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  1. ellandoh

    Cleaning White Plastic

  2. ellandoh

    Cleaning White Plastic

    Wesley's Bleche-white is what i use to get white scuffed areas white again http://westleys.com/internal_pages/Bleche-White.htm try the soft scrub on your seat, and frame where the boots rub on, you'll be amazed some sort of green or purple degreaser for everything else
  3. ellandoh

    Sandbox mx 11-25-06

    i love the double/triple, no matter where you land is a good spot. the step up prior to it is a good challenge for a fellar like me. i just discovered that place on the last open ride.
  4. ellandoh

    Death of the 2 stroke!

    thats 58.2 in Canadian horses:crazy:
  5. ellandoh

    New Ama Rule.

    you have to carry A LOT of speed in the corners to make up for the lack of acceleration, something that will be interesting, especially in the lower classes
  6. ellandoh

    Anybody Ridin Coal Creek Tn?

    yes it is cool enough for me to go to the same spot for years on end, i love it , i dont know what the weather is like all the time but its about perfect IMO , in the last week of march/first of april i have pics but cant post em here if you want to see some look me up on DRN oh, here is where i found the place you will find pics there also. it takes about 30 seconds to register but absolutely worth it http://www.atvpathfinder.com/index.cfm i could go on for days of the good memories/people ive met in TENN:thumbsup:
  7. ellandoh

    Diesel vs V10 is was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the motor is like new , but the entire rest of the truck falls apart around it
  8. ellandoh

    Anybody Ridin Coal Creek Tn?

    try the extreme trails, when i come home i tell my buds that "after that trip i could ride a harley on Michigan trails":crazy:
  9. ellandoh

    Anybody Ridin Coal Creek Tn?

    slight exaggeration, sorry, but actually when we were there last time, it was 65 in the parking lot and 35 on the Mtn. if youre jetted crisp you will end up lean. we were there when the tornadoes came through and killed some folks down there the powerlines that head up the mtn that are visible when looking up from the lot are sweet , the gps told me i climbed 700 feet altitude and relocated under a 1/4 mile laterally....would ya believe i got a nosebleed?? J/K:bonk:
  10. ellandoh

    Anybody Ridin Coal Creek Tn?

    go in the spring when the clay is wet and SLICK from runoff and appreciate the little extra room:applause: there is challenging stuff there no matter your preferences or skill level. there are hiilclimbs that may require rejetting before the top due to thin air, i love that place and will make the 10 hour drive every march!! as long as it stays similar to what it has been the last 3 years:applause: there is quite a bit of quadtard stuff but not like here in mi where its all highway speeds with whoops, more like utility quad stuff if you like tough obstacles you will love it , there will be many a chance that you will be pushing your bike to make some hills, obstacles , etc
  11. ellandoh

    Why can't I view all of the "North" Threads

    when in the north section, scroll all the way down to display options . youll figure it out from there, im sure
  12. ellandoh

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    1020 n decker rd walled lake mi. mapquest - BRILLIANT:applause:
  13. ellandoh

    Diesel vs V10 is was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

    sounds like all you boys need a superchip, i get 19 mpg 17 pulling w/ tow mode
  14. ellandoh

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    i bet if you allowed a member to bring along a PAYING guest or a minidad family special youd do good i know i would have brought my 125 + 25 +my buddies25 + miscellaneous snacks + ???? + next wednesday + next saturday+ etc.