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  1. rdptaylor

    Miami MX closed for spring?

    Their website domain expired Feb. 9 2010! Renewal pending??
  2. rdptaylor

    Miami MX closed for spring?

    Just heard this morning that the new soil had to be inspected and/or removed do to contamination.I don't know if this is a fact,just what I have heard.Why they would be hiding behind a desk,not responding, and blowing off their customers seems a bit odd and unprofessional,but it is what it is.Lets just hope they reopen SOON!!!
  3. rdptaylor

    It's Here...the 2010 YZ450F

    Actually the MXA web site will tell us that the airbox that is located just in front of the gas tank is accesible by flipping the rear hinged gas tank up!...sounds very simple!!
  4. rdptaylor

    Suspension Shops in FL

    WMI does great work along with all the suspension for the BBMX supercross team, he is in west Palm beach.
  5. rdptaylor

    '05 Sag

    It may also vary depending on who did the suspension work,for example RG3 did my suspension and told me to slide the forks to the line and set my sag between 98 and 100 mm.So if at all possible contact the people who worked the suspension.
  6. rdptaylor

    Christmas In South Florida

    Me and my brother (who is coming down from Kansas) will be going to Seminole after Christmas.We haven't even talked about when yet,but they are open fri,sat,sun,tue,and thurs.If you guys want to hit Seminole one of those days send me a PM.
  7. rdptaylor

    Christmas In South Florida

    I can't knock any of the tracks we have down this way because we are lucky to have them,but I have to say seminole is probably one of the best and all the track layouts are very safe and still challenging...I think you can find some vids on the newly opened thundercross track on the tt forums also!
  8. rdptaylor

    Tire Question Rmz 450 Please?

    I'll second that!!
  9. rdptaylor

    To rebuild or not?

    I was in the same dilema in April,my 05 stroked out and it cost me $2500.00 (needed a new jug also) but like you my bike has everything I coud possibly want,never gives me a hard time,and handles nearly perfect,I love it..plus a couple of my buddies have 08's and it did'nt seem to help them to much cause ther'e still following my 05:applause:
  10. rdptaylor

    Miami Mx riders please see this post in the northeast

    Leave it to the most pithy of all the replies to have the biggest effect, the Hoff got him off...you know the old saying Cman:thumbsup: don't go away mad,just go away...though I'm sure thats not gonna happen,and Shane if you are as quick on that bike as you are with hot newbies you just might be the new G.O.A.T:applause:
  11. rdptaylor

    Miami Mx riders please see this post in the northeast

    What golden boy? who gives a rats*** The condition of the track determines if I ride there or not,not who runs it...I'm going riding!!
  12. rdptaylor

    New RG3 triple clamps or linkage?

    I do not know about your bike but my RMZ 450 has everything RG3 and the last thing I put on was the RG3 linkage.If I could pick only one single mod for my bike(except for my forks of course) it would be the linkage,I remember laughing in my helmet when I was rippin down a sandy,whooped out straight here in FL. right after I put it on,the benefit was more pronounced than my revalve.As for the clamps,they are a 10,but they do and will twist in a crash just no where near as much as standard rubber mounts.
  13. rdptaylor

    Thanx to Miami motocross

    Zman,thats a good idea,maybe they will let you in for free,give you a free t-shirt and make you their official "rock picker" and you can be the saviour of the only place to ride in dade county....just messin with you bro,so don't get your g-string tangled in your nuts.We are all moto heads here with very limited places to ride and crying over little rocks is full silly.How about some positive input and creative solutions instead of,rocks bad-let me in for free to fix,or joe blo did something wrong before,etc...is your name bitter Bob any chance? No offense because I do not know you! but what is your objective here besides annoying people who are trying to improve a place to ride???
  14. rdptaylor

    Dirt Biking Pet Peeves.

    Modest people who say they suck,then you go on to the track thinking your gonna be the cool guy and then they blow your doors off:lol:
  15. rdptaylor

    who hates these kind of people?

    Tell your buddy you can play his fooffy game all day long (if you don't fall asleep) then ask him to do yours for 5 minutes,if he does it and is still in one piece I'm sure he will have a different view of a real mans sport:ride: