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  1. What.... Come on you guys. There has to be even a shorter cut. Now what about oils.....
  2. Eibach 10.5's here.
  3. What happened to your old one?
  4. Really.... This place cracks me up.
  5. I wonder if anyone has ever thought about splitting the forum? Maybe take a vote.
  6. Hmmmm........
  7. Maybe here. "#2 Q: Why do my subframe bolts strip? Actually, they don't "strip". The threaded inserts are squashed into the frame, and sometimes do not get totally "squashed". They work loose and spin in the frame. BEFORE they do this, get a long bolt of high grade (8.8-9.8) that fits. Screw a nut about 3/4" onto this bolt, then add a washer and then thread it fully into the fitting. Screw the nut and washer down to the insert and crank it down while holding the bolt from turning with another wrench. This will clamp the fitting down on the aluminum subframe thoroughly. DO NOT USE THREADLOCKER on any bolt that uses an insert, including the shroud bolts up front. Grease and proper torque are the proper way to address these bolts. A lost .65 bolt is cheaper than a 200 dollar tank or subframe."
  8. Here is a good place to start my ozzy Friend. You are not alone. Good stuff.
  9. Ummmm... Don't really need all the stats but there is a slight difference between the water cooled Xr and the air cooled Xr when it comes to the freakin pivot bolt. Don't get me started. And they do not share the same muffler belt regardless what wr4fiddy says. The damn pivot bolt in an R is a challenge to remove for sure. Big hammer, Bronze punch, Beer and ear plugs. I never said I knew what I was talking about.
  10. Are you sure? We all make mistakes.
  11. Yep, couldn't agree more. Great advice.
  12. Hey wr, where you been? This place isn't the same without you.
  13. Pave your driveway.