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  1. XR/CRDave

    License plate holder questions?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I ordered a TM designs chain slider and guard. Cleaned up and sold the XR650R this weekend. I'll probably just modify existing fender like Markbfe501 did, although I like the look of the TE sub fender better but those seem pricey.
  2. 100% new to Huskys (hence my XR/CRDave sign in name) and just picked up a 2018 FE450 and loving it! Welcome to the modern world from Xr650r and CRF450X!!! The first ride out the license plate portion of the fender got sucked into the tire many times and eventually ripped off the little dealer license plate frame. Luckily my license plate wasn't on yet. What is everyone doing to run a plate with tail and brake lights but still have it survive. Seems like cutting the sub fender down won't work and I might need to buy a new sub fender? Also do I need a new chain slider? The factory one seems like it is not going to last.
  3. XR/CRDave

    Ridiculous 5 hr 32 min at Otay Mesa

    No trailers in Sentri lane
  4. XR/CRDave

    No Whimps Trail / Malcolm Smith Trail

    We were just down in Baja last weekend. Spent time in the Santo Tomas to San Quintin area and all was good. Not sure where the no wimps trail is but the recent rains were not too bad, nothing like the ones a few years ago.
  5. Thanks for sharing this soon to be "Baja Lore" PAB. For those of us who couldn't make it down this year I can say even though things are quiet lately on the forums for us handlebar riders/racers we do enjoy reading the stories and recaps of the races, prerunning and general fun rides. Looking forward to hearing more on the 1000.
  6. XR/CRDave

    09 450X baja motor work

    My 06 wasn't really doing it for me power wise down in Baja after getting off a 650R so after riding it about a year I took it to Brian Pinard and he did some work on the airbox, jetting, needle position, and maybe more and that really opened the bike up. I had done the jetting myself but must not have done it exactly right. Gearing is key on the X as well. Sometimes I run a 15 tooth front for the longer/straighter rides and you def lose some snap. 14/47 seems to right gear choice.I would give it another try with a mech that really knows the X's and how to set them up for Baja.
  7. XR/CRDave

    How Do You Carry Cash in Baja?

    I bring enough to cover hotels, meals, fuel and a little backup cash, for 5 days $500 should be plenty but that depends on any extra activities. Try to get 50/50 on pesos & $, I go to Baja Mex Insurance and exchange. Bring smaller bills for USD$ and get a few $20's exchanged at the toll booths. I carry my gas & food $ in little pocket on my back pack. Put the majority of cash deeper in my back pack. Make sure your pack is zipped up after every stop, we had a guy claim his cash blew out - so he says.
  8. XR/CRDave

    can't shift...

    I had a bent shift shaft and it didn't start shifting tough until 6 months or so after I bent it so I was thinking something worse. My mech said let's try replacing the shaft first and go from there. It shifts great now and was cheap to replace - didnt have to split the cases.
  9. XR/CRDave

    Dakar Thread

    My friend is a big KTM guy, swears they are best (although he doesn't own one yet), wont even consider a 450X (I agree that Honda needs to step up and give us a better offroad bike) and constantly uses the Dakar races to further support his position on KTM and that they are super reliable. Are the winning KTM's changing motors? This kinda goes against my philosophy of riding in Baja on a good solid ride that's going to get you home. I should add this is not meant to start an arguement, just curious on how well the top bikes do longevity wise.
  10. XR/CRDave

    Dakar Thread

    Are the bikes allowed new motors in Dakar? I just assumed it was like Baja run em and hope they hold up?
  11. XR/CRDave

    Jimmy's officially gone

    I haven't finished reading mine yet but it does seem pretty brief, esp the shootout, not much detail like they used to be. My subscription is up now, any good mags out there for offroad? I ride a bit of MX but prefer to Baja and general offroad riding.
  12. XR/CRDave

    Sending parts to Baja

    Thats a great story!!! Lucky for them you had 2
  13. XR/CRDave

    Sending parts to Baja

    I still carry one and rarely ride my 650 anymore, just in case my buds or someone on the trail needs one. The seal is older than my 2nd 650. Haha
  14. XR/CRDave

    Sending parts to Baja

    My friend had his wife fly down (not sure where) while he hitched a ride for a few hours - all to get a 2000 XR650R counter shaft seal to him. Remember the 2000's 650s had that problem. This seal cost him over $500
  15. XR/CRDave

    Sending parts to Baja

    I have heard of guys sending boxes of parts/tires down on bus lines that are stopping in nearby locations to a friends proximity. Obvisously this would take a bit of explaining in Spanish to the appropriate bus driver/bus station and I am sure some fees are paid but the potential to get parts within a day or 2 is there with this method.