and killed it adjusting the idle. At that point I figured it was up and going so I put the muffler back on and tidied up a few loose ends. Went back to start it...... nothing. Worked on it more today nothing.,....... 1 or two times out of the problem 100 + kicks it tried to catch. I tried a few weak attempts at bumping it but it was almost a 100 degrees and humid so I quit that pretty quick. The noise coming out of the head sounds like an empty bucket when I try to kick it over. I'm just about at my wits end. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,