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  1. I'm with you love tubliss in the rear but 15 years of riding with a HD tube up front no flats. Within 6 months of having tubliss in the front 2 flats. Went back to tubes in front.
  2. DUDE!!!! I tried ebay but could not find anything except for that one but it was pretty rusty. You found a brand new one awesome!!!!! Your the man!! Thank you!!
  3. I tried ebay but could not find but one and it was pretty rusty!
  4. Looking for a 1978 cr250r kickstarter knuckle any ideas?
  5. I'm in need of a kickstarter knuckle for a 1978 cr250r any ideas?
  6. i have a 05 450x. went on a ride took 9 miles of road to get to the single track. after 1/2 mile the bike quits, cranks over fine wont start. checking a few things first checked the fuse. pulled stock fuse out, not blown, put it back in and she fires up. start riding again within 1/4 mile quits again. tried different things nothing, pulled fuse and put same one back in and she fires up. this happens about 5 more times. we bail for the road obivously higher speed and fire road for 3-4 miles and then road for 6 miles and she never quit again. the only thing i did was put a trail tech stator and trail tech x2 haalogen light, and regulator on which were not on during the ride. it seems pulling the fuse resets something? any ideas?
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Thanks!!!
  8. Sorry For The Ignorance But What A Drift?
  9. What Does It Take To Get The Bottom Bearing Off?
  10. they are a pain in the a#@ sometimes. where the bolt threads in is raised up so you have to hit it perfect. i use a pair of needle nose pliers on the head of the bolt because for me it makes it easier to feel the spot where it threads in, at least this works for me! also make dang sure the rubber washer goes back on!!
  11. I Have Not Gone To It But My Buddy Said That Escondido Motorsports.com Has The Complete Bike On Microfiche.
  12. What Ever They Said About Joe Racer Is There Opinion. I Paid The Money And Got What I Wanted!!! A Plate On My Bike, End Of Story!
  13. Two Of My Friends Had The Seals Leak Already Mine Has Not, Knock On Wood, But I Have Seal Savers On!! The Filter Thing Follow The Manual If You Dont Do It Like It States It Wont Go In.
  14. The X Has Slightly Smaller Intake Valves Than The R,i Forget If They Are Ss Or Not! What Happen To Your Valves Already?
  15. Replace Them! They Do Leak Once In A While.
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