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  1. Please post the 08 pilot jet and needle size
  2. bike must APPEAR legal. must have a headlite that appears to function and a plate on rear fender.
  3. here is a option for the peg heigth http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=577397&highlight=cockpit+room
  4. Where are the entry rules posted? I looked thru the link and didnt find anything. I did the 125 miler few yrs ago on my kx500.
  5. remove the sub frame piece:ride:
  6. I also would like to get a set of these foot peg mods. I would also be interested in the kickstand mod. I will PM you with my contact info. Thanks CB
  7. stoneman65

    Sticker kits

  8. Hey I have been there too. We rode 60 miles and didnt scratch the surface. Nice place we will go back
  9. We stopped going to Brickyards yrs ago. Police towing trucks and writing tickets. Be careful if you go.
  10. We are going to checkout Brimstone Rec. 40k acres. This weekend. 5 bikes. Leave Lou 5:30 am Sat return Sun night.
  11. BC3, I like your posts. But I really like the old photos. Please post more anytime or anywhere you like. Also, my sons bike is in the recall. No sweat. When the dealer gets the parts I will take it in. Until then, let her eat!
  12. http://mpoffroad.com/ Mt Parkway has some really nice trails. Red Bird Crest will keep you busy all day lol Couple hrs further down I-75 in Tn. you could hit Brimstone Rec area and Coal Creek over 70,000 acres
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