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    New job openings in Colorado Springs

    This is Karen... It's a great company to work for, great pay, great benefits, and amazing perks. Over the last year I have seen them give away $10k a couple times for sales staff, multiple TV's, bicycles (I'm working on getting a dirt bike giveaway ), dozens of gift cards, and the pay is good/commissions great. They are looking for several new sales people and will compensate you very well if you make some basic numbers and can learn the system. They are also looking for some IT people as well as financial and executive level positions. We have won several awards over the last few years for best company to work for here in Colorado, and just received one recently for being in the top 10 (#3 if I remember correctly) for best internet based business. Ranked up there with Google, facebook, and several others. I will see if I can find the article to post a link. Well worth checking out... http://homeadvisor.submit4jobs.com/ If you have any questions I am happy to answer them. Please share with your friends if they are looking, and you can tell them that Karen Peyton sent you.
  2. dirtee girl

    A little help please!

    Thank you all for sharing, we have a ways to go to get to the top so I am bumping this up. Amber wants to do more of the minerals/earth end of the geology, but she's open to everything at this point. Her goal right now is to get all of the internships that she can so that she has a good idea what is or isn't for her. She knows that the majority of her opportunities at this point are going to be oil and gas so she isn't tuning that out. I don't think she will get her masters right away, but she does want to get there. We have talked about getting a job after her 4 years and hopefully having that company be willing to sponsor her masters. Thanks again for the support!
  3. dirtee girl

    A little help please!

    It has been a long time since i've been on Thumper Talk, I am so busy with work anymore that I just don't make time to get on the internet much at all. I normally wouldn't get on here just to post something like this, but we really need all the social media support we can get for this one and the moto community has always been so supportive no matter what. So here goes... My daughter just got accepted to Colorado School of Mines for a degree in Geological Engineering. She is determined to earn as much scholarship and grant money as she can so that she doesn't have to start off her adult life in huge amounts of debt. This particular scholarship is worth $10k and is 100% votes based so please take a minute to read the short essay she wrote and vote for her. If you feel like helping out even more, we would really appreciate it if you would share the link on your own social media pages like facebook and twitter, etc. You can vote multiple times from different devices if you feel so inclined :-). The essay is called "How to ride a dirt bike" and it is not at all what you would expect from that title. :-) I hope you all enjoy, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support. http://www.wyzant.com/scholarships/v4/essay91398-Broomfield-CO.aspx
  4. dirtee girl

    RIP Rich

    I have been reading along with Mike for the last few days and wondering what more I could say or offer... After attending the services today, I have a few thoughts to share. First, it was a pleasure to meet Rich's beautiful family. I am sure that I speak for a lot of people who wish whole heartedly that we could have met ANYWHERE else besides today, I am so sorry for this tragic loss! Second, I am extremely honored to have had a picture in his tribute, thanks Tony! It was beautiful and moving to see pics of him playing with his kids and riding around having a blast, and then see him lugging me up that stupid icy hill on the tacky red paw print XR250 (the new one isn't nearly as tacky in her grey/black snow leopard clothes). Third, I want to share something that I thought about all the way home, feeling so out of sorts that I couldn't put the thoughts together, but I am going to try. I have been to several funerals but never have any of them felt like this one. Of course there is always sadness and a sense of loss, but never have I seen so many people attending look utterly lost. I have come to the conclusion that we are all really struggling with reconciling the fact that Rich won't be there to pick us up, or say hi on the trail, or ask if we need help. It's truly a "here today, gone tomorrow" thing and we can't process it. It's like the next time we ride he's really still going to be there. Many of us probably feel like it could/should/would have been us, why him??? So many people wanted to say something at the services but were just speechless because this seems so unreal, like it really isn't happening and we will wake up from this nightmare. I only got to ride with Rich a handful of times but the one thing that I was able to figure out today is this: It didn't matter if you knew Rich for a day, a week, months, or years, as soon as you met you were a new best friend and he treated you like he had known you forever and would do anything for you. Like everyone else, I am going to miss the opportunities that we won't have to ride more with and get to know Rich better. As Mike said it, May you "roost" in peace, Rich. May the trails keep you eternally blazing!
  5. dirtee girl

    Help Me to choose the right size!

    Hmmm, The TLD that I have I couldn't wear for a couple years and just got back into them again this year. They're a 10 and I am wearing 8's and 10's in my jeans right now. They are a little snug though so I would have to say they are pretty darn close to what you would wear daily. If you are kinda between sizes like me I would definitely go up not down.
  6. dirtee girl

    The only girl in the pack :D

    Well, since my teenage daughter is faster than I am and we both ride with the boys, I guess we are not often the only girl out there. Sometimes one of us sits out for a ride but 99.9% of the time we are out there together. We ride whatever the boys ride, I can't say its always graceful but we try it, lol.
  7. dirtee girl

    Gonna take a break...

    Congrats... I know I'm gonna probably get blasted for this but gotta play devil's advocate. you could finish that one little race. you have probably been riding up to this point, you are past the first trimester and realistically the baby is COMPLETELY protected in the fluid at this point. Its like a cozy little competition size pool for the little swimmer this early. :-) That said, I don't know if I would be able to get myself to race but riding around a little bit on the trails would still be on the agenda. Congrats again, we have 3 teenagers so if you think this is exciting just wait a few years, lol. Here's to an easy pregnancy and delivery.
  8. dirtee girl

    poll. What Size is your bike?

    I ride a CRF250f and I absolutely LOVE it... We have a CRF150 as well and even though I am 5'4" its too small for me. We ride trails and with the smaller size of the 150 it is more difficult to handle for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great bike and a great interim bike if you aren't sure you're ready for a full size bike. I have no problems picking up the 250x and I am getting old, lol. I wouldn't say I am in bad shape but certainly not tip top either. You won't be sorry if you go bigger, it's just so much smoother and easier to ride.
  9. dirtee girl

    Riding Technique

    Not sure if this will work but I found a couple short video clips. REALLY basic and of course I pretty much always sit down to stop before I get to my husband so I don't know if you will be able to see the form or not... The second clip is on a trail rather than jeep roads but you'll probably have to strain to see the upright position before I sit down to stop in front of him. I guess I better make a note to myself to go past him still standing instead of stopping short, lol. Not saying this will be right for you but you will have to see what's comfortable. I have found I can ride all day if I stand up straight and chill, but if I ride in a more crouched attack position for very long I burn out VERY quickly and my body pays for it. It does nothing for my speed in the crouched position either, I am actually much faster when I don't ride that way. It's pretty likely someone will point out that this is all wrong but I've never felt better. If you want quality skills to try and learn from my advice would be to find some "trials" videos. Click on the images to play the video.
  10. dirtee girl

    Riding Technique

    This is an old pic on the old bike... Not the best form but you can see what I mean by standing mostly upright. This is actually a little crouched for me but I can't seem to find any good pictures. :-( I'll keep looking.
  11. dirtee girl

    Riding Technique

    Funny thing here is that it also depends on your own riding style and preference. I ride trails only at this point, not really interested in the track but wouldn't mind doing hare scrambles or something of that nature. I'm sure I crouch a little depending on the obstacle I'm attempting but for the most part I stand up pretty straight with no locked knees. I am 5'4" and ride a CRF250f and I have risers on my bars because of the way I ride, however there is a happy balance and you don't want to be too high or too low for YOUR riding style. I also don't sit in turns (or really at all for that matter) unless I have to, I lean forward and let the rear end slide around and use my body weight and position to shift the bike wherever it needs to be. For what it's worth, I agree with what's been said about bar height and wrist/arm/elbow position, however time in the saddle and trying different bike set-ups until you find the right one for you is going to get you where you want to be. I am not a fast rider, nor do I really want to be, but I have been riding for 10+ years and I can honestly say that until this year with the set-up of my current bike I am finally feeling like it's truly correct. I never realized how much I was riding around improper set-up and causing myself to not be at my best. I am faster than I have ever been and I feel like I finally got my "mojo". I will see if I can find some pictures of me riding so you can see the difference. I know I have some cuz the hubby posts them all the time, just gotta get them on here. Try everything and see what is best for you.
  12. dirtee girl

    If you could have any gear.....

    Hmmm, haven't been on here in a long time but happened to have some time today. Seems like I have been working constantly for so long that I have forgotten about all the things I enjoyed in my "free" time. Here's my .02 cents... Find a store/stores that have a large selection and try everything on. They ALL fit very differently and in my opinion fit is most important when you're riding. Try men's gear and women's then shop for the one's that fit you best online. :-) I wear a completely different size in the Shift gear than I do in Fox. I have owned a few different brands and I can tell you that my Fox OTB pants sucked, they fell apart VERY quickly. The Fox ITB pants lasted until I grew out of them and I still hang onto them even though they're like 10 years old because I am working on fitting back into them as well. I LOVE my Shift and TLD OTB pants, they all fit GREAT and I am pretty curvy too. I am not so into super bright or overly colorful gear but the color itself doesn't matter to me. I have older stuff right now cuz I always buy my gear at the end of the season when it all goes on sale cheap and I tend to buy the last year stuff as well. It's not about new and cool to me as much as function so I don't care if its the newest stuff. The TLD and Shift gear I bought because it was mostly Black (good for hiding dirt) and the TLD had a stripe of pink but the Shift stuff is black with a kinda gold color and black with a smokey look. I'll see if I can find a link but I'm pretty sure they are the 2008 designs. I love the new TLD pants but they're freakin expensive so I'm waiting for them to go on sale... Here's a link to the old Shift Duchess pants I have... Hopefully it will go to the right page. http://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/women/womens+mx+gear/shift_zzz+womens+duchess+pants+-+2008 Gravity and I don't get along and these have lasted me a few seasons with only minor scuffs that I got this year.
  13. dirtee girl

    MX jewelry

    http://www.gunmetalgems.com/category/off-road A couple cute things here. Someone else posted this on Facebook and I copied. Not a huge selection but they do custom stuff too.
  14. dirtee girl

    Sad Boobies.

    Congrats on the new additions... Yes they will heal, it takes a couple of months before they "settle in" but all will be fine. Sounds like you liked them right after surgery so you should LOVE them after they stop swelling and look more natural.
  15. dirtee girl

    Sad Boobies.

    Well, good luck with your surgery... Just an FYI, with a "lift" you end up with SERIOUS scar tissue. Chances of getting contracture are seriously reduced by regularly massaging the tissue (can't imaging hubby would complain about helping with that ), and a good doctor will tell you that you should be saving your money to have the implants replaced approximately every 10 years to avoid complications anyways. It's like everything else in life, you can find the good and the bad in high doses depending on what you are looking for. DO NOT go through the belly button. Yes, it will save you visible scars but there is a much higher risk of compromising the shell of the implant. Under the muscle tends to look more natural. You will be able to feel the implant and you can feel them moving under the tissue sometimes too. Honestly, they are no big deal unless you make them a big deal. If you choose the right size for your frame and you take good care of yourself you can help to keep the boogeymonsters away. No, you can't avoid accidents and you run a risk of them getting popped but you are absolutely right when you say that you will most likely have worse injuries to worry about at that time. Do what is right for yourself and you will be happy. Do your research and if you know people who have had implants done and can recommend a doc, go that route. The most important thing is to find a Dr who knows what they are doing and is willing to answer every question you have, even if it seems silly. You shouldn't have a problem riding unless you go big and it doesn't sound like that would be a good idea for your body size or your lifestyle anyways. Opinions are like @$$-holes, everyone has one and they all stink, hehe. Just get the facts and you will be fine.