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    I would look at the stator. Had very similar symptoms on a WR450F and a CRF450R. In both cases, the bike would have issues when warm because the wires in the stator would expand and short.
  2. kskyles

    Boots that won't fall apart?!

    I saw this sale this morning and snatched up a pair of SG12s. I'm really excited to get them. Looks like a good xmas for me.
  3. kskyles

    Rebuild my 250 or go 300?

    I think it all depends on what type of riding you like to do....if you are mostly offroad/trail/single track, then bumping up to 300 seems to make a ton of sense.
  4. kskyles

    TTR230 new fork springs = big improvement

    Where did you find the heavier forks spings? I have a 230 for my kids, and need some heavier springs. One kid already moved on, but I have 3 more to move in to this bike. Did you buy from race tech?
  5. kskyles

    2007 CRF450R stuttering/sputtering/hesitating?

    hey, not to start an online pissing match, but I have the same bike, and live in your area. Stock bike, and I've been using the stock jetting for years without any issues. Right now I'm right on the chart with a 42 pilot, 175 main, and needle on the second groove. Bike runs perfectly. A crushed header may be your issue. A 45 pilot should work for you, but I'd try the 42, just for kicks.
  6. wow. nice build. you got a sweet deal on the van. don't see too many regular length moto van builds. how are you securing the bikes in the back?
  7. I think I'd make sure you have grease in your steering stem bearings and your linkage bearings. Then I'd keep a close eye on your fork seals since they will dry out over time when not in use. I'm pretty jealous of that bike. I have an '07 with a ton of hours. The '05-'08 bikes are really great. I think it's good advice to spend money and time getting your suspension set up correctly. It's the best money you can spend on any bike. It helps you get faster, and it keeps you safer. good luck dude.
  8. kskyles

    2012 250R and Rekluse EXP 3.0

    Good to hear! I ordered one yesterday. After I get it installed and set up, I'll post how it goes. Thanks for all the responses.
  9. kskyles

    2012 250R and Rekluse EXP 3.0

    Hey susco64, thanks for the input. I was really bummed out when discovered that the z-start pro wasn't being made for the bike. The one I have in my '07 has been great. It's looking like the EXP 3.0 is a good product for what we do.
  10. kskyles

    Stator problems (crf 250r 2009)

    from an experience i had with my 450R, make sure to take readings when the bike is cold and hot. my bike ran and started fine when cold, but when it started heating up, and things started expanding a little...the short in the stator would shut the bike down. fixing that problem was like chasing ghosts.
  11. kskyles

    Backfiring and failure to idle...

    did you double check your timing?
  12. kskyles

    2012 250R and Rekluse EXP 3.0

    That's an interesting point. I would never have thought about any added volume with a clutch cover. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Anyone else have input on the Rekluse EXP? Seems like a solid product.
  13. kskyles

    2012 250R and Rekluse EXP 3.0

    I'm also a huge fan of the z-start pro, and wish they still made it for the 250R. How many hours do you think you are getting out of the teflon pads on the wedges before replacement?
  14. kskyles

    Found me a mint 2007

    beautiful '07! that is great find. looks like a 30 hour bike. Congrats!
  15. kskyles

    2012 250R and Rekluse EXP 3.0

    Hi everyone, Just picked up a beautiful, low-hour, 2012 250R for my son. We ride off-road only. Quad trails and desert single track here in AZ. I ride an '07 450R, modded for desert trails and single track with handguards, skid plate, and a Rekluse Z-start. It's been perfect for the stuff we do out here. I'm wanting to do the same thing for the 250R. Barkbusters, skid-plate, revalve. I'm looking at the Rekluse EXP for him. I'm not really interested in the Core EXP because of cost. I've done some searching in the forum, and the Rekluse EXP experiences seem to be pretty positive. What kind of experiences are you guys having with the Rekluse EXP? I love my z-start pro. How has the EXP been performing for you? Any issues? Thanks!