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  1. Thanks for your time!! I’ll check that. The tank has been off but I can’t say run my hand along the entire route to check for a pinch. Odd thing is it just stalled after he went over a little roller and never started again.
  2. Thanks I've only seen 1. I was not getting a reading from the stator at the harness until I replaced the stator, there was a crack on one of the stator coils. Now I get a reading. everything individually seems to check out but it's not firing at the plug. Another thing I hear is a possibility is the coil actually reading in spec but still operation faulty. I'll look this over.. Thanks for taking the time to send it!!!
  3. Thanks... I trimmed it back last week, but will try again. I'm getting spec readings out the cap though. Luckily I still have hair to spare it's the brain matter I'm worried about. Might be time to make the ride of shame to the pros..... Thanks again for the suggestion!!
  4. Ok it's almost riding season and I never got this fixed... Since this post I have replaced the Stator and installed replacement CDI... still no spark.... Banging my head on the wall at this point....
  5. Remind me, I’ll send you pics tomorrow. Someone before me installed an exhaust from a newer bike on mine so I hope I can help. Do you need pic of the connector up by the rear fender or down by the mid-pipe.?
  6. No, but I did test it.
  7. Ok, I give you the quick version and answer any questions you may have. 2010 KX 100 Stalled while riding No Spark Tested Regulator and Coil-good Kill Switch Tested-good New Plug No reading from stator coil-replaced Compression test 153 CDI is showing ohms readings on all terminals Still no Spark Any ideas?? Thanks
  8. Thanks, Is there anything else it could possibly be, in your opinion. Just trying to make sure I'm not missing something simple.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Any particular reason you recommended a CDI box. Mine seems to be testing ok and they very rarely go out?
  10. Trying this again.. My son was riding his 2010 kx100/85, went over a roller and his bike stalled. We were never able to get it up and running again. Was sure the plug was fouled. Brought it home installed a new plug, cleaned the carb, checked the reed etc. Still no kick.... Checked compression 151.... finally decided to check the spark.. no spark one day, a day or so later got an intermittent spark, then nothing again. Tested the kill switch- good Tested the coil- Primary is spec at .36-.48 I'm reading at .50 or a little above.. Secondary is testing in sept. Magneto Stator Coil- not reading***** Crankshaft Sensor- in spec. Now it seem obvious the MSC is bad... I'm just trying to make sure I'm not missing anything before dropping the cash on a Stator.... I bought an aftermarket cool but it's going to need some rigging to get it to work with the harnesses and such. OEM seems to be hard to come by. Any other thoughts or advice?? Side note... almost no sound or attempt to turn over with closed throttle, when we open the throttle there is a gurgle sound but not an attempt to start. TIA
  11. Nothing????
  12. Last week we was riding and my son's 2010 kx85/100 stalled after going through a set of rolls,then wouldn't start. Things I did before testing spark (banging head) replace plug, clean carb and check reed. Still no kick, finally decided to check spark.... None!!!! Checked coil ohms- In spec. Check kill switch- good Crankshaft Sensor ohms- in spec Stator Coil ohms- NO READING 0.00 So at this point it seems this may be my problem. Just wanted to see if anyone had any input before I drop the cash on a new one. TIA
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows of any identifying marks on stock silencers... Looks like someone that had the bike before me rigged another years exhaust to fit this bike. They bolted a new hanger closer to the front of the silencer to match the mounting holes under the seat but the mid pipe screw hole and the frame hole does not line up. It seems to work well, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm working with here, just in case. Thanks
  14. This is the 100 on an 85 frame with small wheels. I am currently on the hunt for a "big wheel" kx100 He has boots. He wasn't wearing them in the pic. it was his first training lesson and I wanted him to have more feel on the clutch and brake. Those damn shoes he muddied up cost more than a decent pair of boots
  15. Now see that there is veteran advice.... luckily I've kept the horse tamed and my butt on the seat and not in the dirt.... it's just old muscles hurting... question can you put epsom salt in a jacuzzi???? LOL Thanks for the reply.. Good luck on your return to the sport. Bet you are appreciating and enjoying it much more now... Yes, lacrosse is a great sport passed on by most for the big 4 sports. It's a beautiful game when played right and have a great history behind it. We had the the Pro Lacrosse championship here last week. I'm a sports photographer and got to shoot the game and celebrate on the field with the winners after the game. Thanks for the reply!!!