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    Chain and Sprocket Info - 2005 YZ250F

    thanks for the info guys, I think i'll go for the 49 for a little extra snap in the tight woods but without sacrificing too much off the top end. one more question, will any sprocket fit? or does it have to be a certain yamaha yz250f sprocket, i was on the tt store and it seemed like the 49 tooth was a yz250 99' sprocket. would that work on my bike?
  2. Hello fellow riders, My 2005 YZ250F ate a chain today so I am currently in the market for a new chain. While I'm at it, I figure I might as well replace the sprockets too. But first I have some questions: How long of a chain should I order? I assume its a 520, but how many links should I go for? Also does anybody know what the sprocket sizes are? I believe its 13/47 for the 2005's and I'm looking at moving up a tooth in the rear will any 48 fit? Thanks in advance P.S. I'm sorry if I come across as not knowing much but I am trying to learn and am teaching myself so any tips and things to look for are much appreciated.
  3. prorider

    Does it ever make you sick?

    I hope it doesnt make you sick because you will develop an elitist attitude towards people who have different scenarios than you. Have I ever bought my own bike? not entirely. Am I grateful that my parents fund my interest? absolutely. Maybe the fact that at my house it is a family activity for dad and the boys to participate in. We never got "brand new" bikes but we always had something to ride that fit us and always had proper safety gear. once again, nothing flashy but i didnt have to pay for it. Try to remember that just because somebody has a new bike doesnt mean they are a spoiled brat. you don't necessarily know their whole story so try to stay open minded and just enjoy riding. Think about it this way, if you had the resources to buy your kid a bike would you? I am thankful that my dad has kept me and my brother in the sport as it has provided us with some great bonding experiences that are worth more than the price of a bike.
  4. prorider

    Magazine Shootouts

    Don't focus on how the magazines final rankings but focus more on the strong and weak points that the magazine feels are there. the final rankings are a matter of personal preference where the pro's con's are opinions. read some opinions on the bikes not what someone likes best because that person ain't you. I have heard the yamaha's dont have the strongest motor but have the best suspension. If this sounds like something that you like, then go for it. If you prefer a smooth setup dont go for the bike that finished 1st for its engine power etc. all that means is someone likes bikes with power more than suspension.
  5. prorider

    Xr 250/dr-z 250/kdx200

    thanks guys
  6. prorider

    Xr 250/dr-z 250/kdx200

    Hey guys I am wondering if you have ridden any of these 3 bikes how they compare to the DR-Z 250. I haven't seen many of these bikes but it seems they are in the same class. I know the KDX would be more powerful seeing as it is a 2 stroke. I am just curious to see how these bikes compare as my 16 year old brother is looking for a new bike for mostly trail riding and just some fooling around in quarry's and stuff.
  7. prorider

    want Monster Stickers?

    If you contact the red bull x fighters page they send you stickers. they couriered mine from austria. it took 2 days. a dhl truck showed up at my house and dropped off an envelope.
  8. prorider

    Rear Shock Question

    I am not sure what my sags are. It has resistance on the way down but it feels sticky on the way back up. I am wondering why this is.
  9. prorider

    Rear Shock Question

    Hey guys, I own a 2005 YZ250f and I have a question regarding the rear shock. It seems that when I sit on it, it just drops down and almost feels like it bottoms out. it doesnt really rebound very well. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to suspension so any help is much appreciated!
  10. prorider

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    i guess thats why its called a base guitar then... I was "hanging out" because I felt like learning a bit about these chinese bikes. And no, I am not looking at upgrading. I dont think your yamoto could keep up with my yamaha anyway.
  11. prorider

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bass you're an idiot
  12. prorider

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    maybe you meant "BASS" if yer gunna corect somone ya gotta do it proparley
  13. prorider

    2009 150sx

    k this guys a tool. give it up guys.
  14. prorider

    1st bike WR vs YZ

    I believe there is a sticky on this, i could be wrong tho. it seems to me that the wr would be the best bike in your case.
  15. Hi there guys, I am comparing a klx300 and xr400 Brother is looking for a new bike (he is currently on a ttr230) I am looking for some answers to a few questions What are the maintenance requirements between the two. Is the KLX more? I've heard XR's are bulletproof Power: I am assuming the xr wins this one due to the extra displacement but i could be wrong. We do almost entirely trail riding. Weight, Handling, Suspension: which is better suited to trails? thanks in advance