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  1. Quantumcanuck

    2006 MXdN *Torrent*

    umm...... not so much. Are you new to the internet? lol
  2. Quantumcanuck

    KX500 Military bike on ebay

    That's a stupid looking get up. Paint ball guns made to look like rifles???? Lame. Why in the hell would anyone buy that GI Joe looking toy and actually ride around on it? Everyone would be laughing behind your back because you're such a tool.
  3. Quantumcanuck

    MX DES NATIONS torrent

    Did I read that correctly>? They want 10 bucks to watch a poor quality race through the internet? No thanks, I'll wait for the torrent.
  4. Quantumcanuck

    OMG... these people are so funny

    That's exactly what they do..... ask millions of people and only show the total retards.
  5. Quantumcanuck

    Anyone else see Ricky Bobby's car on Ebay?

    It'd have to be funny to be considered comedy, no?
  6. Quantumcanuck

    Anyone else see Ricky Bobby's car on Ebay?

    Honestly, I have no idea what strange brew is. I guess being from "canadia" I should know what it is. But seriously.... Will Farrel is not funny... he was on sat night live but his movies suck beyond belief. Has nothing to do with where I'm from... he just plain isn't funny.
  7. Quantumcanuck

    Anyone else see Ricky Bobby's car on Ebay?

    If you're serious then you probably race lawn mowers as well and find people that make funny faces and fart noises hillarious.
  8. Quantumcanuck

    Anyone else see Ricky Bobby's car on Ebay?

    I guess the car would be alright to have and repaint... too bad that movie was the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. I hate Will Farell... so not funny
  9. Quantumcanuck

    Limerick forest ride.

    I was thinking about joining that group until I saw about 6 of them one day. There was this older beared guy who was beside himself with glee. He was the man in charge and was practically frothing at the mouth as he herded everyone constanly while coddling and drooling over his maps. His voice was higher than normal... probably due to the intense sense of self satisfaction that was making him crazy. Later on that day I came by my car and they were all taking a break, again, with this guy in complete control of everyone and everything. On the side of the road there's a shoulder with loose dirt on it. I spun my tire super slowly and did a semi-cirle donut to point myself in the other direction. It was all very calm and in slow mo practically. This guy starts screaming at me and flipping out. I wasn't sure what he was saying but I thought he was telling me to do a full donut. I nodded my head..."no" because I didn't want to do a donut for him. He was actually telling me to stop doing what I was doing and when I nodded no the hissy fit escalated to a new level. Finally I realised something was wrong with this hyper wanker and went over to see him. "Don't make any marks on the should because the ranger calls me and gives me hell everytime!!!!" I said "The ranger holds you personally responible for every rider that ever comes here? That's weird." Then I said "Next time you want somebodies attention don't freak out and yell like a rotten spoiled child" His insider group of cronies looked me down with their frowns and stares as I walked to my bike and left. What a looser. Now I purposely blow that group of woman away everytime I see them. Makes me feel good if nothing else.
  10. Quantumcanuck

    Too much Labour $$?

    I brought in my crank cases from my 2003 KX250 to have the seals replaced. I called to check on it and ofcourse it hadn't been looked at over a week later. Anyway, the guy tells me 3 hours labour. I think about it after and can't believe it. I took everything off the motor.... all they have to do is seperate the cases, rpelace the seals and Yamahabond it back together. I can't see that taking anymore than an hour. I've done my RZ crank assy's before so I sorta know what I'm on about. Anyone think 3 hours is a bitch much??
  11. Quantumcanuck

    Revation about loud exhaust systems

    Like I said, 99% of the people with load pipes for that extra 1 or 2 hp can't even use it. 5% makes it sound better... but were still talking about a horsepower or 2. Whether it's 5% or 20% of a bikes total power makes no differnece, it's still only 1 hp. And like TeamGreen said about his hotted up bike.... that extra hp is usually only available wide open throttle coming close to redline. There aren't too many people with enough skill or balls to ride like that. And IF you're one of the exceptionaly gifted few who can ride like that.... maybe if they were all missing that 1 hp no one would care. It's not like the racing is going to suck if your bike has 40hp instead of 42.
  12. Quantumcanuck

    Revation about loud exhaust systems

    Oh, and that extra 2 hp is when you're wide open..... I only know one guy that can ride like that.
  13. Quantumcanuck

    Revation about loud exhaust systems

    All that aggravating noise for a hp or 2...... that's stupid.
  14. Quantumcanuck

    Wash lites

    Man I hpe somebody makes a torrent