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  1. motoretro

    DR650 K&N air filter

    I've had no problems with the K&N on the street although I use the pre-filter also. Using the pre-filter reduces your air filter's flow by 2% according to K&N. I've tried with and without the pre-filter and it does run richer w/ pre-filter indicating a slight restriction in air flow. Enough of a difference to need slight jetting changes. Moto
  2. motoretro

    DR650 Sargent seat

    You shouldn't have any problem moving it on eBay.....the Corbin is still world's better than stock IMO. I still think the Renazco is a good bet if you have specific physical requirements you want to address. I've never heard of any issues with them or their service either. Motoretro
  3. motoretro

    DR650 Sargent seat

    For that kind of $, I'll go with a Renazco that is custom made for my rear-end. I was in line for the Sargent discount but I'm going to pass. Motoretro
  4. motoretro

    Jacket (what do you wear)

    How's the Rincon in warmer weather? Vented? wet weather performance? thanks, Motoretro
  5. motoretro

    Stabilized Fuel - Burn or drain

    I run it out although do get some fresh stuff in asap. Motoretro
  6. motoretro

    Jacket (what do you wear)

    I rode with a Hein Gericke Cordura 3/4 length coat until 10 years ago and had a spill in highway construction area @ 40mph. I was amazed the coat held up so well and replaced it(insurance covered a replacement) with a Motoport Spyder which is 3/4 length also. Has the good body armor padding and zip out liner. Super jacket but warm at temps above 80....no vents. You can get some good deals on used stuff on ADV. I'm sold on the armor padded Cordura stuff and have been riding 40 years this December so I've tried it all..... Motoretro
  7. motoretro

    Pelican top case setup

    I also have the 1450 Pelican mounted on factory rack and love it. Make sure whatever you buy, mount it far enough back on rack to be able to remove the seat. Motoretro
  8. motoretro

    Looking to sit on a better seat in Michigan

    I live down by Saginaw, you're welcome to try my Corbin out anytime. PM me if you need any other info. My DR is a stock tank 06. Motoretro
  9. motoretro

    what kind of range are you getting from stock DR650 tank?

    148 miles before switching to reserve. Running 19" tire so this may be off a bit. Running DJ kit, modded air box & K&N, stock muffler and head pipe.....soon to change. Motoretro
  10. motoretro

    DR650 Carb mod went well, mostly, it still pops on decel

    On the left side of carb is threaded sleeve which screws into body of carb. Idle screw threads into this. There will be a lock nut on bottom of sleeve. Break the nut loose and back the sleeve off about 1/8". Retighten the locknut. This will allow you to lower the idle to desired setting. Motoretro
  11. motoretro

    What do you use to clean your bike?

    S100 in the Red Honda bottle normally...Might shoot a bit Simple Green underneath motor for stubborn stains. A quick swipe with WD40 on rims takes any bits of misplaced chain lube off pronto. Motoretro
  12. motoretro

    DJ'd Stock Carb w/ GSXR 1000 muffler

    I'm running the Dyna Jet kit w/ 155 main, K&N filter w/Jesse's Airbox mod, Stock Exhaust and 1.7 turns out on air screw. Last tank was 58 MPG. I have not removed the weld in head pipe as I consider it a bit of a anti-reversion application. I'm running a 1 tooth smaller CS sprocket due to running a 130/80 rear tire and speedo may be off a bit due to the 100/90/19 front tire. I'm 678' above sea level. Since the DJ kit came 160,165, & 170 main jets, I should be covered in regards to the GSXR muffler. Motoretro
  13. motoretro

    DJ'd Stock Carb w/ GSXR 1000 muffler

    Which Air Filter are you running? I'm still running the K&N w/ sock and pulling high 50's in gas mileage. Rest of jetting and bike is same as yours. Motoretro
  14. motoretro

    rode with electric vest last night

    As far as a heated vest goes, I researched most of them 2 years ago and found the basic model Widder pulled only around 35 watts. This is what I bought and with stock lighting throughout, I've never had a problem with charging, even in town. Went on a rally this Sunday and it was 35 degrees when I left in the AM, no problem whatsoever and actually clicked off the Widder in the early afternoon when it got above 50 degrees. My battery is almost 3 years old and seems to be doing fine although I'm sure if your battery was marginal, it might be a factor. Motoretro