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  1. RIP let ex come back! I'm making a shirt!

    1. motoxhead


      Ex-cons have rights too!

  2. exmlb

    stewart update

    You aren't a JS fan?
  3. exmlb

    actually stewart should go to..

  4. exmlb

    stewart update

    I wondered if you were a JS fan.
  5. exmlb

    actually stewart should go to..

    Nice edits...I guess that is one way to help your cause. Maybe you can try another attempt at humor with a JS bash. No he has not been a full time MX guy some years....,until this year LOL Last edited by OKVet; 06-02-2011 at 04:51 PM. Last edited by OKVet; Yesterday at 05:36 AM. Last edited by OKVet; Today at 01:38 PM.
  6. exmlb

    Chad Reed Video

    I used to not like Chad at all but he has been growing on me the last couple of years. I am hoping he wins the outdoors and puts a hurting on RV (the outdoors goat to some swingers on here).
  7. exmlb

    actually stewart should go to..

    I suppose it is because he IS an MX guy and has been since he started riding. Now do you get it? Just because he kicked ass in another discipline doesn't mean he isn't an MX guy. I assumed, I know silly me doing that on this site, that you would have known that, being a long time fan and all. You said it........Dietrich 5th Place overall (not even an Mx guy really)
  8. exmlb

    actually stewart should go to..

    That's just crazy talk. Even crazier. Sorby an amateur? I'll bet you are a long time dirt scooter race fan. You must live close to know what pros ride at his track.
  9. exmlb

    actually stewart should go to..

    yep not full time or even an mx guy......until this year. I wonder why he got signed to a FULL time deal this year?
  10. exmlb

    actually stewart should go to..

    Lmao......you gotta love this place
  11. So typical. You can't stop talking about either of us Nice job of backing up yourself jetster. For you classy ones talking shit about the guys sister....stay classy....I see different rules are still the norm.....this place rocks
  12. exmlb


    Because you know ALL of the details of the case don't you. You guy saying the paid them off should talk to a lawyer sometime or at least pay attention to what is happening in the real world. The whole thing was a bullshit charge. This is old news guys..........did you hear about OJ? Oh wait johnyb already hit that one and the yes Dave it was Johnny Cochran:thumbsup:
  13. exmlb

    Is it Just me

    RV has a contract that requires him to race and no I am not saying he doesn't want to race, he just doesn't have the choice. Where do you see "Anyone but RV"? That probably sounded better in your head too.